Bondi Beach

What to do in sydney?

Have some time in Sydney? Here’s what we suggest you do:



Being one of the most popular touristic destinations worldwide (last year it received 7 million domestic visitors and 2.7 million international visitors nothing short of impressive really) it doesn’t surprise this city offers some amazing opportunities for people to forge some truly unforgettable experiences. We have collected some of the most famous things to do in Sydney for your convenience, hope you enjoy the read! Here they are:


Bondi BeachBondi Beach

Located extremely close to Sydney (it actually is a suburb of the city) Bondi beach provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience the iconic surf living style of Australia. It is located only 7km from the centre of the city, making it very accessible by public transport.
The beach has become a rather famous location thanks to the multiple festivals and competitions held here on yearly basis. The annual Miss Bondi beauty pageant (indeed! Pretty women and smalls bikinis) being one of the most iconic ones is generally held during the hot November days, Skaboarding competitions like the Vans Bowl-A-Rama attracts thousands upon thousand of visitor year after year (this festival if often held in February). You can see a full list of all the upcoming events at one of the official bondi beach festivals pages .

No surprise Bondi beach is well known for it’s surfing clubs (and few life saving clubs) meaning women tourists will also enjoy a pretty comprehensive amount of eye candy year around. The southern end of the 1km long beach, generally referred to as “Backpackers’ Express” due to its close proximity to the bus stop, is the most hazardous end and it is highly recommended more seasoned surfers and swimmers go here. Of course this is the exact spot where you will find the most skilled surfers showing their water audacity, visitors can see this spectacle every single day (even during stormy days as the waves tend to be bigger, thus, more attractive to surfers looking for a challenge)

Sydney tower Sydney tower and the Sydney Tower Eye skywalk

If you are looking for a sightseeing opportunity, why not follow the general rule to find the higher ground? This building, which proudly stands 309 meters above the ground, is the city’s highest structure. It has an amazing skywalk (the Sydney Tower Eye) where visitors can be amazed (after paying an entrance fee) by the sheer beauty of the views, the fact that Sydney enjoys one of the highest amounts of sunshine hours world wide, means it is extremely likely visibility from the top will be near perfect every single time you visit!
The tower (commonly referred as the Sydney Tower) stands right in the middle of the central business district of the city, this means visitors will have a wealth of shopping malls (one of the located right at the base of the tower) restaurants and shops at a very close proximity, why not adventure for a shopping spree right after the most scenic views of the city?

Another great option for tourist would be to enjoy an amazing dinner at any of the multiple restaurants and venues located at the tower. The 360 Bar and Dining (located at level one of the tower) offers revolving views of the city’s skyline; on level 2 visitors will find another restaurant: The Sydney Tower Buffer which offers a range of international meals. Finally, the Sky Venue (which happens to be the highest events place in the southern hemisphere) is located on level 3, though not open to the public (except during particular public events of course) cocktail functions and special corporate events (up to 170 people) are held quite often.