Travel Tips For Travelling Safely In Sydney

Travel Tips For Travelling Safely In Sydney


Australian’s well-maintained roads, high standard of health care, stable political system and low crime rate make it a safe and fairly easy continent to explore. It is however important to note that there are some potential environmental hazards like extreme desert heat, rough surf and bushfires to be aware of. Visitors should also be thoroughly prepared for long hikes or bushwalks and outback journeys. They must also take reasonable precautions in regard to crocodiles, poisonous animals and sharks. Here are some travel safety tips to help visitors have a safe journey while travelling in Sydney, Australia.

SydneyPersonal security

Sydney is a relatively low crime city compared to many cities around the world. So travelling around this area is fairly safe for any visitor. He or she is sure to enjoy unhindered travel experiences in terms of his or her personal security and safety. But as with all travels around home or any other place, a visitor should observe the same level of precautions with his or her personal safety and possessions.

Fire in general

Many places in Australia are prone to bushfires.  Periods from late spring to summer are particularly prone to this risk. So it is important to observe some simple safety precautions during this time when travelling outside and inside the city. Before setting out for a journey inwards, a visitor should inform him/herself of bushfire risks though mediums such as the TV, radio, newspaper reports and online sources. When camping, it is important to use designated fireplaces and conform to a road signs and total fire bans. For people that must light a fire, they should make sure to extinguish it completely with water when done.

Sun protection

Be aware that the Australian sun can be very strong and punishing. This means that visitors must always wear a shirt, an appropriate SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and hat, even on cloudy days. If planning to spend a lot of your time outdoors, it is recommended to reapply the sunscreen as often as you can. Remember to stay out of the sun during mid-day as this is the time of the day when the sun is the strongest. To avoid dehydration, ensure to drink a lot of water or other fluids of choice.


The Australian beautiful beaches always hold hidden dangers in the form of strong currents referred to as rips. In Sydney like elseSydneywhere in Australia, these can be avoided by swimming between the red and yellow flags that mark the safest spots to swim on the beach. Some of the most popular beaches around Sydney are patrolled throughout the year by lifesavers that wear read and yellow uniforms.  A visitor should never swim alone directly after a meal or under the influence of alcohol, particularly during the night. And before diving into the water, it is advisable to always check the water depth. Visitors are especially discouraged to run and dive into the water from the beaches for their own safety.

The risk of crocodile or shark attacks though rare these days can happen. However, they can greatly be reduced by always swimming between the flags on patrolled beaches. Swimming alone at river mouths, a long way offshore and along drop-offs to deeper water is strongly discouraged and so is swimming alone at dusk or evening. It pays to seek expert advice about crocodiles and their habitats before fishing, camping or boating.

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