Jenolan Caves Tour

Day Tours From Sydney – Jenolan Caves

Situated in the Blue Mountains National Park and only 175 kilometers from Sydney, are the wonderful Jenolan Caves. Because the journey is under three hours from the CBD, the Jenolan Caves are perfect for a coach charter day trip from Sydney.

The caves are one of the biggest highlights of the Blue Mountains, and are a spectacular labyrinth of limestone chasms carved out deep underground by subterranean rivers. There are actually 300 caves but only nine of them are open to the public, the amazing thing is that they are at a constant 15 degrees, even with the wild variations outside.

About The Caves

The Lucas Cave is one of the most famous caves in the system, and features the spectacular Broken Column as well as the Cathedral which is a 54 metre high chamber that is often used for events like concerts.

The Temple of Baal Cave also has some renowned features, entry is gained by the Binoomea Cut which is a man made tunnel, followed by a walk down the Dragon’s Throat via a dramatic winding staircase. Two massive chambers form the Temple, one an amazing 42 metres high, filled with amazing formations, including the nine metre high Angel’s Wing.

Spectacular Wedding Cave Venues

If you are thinking of a spectacular venue for a wedding then why not consider the Jenolan Caves, as there are six options open to the bride and groom.

  • Cathedral Chamber – at 52 metres high the Cathedral Chamber is as impressive as it gets. It enjoys perfect acoustics and can accommodate up to 100 guests. The Chamber is 300 stair steps below the surface and the guests will be escorted by a guide then followed by the bride and groom.
  • The Orient Cave – widely accepted as the most beautiful cave in the system, and the cave is perfect for a small party of up to 30 people.
  • The Temple Of Baal Cave – possibly the most dramatic cave, with stunning formations which will provide the ultimate backdrop for photographs.
  • The Devil’s Coach House – this vast, mighty cave is popular for large wedding parties and has natural sunlight that streams into the cave, which is ideal for photographs. The cave is large enough for big parties.
  • The Blue Lake – just a few steps from the caves is the exquisite Blue Lake, home to recitant platypuses. The lake is deep blue and forms an enchanting photo shoot.
  • The Carlotta Arch – perched high up above the Jenolan caves is the immense Carlotta Arch, a fantastic limestone feature. The arch frames beautiful features such as the Blue Lake and the surrounding countryside.

The Jenolan Caves are the most perfect display of mother nature in all her majestic glory. It is certainly a most awesome day trip from Sydney, and reputable group transportation companies such as Sydney Executive Coach Charter, will ensure that your day charter goes off without a hitch.