Popular Sydney Suburbs - Surrey Hills

Focus on Sydney Suburbs – Surry Hills

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter, we have taken many visitors to see not only the most iconic sites of Sydney but also the suburbs and other parts that many people ignore.

Our highly popular mini bus charter service of Sydney is ideal for small groups who want to get around to some of the more inaccessible areas of this great city. In this blog, we focus on Surry Hills a most desirable area for people to live and enjoy themselves.

Surry Hills

In the early 20th Century the reputation of Surry Hills was, to say the least unsavory. It was an area full of gin joints, and brothels and life on the streets was hard.

Today things are quite different and Surry Hills is now recognized as the foodie capital of Sydney. The number of cafes and restaurants in the Sydney 2010 postcode is quite staggering, and also there are many other things to do in this great suburb.

Surry Hills is absolutely crammed full of pubs and bars and some of the very best are, Dead Ringer, Wild Rover, Coros, and many establishments down Crown Street.

Paramount Coffee Project

PCP or otherwise known as Paramount Coffee Project was actually named in the 2017 Good Food Guide as Cafe of the Year. As well as the freshly brewed specialty coffee on offer the food menu is also exciting leaning on the Asian side of things.

Other cafes worth taking a look at are, Reuben Hills, Single O, and Shift Eatery.

Chin Chin

Surry Hills is one of the best places to eat in the whole of Sydney, and if you like Asian food then one of the best eateries is Chin Chin. This great southeast Asian restaurant opened its doors in October 2017 and is a brother of the highly successful namesake in Melbourne.

You can find Chin Chin in the old Griffiths Tea Room building on Commonwealth Street, as well as other great eateries such as Longrain, 4Fourteen, and Nomad.

Ice Cream

Hardly surprising in one of the most gastronomic areas in Sydney there is an establishment that serves sublime ice cream. But Gelato Messina is might not what you would think of when it comes to luxury gelato.

There are actually a dozen outlets of this store in Sydney and further outlets in Queensland and Melbourne. But the whole reputation for excellent ice cream came from this humble hole-in-the-wall outlet in Surry Hills.

The queues around the block hint at just how good this ice cream actually is, and you have over forty flavours to choose from. So when in Surry Hills join the queue and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

If you and your group fancy a trip to Surrey Hills to enjoy any of the places we have highlighted, then contact us today and we will arrange the transportation for you.

Popular Sydney Suburbs - Balmain

Focus on Sydney Suburbs – Balmain

If you are visiting Sydney in the near future by all means go and see the great tourist attractions that are in and around the iconic harbour areas. But do not ignore the suburbs as some of these are where you can really meet Sydneysiders and understand how the city really ticks.

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter we regularly take small groups around Sydney suburbs as part of our great Sydney minibus hire service. And one really popular destination is Balmain.


Balmain is an inner-west suburb of Sydney, and is only five miles from the CBD. But Balmain could almost be on another planet, the charming and cute little terraced houses ooze contented community spirit.

And the local residents can take advantage of the many pubs, cafes, and restaurants that abound in Balmain. The area dates back to the 1800’s and the cute houses were the living accommodation for the mine workers, shipbuilders, and factory workers.

After a long day, the workers would return to their cottages built of red brick, but not before frequenting a local pub or two on the way home.

Cafe Culture

Balmain has a strong cafe culture, and many of the bijou enterprises have al fresco tables and chairs so patrons can sip their coffee and watch the world go by.

Some of the best food in Sydney is to be found in these bohemian establishments, and they are really good value for money. The pick of the bunch is Contessa, Mt Cafe & Bar, and Charlotte’s Cafe.

Enjoy a Cool Beer

Balmain has more than its fair share of pubs and drinking establishments. There are so many places to pick from it is hard to recommend the best, but you will find a great welcome and good beer at, The Cricketers Arms, Cat & Fiddle, and Dry Dock Hotel.

One place you should not ignore is the Riverview Hotel, it has a great riverside view and serves some of the best beer and food in Balmain. Officially it is labeled a gastropub, and that title does not do it justice.

Dining Out

Balmain has a very eclectic dining scene, and if you look hard enough then you can find just about any cuisine in the world. You can breakfast at Kazbah to sample the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine. Then stop off for an Italian lunch at Cappello Pizzeria, and finish with a fine Turkish meal at Efendy.

Enjoy the Views

Finally, there are some fantastic views that can be seen all around Balmain. A great place to visit is Elkington Park, crammed with superb harbour views, and full of delightful fig trees and other assorted flora.

If you and your group would like to travel out to Balmain or any other of Sydney’s great suburbs then contact us today and let us take care of all your transportation worries.

Popular Sydney Suburbs - Newtown

Focus on Sydney Suburbs – Newtown

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter we regularly take groups to the suburbs of Sydney for all sort of occasions and events. It does not matter if your group is small or large we have a large fleet of vehicles capable of transporting you to any event whatsoever.

In this blog we will be focusing on one of the most popular of Sydney’s suburbs, Newtown. And if you are taking a group trip to this great place then contact us to arrange your transportation.


Newtown really comes to life when the sun goes down, and King Street comes alive with Bohemian bars, cafes, and clubs. Newtown is famous for live music and some of the best up and coming bands can be seen playing live every night.

Many students flock in their droves to Newtown and there is a really cool vibe to the whole place. If you are looking for lively places to go then check out the Sandringham Hotel or the Vanguard.

The Courthouse Hotel

A real cherished institution for locals is The Courthouse Hotel and most patrons head straight for the sunny and friendly beer garden. The crowd is mixed and you will find blue-collar workers raising a glass alongside students and resident hipsters.

Mary’s Burgers

Another Newtown institution is Mary’s Burgers and they serve some of the best burgers in Sydney. Mary’s has become legendary all over the city, and ever since it opened in 2013 it has transformed the almost derelict Mary Street into a must-visit location.

The Enmore

The Enmore is known as one of the very best live music venues in town. It is situated just a brief stroll down Enmore Road from the centre of Newtown. This famous old venue is supposedly over a hundred years old, and has a large two and a half thousand capacity.

Bands that have played at the Enmore have included, Oasis, Coldplay, KISS, and even the Rolling Stones.

Young Henry’s

If you are a lover of craft beer, then a trip to Newtown would not be complete without a visit to Young Henry’s. Young Henry’s started life in a warehouse in Wilford Street in 2013 and has rapidly become one of the favourite brewers in Sydney.

At Young Henry’s you can always find six taps and two hand pumps delivering eight different draft beers. One of the best sellers is the Newtowner Pale Ale which is loved by locals and visitors alike.

The Collective Ensemble

Everybody loves a bargain and Newtown is famous for second-hand clothing stores. One of the very best is The Collective Ensemble which you can find at the southern end of King Street.

The clothes here are very much in the vintage and retro bracket both for men as well as women. Other bargain stores can be found along lively King Street as well.

If you are thinking of going to one of these great places with friends or family then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter and we will take all the hassle out of your transportation worries.

Events at Sydney Opera House March - April 2019

Events at Sydney Opera House March-April 2019

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter we regularly take groups to the iconic Sydney Opera House, to see the many varied events that are staged there every single month. From famous classical performances to opera, the ballet, and more contemporary concerts.

Here is a list of the some of the not to be missed events coming up at the Opera House in the next couple of months.


15th Jan – 30th March

Turandot is recognised as one of the most important operas that Puccini ever wrote. And it is an ideal opera for beginners to this music genre to get into opera. The classic aria Nessun Dorma comes from this opera and is known all over the world.

The story of a princess who has sworn that she will not marry any man until three riddles are answered is enchanting. But the downside is that if a suitor fails he is put to death. The opera is presented by Opera Australia and is conducted by Tahu Matheson, and features Dragana Radakovic, Younghoon Lee, Mariana Hong, and Richard Anderson in the lead roles.


6th Mar – 26th March

Another classic opera but this time by Strauss, and it is a story about lust, violence, and religious fervor. The opera delves into the lurid fantasies of King Herod, and teaches the audience that desire has no limits.

Originally written as a score to the famous Oscar Wilde play the music explores the edges of human behaviour. Portraying Salome, Lise Lindstrom is perfect providing the fragility and innocence of the heroine.

Conducted by Johannes Fritzsch and directed by Gale Edwards, the cast is strong with Jacqueline Dark playing Herodias, and as stated Lise Lindstrom as Salome.

Iggy Pop

15th April – 17th April

From the sublime to the ridiculous, and from highbrow opera to raw rock. The former lead singer from the Stooges, Iggy Pop, returns to Australia to perform a career-spanning set with songs from his illustrious past career.

Once described as the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop has been wowing rock audiences for decades. Songs such as, The Idiot, Lust for Life, and The Passenger will all feature during this sell out gig.

Iggy Pop rarely performs live these days and this may be the last chance that Australians will get to see their hero sing. It is a chance to once again see one of the original and best rock frontmen, and with a full band.

His fans all enjoy high octane, energetic, powerful, and mesmerizing rock performances and this concert will contain all such elements and is not to be missed.

If you and your group are considering a trip to the Opera House why not contact us to provide your transport, we have great minibus charter services in Sydney that will take all the hassle out of driving.

City Center Shopping in Sydney

City Center Shopping in Sydney

Many people visiting Sydney take the opportunity to take advantage of the great shopping that the city has to offer. Sydney has absolutely everything from chic designer shops, to modern air-conditioned malls, to exciting markets selling about just everything under the sun.

In this article, we focus on the great shops in and around the CBD of Sydney and where you can find the best bargains. Shopping can be an arduous task, so why not take the strain out of it by leaving your transport to Sydney Executive Coach Charter. Our small group minibus charter is an ideal way for you and your friends to get around and bring your shopping safely home.

Queen Victoria Building

There is no other way of saying this than the Queen Victoria Building is architecturally a splendid masterpiece. In fact, the building occupies an entire block of George Street and inside is one hundred and eighty superb retail outlets.

The building was built in the 1980’s and you can find jewelry shops, homeware, and top fashion boutiques with big label names. It is one of the most prestigious places to shop in Sydney and has some delightful cafes and eateries.

The Strand Arcade

If you are looking for style and design then The Strand Arcade is the very place to go. The Arcade was named after the famous shopping street in London, and it mimic’s its namesake by offering designer labels, beauty salons, and expensive jewelry.

It was the last of the great arcades built in Sydney, and remains an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. Many shoppers take advantage of the great coffee shops to take a rest and enjoy some fine coffee.

There are many Sydney institutions that trade in the Strand such as, John Azzi Hair, Strand Hatters, The Nut Shop, and Elie’s Leather Repair. These shops stand alongside Australian designer fashion and a host of specialty stores.

Pitt Street Mall

Right in the heart of the CBD in Sydney is the Pitt Street Mall, and since it opened its doors it is the most cosmopolitan and busy shopping precinct in Australia. It boasts 600 stores that sell almost everything that you can think of.

David Jones, and Myer can be found at Pitt Street, but it also sells a variety of goods that will fit any style or budget.

These are just some of the great shopping areas that the CBD has to offer, also within two blocks you can find Sydney Arcade, Westfield Sydney, Glasshouse, and Mid-City Shopping Centre.

If any of these exciting shopping areas attract you enough to take a shopping expedition, then contact us today to arrange your transport. And then you do not have to consider lugging all your bags around on public transport and the crowded rush hour.

Sporting Events In Sydney Feb & Mar 2019

Sporting Events in Sydney Feb & March 2019

Sydney is not only a great place to shop, eat, and drink, it is also one of the greatest sporting cities in Australia. Sydneysiders are like most Australians, they are mad about their sport, and we focus on some of the best sporting events that are coming up in the next couple of months.

If you are considering going to any of these or other sporting events in the near future and are part of a group, then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter, we are the experts in group transportation in Sydney be it small or large.

Twilight Racing on Sydney Harbor

23rd January – 13th March

Sydney provides a great backdrop for many sporting events, and the iconic harbor plays host to many water-based events. During late January and early March, you can watch the Twilight Racing on Sydney Harbour.

There are two Pilgrim races every week, on Wednesdays and Fridays where you can see up to one hundred boats competing against each other.

HSBC Rugby 7’s

1st February – 3rd February

Seven’s Rugby is becoming vastly popular all over the world, it is fast and exciting and draws massive crowds in a party atmosphere. And it is back with a bang at the Sydney Olympic Park in February.

The fast-paced form of Rugby Union is non-stop and features brutal hits, long passing, fast running and many tries being scored.

Sydney Lunar Festival

9th February – 10th February

One of the great traditions in Sydney is the celebrations at Chinese New Year, and as the ethnic community of Sydney is large the party is on a grand scale. One of the most dramatic events during this period are the Dragon Boat Races.

Dragon Boat racing has been going on for over two thousand years, and the tradition and pageantry that accompanies this event is second to none. The 12 meter long boats with a ferocious dragon’s head on the front are driven through the water by oarsmen rowing to the pounding of loud drums. It is a spectacle not to be missed and it all happens in Sydney Harbour.

Carnival of Miracles

16th February – 2nd March

The Carnival of Miracles is unique to Sydney, and is held at the top sporting club Menangle. For those that have never seen the sport of harness racing, it is quite an event that features the famous Aisworth Miracle Mile, which as an event has been taking place for over half a century.

AON Sydney International Rowing Regatta


Although the actual dates of the rowing regatta have yet to be released, this international event brings some of the best rowers from around the world to compete against each other.

The AON Sydney International Rowing Regatta is a week-long event that also includes the Australian Rowing Championships.

These great sporting events are just some of the top sporting occasions coming to Sydney in the next couple of months.

Minibus Wine Tours from Sydney

Minibus Wine Tours from Sydney

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter we have been conducting minibus wine tours of the Hunter Valley for many years. It is an ideal way for a small group to get around the Hunter Valley as nobody has to drive and everybody can sample the great wines on offer.

The Hunter Valley is only a three and a half hours drive from Sydney and makes an excellent day trip to get away from the crowded streets of Sydney. If you are considering taking a group of family and friends then contact us today to arrange your transport.

Here are some of the best wineries that you could include on your minibus wine tour of the Hunter Valley.

Audrey Wilkinson Winery

The Audrey Wilkinson Winery is one of the most picturesque wineries in the Hunter Valley. But this winery is not just all glamour, the wines are pretty good too. The country-house cellar door has a glorious backdrop of the Brokenback Mountain Range perfect for sipping some glorious chardonnay and semillon.

Bimbadgen Winery

Bimbadgen means place of good view, and it certainly lives up to its billing. This winery is perfect for group visits and holds many outdoor events including concerts. The winery is surrounded by fig trees that are over a century old.

The cellar door is highly popular, and the tasting rooms are large and full of atmosphere. Most people enjoy a variety of estate wines that include shiraz, chardonnay, verdelho and a shiraz viognier blend. If you wish to sample some great local food then the Esca restaurant is a must.

Harkham Wines

Harkham Wines is one of the best producers of natural wines in the Hunter Valley, and it also happens to be one of the closest wineries to Sydney. This great winery also offers accommodation so if you want to extend your stay then there is no problem.

As well as the excellent wines the estate produces meade and also a quite remarkable chocolate liqueur.

Brokenwood Wines

If you are in search of good chardonnay then make sure your winery itinerary includes Brokenwood Wines. They have been producing first-class chardonnay since 1975 as well as their legendary Cricket Pitch red.

The stand-out wines at Brokenwood are their award-winning chardonnays that have excellent fruit and the ultimate balance of acidity.

Gartelmann Wines

One of the finest boutique wineries in the Hunter Valley has to be Gartelmann Wines. Located in Lovedale it produces highly regarded semillon and shiraz. Not to be ignored are the merlot and chardonnay as well.

Although the cellar door is rather tiny, actually it resembles more of a country house, it serves the estate wines along with other gourmet products from around the region. You can choose between the cellar door and the covered deck to enjoy your tasting. If you feel peckish then there is also a great value for money cafe that opens for breakfast and lunch.

These are just some of the great wineries that you can enjoy on your minibus tour of the Hunter Valley from Sydney. There are many other wineries if you would like to extend your trip.

Live Music Events in Sydney January - February 2019

Live Music Events in Sydney January – February 2019

Sydney is one of the best places in Australia if you love going to concerts and hearing quality artists playing music. Sydney caters for just about every music known to man, from the classical and operatic works in the iconic Sydney Opera House, to loud EDM festivals in the suburbs.

In this blog we feature some of the best upcoming music events in Sydney, and if you are attending any one of them as part of a group, then Sydney Executive Coach Charter offers great local Sydney minibus hire services to ensure your group gets to and from the event on time and in comfort.

The Summer Series

The Summer Series is back with a bang, and if you like your 70’s and 80’s disco music then head down to the Royal Botanic Gardens in The Domain on Saturday the 12th of January.

Featuring on the same bill are, The Jacksons, Kool & the Gang, and the Pointer Sisters. It will prove to be one of the best boogie nights of the whole year and is bound to get the audience bopping all evening.

The Jacksons feature four of the original brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermain, and Marlon. The band were the first African-American artists that rocketed to stardom with Michael taking lead vocals and their set will feature many of their back catalogue.

Kool & The Gang have been wowing audiences all over the world since 1964 and have been playing a classic brand of jazz, soul, disco, and funk ever since. If you have never seen them live then this is a fabulous opportunity.

Phil Collins

The ex-lead singer of Genesis returns to Sydney for a three-date concert tour at the impressive Qudos Bank Arena on Mon 21st January to the 23rd of January.

Phil Collins is no longer a youthful artist but he still manages to draw massive audiences whenever he plays live. His vast back catalogue from Genesis days and his highly successful solo career will feature heavily on this tour.

His band includes his young son, Nicholas who is filling his dad’s shoes by playing drums. And the ever faithful Daryl Stuermer on guitar and Leland Sklar on bass, both of which have been at his side for over thirty years.

Expect to hear, You Can’t Hurry Love, Sussudio, I Missed Again, and Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.


Another legendary band that will take to the stage at the Qudos Bank Arena on Friday the 15th February is Nickleback.

Nickleback were formed in Alberta in 1996 by Chad Kroeger, and soon grew to be one of the world’s biggest post-grunge rock bands with a huge following. Their debut albums, Curb and Hesher bought widespread attention to the band, and the release of the single How You Remind Me cemented their success.

The concert will feature all their hit songs including recent 2014 releases What are you Waiting For, and Edge of a Revolution.

If you do require small group transportation for any of these events then simply contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter and we will be happy to offer a no obligation free quotation.

Minibus Golf Tours from Sydney

Minibus Golf Tours from Sydney

Many visitors come to Sydney to play golf, and the reason for this is that being based in a great city like Sydney also offers easy access to some of the very best golf courses in Australia.

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter we have great experience in taking golf parties in our small group minibus charters of Sydney. We can supply a vehicle suitable for your party and all their clubs, and take you to some of the very best golf courses around Sydney, simply contact us with the details of your small group golf excursion and leave the rest to us.

In this blog we look at some of the great golf courses in and around the Sydney area.

Royal Sydney Golf Club

Why not play a round or two with your friends at a course that has hosted the Australian Open on many occasions. It is also the course of the famous incident when the American golfer John Daley broke a spectator’s camera back in 2008.

If you are not really into the golfing etiquette side of golf then perhaps Royal Sydney is not the place for you, as it is as old school than you can possibly get. To become a member you will have to join a long waiting list and know the right people.

The course is difficult to say the least and you will have to be a pretty good player to get around without embarrassing yourself.

The Australian Golf Club

Roseberry was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and the Australian Golf Club course is about as good as it gets in Australia. It is also the oldest golf course in Australia and is the birthplace of the Australian Open.

Roseberry still hosts the Cadogan Cup which was first competed for in 1884 and is still the oldest golf competition in Australia.

New South Wales Golf Club

The previous two courses you have to be a member or invited to play, but this course is different and if you have an official handicap then some slots are open to the public.

The course is set in unbelievable rugged surroundings provided by its coastal location, and although La Perouse is just as exclusive as say Royal Sydney but feels more welcoming. The fairways are undulating, with small greens to try and hit. Like most links courses the sea winds play a big part in your game.

The signature hole of the course is the iconic par 3, which is the 6th hole. It is perched on a rocky outcrop which looks out over the wreck of the SS Minmi.

The Lakes Golf Club

Eastlakes or as it is better known, The Lakes Golf Club, is open to non-members if you can afford the $350 green fee. Located near Sydney airport, Eastlakes is a world-class golf course, and it has even held the Australian Open on three occasions.

Becoming a member at this prestigious club is difficult, actually near impossible with numerous references, interviews, and recommendations to negotiate before invitation.

These are some of the very best golf courses in New South Wales, and if you wish to visit any of them, or perhaps other great courses in and around Sydney, then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter for your group transportation needs.

The Best Beaches in Sydney

Sydney is world renowned as a buzzing metropolis, with great shopping, top class restaurants, superb sporting events, quality pubs and nightlife, and much much more.

And the lucky residents of Sydney can also take advantage of some of the best beaches in Australia. This blog uncovers the best beaches that you can find around Sydney including some that you may have not even heard of.

If you are considering arranging a group beach day out with your friends and family, or even a corporate beach treat. Then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter who will be happy to provide all your group transportation needs and provide your coach charter of Sydney, so you can fully enjoy your day.

Collins Flat Beach

Collins Flat Beach is just perfect for those who want to relax in the sun and take a swim. This beach is a little off the beaten track and is all the better for it. You can actually drive from the main beach at Manley in just over five minutes, but you are in a different world.

Collins Flat Beach is famous for its calm and tranquil waters which makes it brilliant for kids, the only noise you can hear is that of a nearby waterfall.

Milk Beach

Located in the Sydney Harbour National Park is one of the greatest beaches in all Sydney, namely Milk Beach. This tiny beach offers great views of some of the landmark sights of Sydney.

You have clear views of Sydney Tower, the Opera House, and Harbour Bridge. Milk Beach is virtually unheard of by tourists, so although it is only 50 meters long it is often deserted. One of the best sunset vistas can be obtained from this great beach, as the sun sets right by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bondi Beach

One of the best-known beaches in the world has to be Bondi, and because of this fact, it gets crowded nearly all of the time. Early in the morning is a great time to see the beauty of this famous Sydney landmark.

You cannot deny it is a great beach, there is golden sand and the waters are a beautiful turquoise colour. The beach also has constantly great waves, which are perfect for surfing and swimming. The whole area around Bondi has its own great beach culture, with bijou cafes and bars to hang out with your surfing buddies.

Palm Beach

If you can be bothered to drive an hour from Sydney’s CBD then you can find one of the more remote beaches that doesn’t attract the crowds. You may recognize the location as this is the beach that is featured in the popular TV programme Home and Away.

Palm Beach has everything, great waters for surfing and swimming, plenty of golden sand to soak up the rays and great picnic areas.

Getting to some of the more remote beaches on our list can be a little difficult, so just contact us here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter and leave the rest to us.