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10 Minibus Tours You Can Do In And From Sydney

10 Minibus Tours You Can Do In And From Sydney


Sydney, Australia is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It features stunning scenery, spectacular weather and famous landmarks among other magnetic qualities in travel. As a visitor, you better keep your camera close at hand as you explore this dynamic city because you will find endless things to snap great images!

A good thing about this place is that you can hire a minibus and tour most, if not all, tourist attractions as a group for less. Sydney is also a good starting city for you to embark on long road trips with a minibus to some of Australia’s best destination cities. Here are some of the minibus tours you can do in and from Sydney. Read more

Indian cuisine

Restaurants in Sydney Part 3

Restaurants in Sydney Part 3


WIndian cuisineherever you go in the world, Indian restaurants are among the most popular eateries. Local people and visitors to Sydney enjoy the vast range of Indian cuisine that’s available in authentic restaurants served by friendly staff. Reserve reliable mini bus hire to take you and your party to an Indian restaurant with high standards, delicious food and a truly ambient atmosphere. Dine indoors or out on terraces that overlook beaches with stunning views. Professional chefs who have many years of experience in cooking Indian food like: Read more


Restaurants in Sydney Part 2

Restaurants in Sydney Part 2


Whether you’re visiting Sydney in Australia on business or pleasure there’s a great choice of seafood restaurants.  You might be in the mood to eat tasty fish and chips or a plate of freshly caught oysters, whatever your fancy the exciting city of Sydney offers the very best seafood restaurants around.   Mouth-watering Mediterranean style seafood such as crayfish and ocean trout are tasty and fresh whether you want a snack or a full blown meal.  How about choosing a dish from a seafood a la carte menu which usually includes: Read more

Chor muang

Restaurants in Sydney Part 1

Restaurants in Sydney (1)

Chor muangHolidaymakers in Sydney like to try different types of food. There are many restaurants here that specialise in Thai food so why not book a Sydney mini bus to see just what’s available? Enjoy amazing tasty Thai dishes such as:-

  • Miang khum – betel leaves with prawns as well as a coconut and peanut sauce
  • Chor muang which is steamed dumplings that are made from caramelised peanuts and sweet radish
  • Salad ped ob – roast duck with celery and a sweet and sour soy sesame dressing
  • Gaeng keaw wan gai – a truly fantastic green curry with chicken, Thai eggplant, basil and chili

Read more

Luxurious Hotels

10 Luxurious Hotels In Sydney You Won’t Be Disappointed With

10 Luxurious Hotels In Sydney You Won’t Be Disappointed With


Luxurious HotelsTravellers to Sydney are quick to realise that when it comes to accommodation, the options are almost limitless. The rising numbers of luxurious hotels in the city are a testament to the popularity of the destination. There are many things to do in Sydney and whatever your preference and your budget may be, you can find a hotel that will suit your needs. Navigating the intricacies of hotel accommodation will be much easier when you know what is available out there. Following is a list of ten luxurious hotels in Sydney you should opt for. Read more

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Family Friendly Accommodation 3 of 3 in Sydney : Swissotel Sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 3 of 3 in Sydney : Swissotel Sydney


Sydney has a wealth of activities for the entire family.  With 35,000 kilometres of coastline in the island nation it is no surprise that many activities revolve in and around the water.  Whether it be swimming in the ocean, studying the ocean habitat of the coast, or playing in one of the water parks or swimming pools.   Read more

travel with your family in sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 2 of 3 in Sydney

Family Friendly Accommodation 2 of 3 in Sydney


Sydney Harbour Bed & Breakfast


Australia’s birthplace is known as The Rocks established in 1788.  Named for the magnificent buildings made from the very sandstone the buildings rise from.  Many of the historic buildings in the district were convict built as Sydney was initially a penal colony.  The Sydney Harbour Bed & Breakfast is centrally located in this historic district among many heritage protected buildings.  The Sydney Harbour B&B is a classic style bed & breakfast taking advantage of it’s rustic look, and neighbors to give their guests a uniquely Australian experience. Read more

Custom Minibus Tour using the Sydney Attractions Pass

Custom Minibus Tour using the Sydney Attractions Pass

Aquatic Lovers Minibus Tour

National-Maritime-MuseumThe Aquatic Lovers tour is a comprehensive tour that explores the influence of water on Australia, the worlds largest island nation. Being an island nation Maritime activities have had a huge influence in the way Australia has developed. As a result the culture has a deep connection with all things aquatic.

Learn about the history of the Maritime industry and how it has shaped Australia into what it is today. From the first vessels to land during colonial times to modern day submarines there is a lot to learn. The Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre showcases many different aspects of competitions for water sport enthusiasts. Divers, swimmers, water polo teams and synchronized swimmers all use the facilities. Experience the Harbour in cruise mode, and compare it to the feel of a jet boat. Learn all about the delicate oceanic ecosystem and be amazed at the number of species found in Sydney Harbour alone.

This aquatic tour has a little something for everyone and really showcases the diversity in a culture heavily influenced by the sea.
Aquatic Lovers Minibus Tour Day 1

On the first day of your Aquatic Lovers tour you will get to visit three distinctly different attractions in Sydney. Begin your day swimming at the Olympic Park, then take a jet boat ride, and end your day relaxing and learning at the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. Once your day is over your friendly driver will get you back to your accommodation. Where you will likely drop from exhaustion, and prepare yourself for the second day.

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre HOURS 5 AM – 9 PM

Start your morning off right with a swim at the fastest pool in the world. The pool at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is where Olympians got to show the world how fast people can swim through the water. Take a swim in lane 4, and follow the Path of Champions all the way to the hall of fame.

Swimmers and water lovers of all ages will delight in the water slides, and the fun filled water playground. For the speed demon in all of us be sure to check out the Rapid River Ride, this pool of moving water moves in a circular motion. Swim with the current and see how quickly you can make your laps.

Make a stop at the Utility Pool and put your diving skills to the test. Choose from boards ranging from 1 metre to 10 metres. If you want to try the boards you will have to make prior arrangements but for enthusiasts this can happen.

Once you have worn yourself out it is time to head over to the Spa, steam room, or sauna to relax those vigorously used muscles and get ready to have lunch before heading to your afternoon jet boat adventure.

Oz Jet Boating DAILY 12 – 4

If you got a thrill from the Rapid River Ride at the Olympic Park you are really in store for a serious treat with a jet boat ride with Oz Jet Boating. Climb aboard the famous red boat, The Shark Attack and hold on tight. This action packed 30 minute ride will take you zooming through Sydney Harbour visiting all the iconic attractions while splashing, turning donuts, fishtailing, and spinning round and round.

Begin at the Opera House and make a lap around Sydney Harbour. Speed sightseeing at it’s best, you will be able to see Clark and Shark Islands, the most expensive real estate in Australia, the mansions that line the harbour, the Taronga Zoo, and of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Don’t worry if you jet passed something too quickly to really enjoy it, you will be cruising the Harbour at a much slower pace on day two.


Once you get your heartbeat back to normal you will reboard the minibus with your private driver and head to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium for late afternoon early evening to explore all the animals that call the sea their home. In late afternoon you can choose from several keeper talks. It takes about an hour and a half to see all the exhibits and then There are various activities such as interactive learning for the kids, and playgrounds. When you wrap up the day your driver will take you back to your accommodation and you can get your rest for day 2.
Aquatic Lovers Minibus Tour Day 2

The second day of the Aquatic Lovers tour is a bit more relaxing than day one. Begin by exploring the Australian National maritime museum, and then cruise Sydney Harbour in the afternoon. We took it easy on you for the second day.

Australian National Maritime Museum 930 – 5 DAILY

Begin the second day of your Aquatic Lovers tour at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Since this tour takes advantage of the Sydney Attractions Pass included in your entry are also the MMAS Vampire, Submarine HMAS Onslow, and the Wharf 7 Maritime Heritage Centre. Learn all about Australia’s maritime past, and experience the future of maritime Australia by exploring the submarines. There are hands on learning exhibits, cinema exhibits, computer games, and you can even climb a 19th century lighthouse.

Once your exploration is over it’s time to head back to Sydney Harbour to cruise the same sites you saw at breakneck speed on yesterdays speed boat tour.

Captain Cook Cruises – Harbour Cruise DAILY 230 PM

Cruising the Harbour with Captain Cook Cruises is a relaxing way to enjoy the sights of Sydney Harbour. Take an hour and a quarter seeing the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the million dollar views of the mansions along the Harbour. Listen to the GPS commentary as you cruise through the Harbour. At 3:45 you will disembark from the cruise ship and meet back up with your private minibus driver to return to your accommodation in Sydney.

The Aquatic Lovers Minibus Tour is fun for lovers of all things water. Two action packed days, and five different Sydney attractions. Call to book your tour now at (02) 8970 8837 or use our online enquiry form.