Go On A Sydney Shopping Tour With A Minibus Hire!

Go On A Sydney Shopping Tour With A Minibus Hire!

If you ever tour the city of Sydney, one of the things that you should definitely think about is shopping. Sydney offers one of the best shopping experiences in the world, with the main attractive feature being the variety. Whether you are interested in high end shopping facilities such as the couture boutiques or just want to spend a little money on small but meaningful trinkets, it will be easy for you to find facilities that offer all you need.
The only issue you have to keep in mind is making sure that your logistics are well sorted out. One of the most convenient ways of doing this is by hiring a minibus and using it to go on your shopping tours. Some of the benefits you will get from doing this include:

Getting to and from the shopping facilities will be easier. You only need to tell the driver where you need to be at any point in time, and they will get you there with ease. You don’t need to take the time to learn about the directions to and from the different locations.

You will have loads of space. With a minibus, you are not limited by space, particularly if it turns out that the bus will not be that full. You can do more than enough shopping.
It’s more comfortable. Most people love shopping mainly because it’s therapeutic. Having a means of transport that you will have more control over will make it even more comfortable.

You will have more variety. As has been noted, there are numerous stores from which you can shop. When using a minibus as a means of travel, you will find it easy to visit most of the points of interest you have with minimal hassle.
Some of the major stores and shopping facilities you should think about visiting when in Sydney include:


This is a high end fashion boutique in Sydney. One of the major claims to fame for Saba is the fact that it is home to some of the most exclusive forms of fashion in the country, and indeed in the world. If you are interested in getting nothing but the best and aren’t particularly interested about how much it will cost you, then this is the place for you to shop. In addition to offering a large variety of designs, one of the things you will benefit from by shopping at Saba is the fact that you will get unique clothing.

Strand Hatters

Most people don’t usually think that buying a hat is a difficult thing to do. However, when you actually start doing it, you will realize that it’s not as easy as many people make it out to be. Strand Hatters makes it easy for you to find exactly what you need as far as hats are concerned. The fact that the store only stocks hats means that you will be able to find all types, from fancy ones to more old school hats. In essence, it has something for everyone.

RM Williams

If you are going to spend a lot of time in the outdoors while visiting Australia, then you definitely need the type of clothing that is ideal for such applications. This is something that RM Williams specializes in. they stock a large variety of bush clothing including boots, hats and jackets. One thing you can be assured of is that all the merchandise stocked by the company will be well made, so it can withstand all the rigors of being in the Australian wilderness. The merchandise from RM Williams might seem a bit more expensive than ordinary, but then you end up getting very good value for money.

Paspaley Pearls

Are you a fan of the finer things in life? Then a visit to the Paspaley Pearls should definitely be part of your itinerary if you are going to Sydney for shopping. This is one of the most respected jewelers in the country. They mainly stock pearls of all shapes, sizes and types. The company was formed in 1952 and has since then developed a worldwide reputation for offering quality and value for money. This is an ideal place for you to look for an ideal gift for a loved one, such as during your honeymoon.

In addition to the presence of high quality jewelry, the other feature that stands out about the store is that it has been very well designed. It is accented by tones of peach and cream, giving the interior a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This is a place that you will definitely love being in.

 The Art of Wine and Food shutterstock_196124825

This uniquely named store mainly stocks antiques and other items      associated with wines and food. For instance, you can buy elegant  corkscrews, art print for your restaurant or kitchen and even antique  cutlery. This is the ideal place to visit for a food enthusiast who is  interested in taking their interest in food to the next level.



This is a fashion store that is dedicated to providing contemporary designs of clothing and other types of art. All the merchandise, including crafts, are made by Australian designers and artists, and are usually reasonably priced. If you are interested in what Australia has to offer in terms of contemporary art and design, this would be an ideal store for you to visit. Prepare to spend quite some time here, especially if you are an avid fan of art.

Alannah Hill

If you are interested in an upscale shopping experience, this is yet another store that you should definitely visit. It mainly specialises in offering lush fabrics and garments. If you love the finer things in life, then you will definitely be at home here!

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do when you set your mind to shopping in Australia. As it has been mentioned, the best way for you to handle the logistics of shopping in the area is by renting a minibus and using it to get around. This is not only cost effective, but also very convenient!

travel with your family in sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 2 of 3 in Sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 2 of 3 in Sydney


Sydney Harbour Bed & Breakfast


Australia’s birthplace is known as The Rocks established in 1788.  Named for the magnificent buildings made from the very sandstone the buildings rise from.  Many of the historic buildings in the district were convict built as Sydney was initially a penal colony.  The Sydney Harbour Bed & Breakfast is centrally located in this historic district among many heritage protected buildings.  The Sydney Harbour B&B is a classic style bed & breakfast taking advantage of it’s rustic look, and neighbors to give their guests a uniquely Australian experience. Read more

family traveling together in sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 1 of 3 in Sydney Hotel

Family Friendly Accommodation 1 of 3 in Sydney Hotel


The Parkroyal Hotel in Darling Harbour, Sydney


Sydney is a fabulous city for families.  Sydneysiders are active, outdoorsy, and there are plenty of activities for people of all ages.  We are doing a series on the most family friendly hotels in Sydney and what makes them so great for families.  Sometimes it is location, sometimes it is amenities geared toward entertaining families.


With the school holidays recently upon us many Australians are taking vacations with their loved ones.  Sydney is an ever popular destination for families.  Sydney is full of culture, educational opportunities, family friendly activities, dining options geared toward families and theme parks packed full of information on conservation, going green, and lessons for children to understand they too can make a difference.


The Parkroyal Hotel in Darling Harbour, Sydney is centrally located in the Sydney CBD.  The location with it’s proximity to so many family friendly activities makes it one of the most family friendly resorts in Sydney.  The Parkroyal Hotel is less than a ten minute walk to Chinatown, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium, and Sydney Wildlife World.



The Parkroyal Hotel has a number of different room styles designed to suit many different needs.  Each 31 m2 room is set up with either double twin beds or a single King.  Different views are available, and there is a choice for an Executive Suite if this is a working trip.  The Executive Suite is more than double the size of the other rooms at 71 m2.  The Executive Suite is a one bedroom suite with separate living area.  The Club Suite is a smidge smaller than the Executive Suite and offers gorgeous views for relaxing.


All rooms feature a myriad of electronics for entertainment, a 40” LCD tv, in-room movies, iPod docking station, LAN and WiFi access, a hairdryer, and an ironing board.  In addition to the restaurants on property all in-room dining is also available, and each room comes with a fully stocked minibar, coffee, and tea making facilities.


Rooms and suites begin at $245 – $445 AUD.  Prices subject to change depending on availability.



Barkers Restaurant

Serving breakfast beginning at 6:30 am daily is Barkers Restaurant.  Barkers is located on Level R inside the hotel.  This space not only works for breakfast but also makes a fantastic spot for meetings.  The contemporary space is comfortable, and the hotel’s WiFi is accessible while sitting at Barkers.


Abode Bistro and Bar is a family friendly modern bistro where sharing a meal is paramount.  Each dish is presented in a way that promotes sharing, and conversation.  Abode Bistro melds modern cuisine with a Farmers Market feel.  The menu is seasonal and based on what is in peak season.  A full bar is available and seating for private parties up to 150 can be arranged.


Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Abode offers High Tea starting at AUD 45.  We suggest trying one of the tea infused cocktails at this modern take on a wonderful tradition.  All tea is served loose leaf, and the desserts have a modern twist giving each one a uniqueness only found at Abode.


Hotel Amenities

The Parkroyal Hotel has a full gym available for use by guests.  A concierge is available to help with golf, massage, restaurant and activity bookings.  A club lounge is available for use by guests for casual meetings and sit downs, and there is a full restaurant and bar.


Special Events

There are seven different meeting rooms available with 394 m2 of meeting space available.  Meeting rooms are available for a number of activities.  Seminars, training sessions, or parties.


ChinatownWithin a Ten Minute Walk


A mere 350 meters away is Chinatown.  Walk five minutes and find yourself amongst some of the best Chinese culture to be found anywhere in Australia.  The food in Sydney’s Chinatown is known for being some of the best found outside of Asia.  The shopping available in Chinatown is fantastic and there is definitely something for the entire family.


Some things to keep an eye out for while visiting Chinatown are the traditional markets offering a number of traditional goods for the home, for the kitchen, as well as art and of course tea sets.  Chinese storytellers can be found on Pitt Street bringing the stories of Chinese immigrants to life.  Take a trip into the past.  The Chinatown Night Market is a fabulous place to shop especially during the hotter months of summer.  Shopping in the cool night air can be very enjoyable.


Queen Victoria Building

The Victoria Building is a modern shopping centre with the turn of the century architecture preserved.  Originally built in 1898 to replace the Sydney Markets the Victoria Building has been used for various things throughout its history but since 1984 has been used as a shopping centre.  Pierre Cardin has described the Victoria Building as, “The most beautiful shopping centre in the world ”  Come and see for yourself.


Sydney Entertainment Centre – Now known as the Qantas Credit Union Arena

There are a number of shows and concerts going on at the Qantas Credit Union Arena throughout the year.  So far for 2015 some of the highlights are, Lady Antebellum, Billy Idol, Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran X, Rod Stewart, The Black Keys, the Spandau Ballet, The Harlem Globetrotters, W Live, and Celtic Woman 10th Anniversary World Tour.  Check out their events schedule for updates and ticket information.


Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium

The Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium is one of the best attractions in Australia.  The Aquarium hosts different events every month and has a myriad of education opportunities for learners of all ages.  They have interactive learning available, and many different exhibits.  It is possible to go diving, and view sharks from beneath as if you were a fish.


Sydney Wildlife WorldSydney Wildlife World

Next door to the Aquarium you will find the Sydney Wildlife Zoo.  With famous animal encounters you can interact closer with these animals than at any other venue.  The zoo is hosting special events for Easter and other holidays throughout the year.  You can save upon entry to the Zoo and the Aquarium with the Sydney Attractions Pass.


The Parkroyal Hotel in Darling Harbour is centrally located in Sydney’s CBD and walking distance to many attractions.  It is a family friendly hotel in an area of Sydney very conducive to having a delightful family vacation.