Chor muang

Restaurants in Sydney Part 1

Restaurants in Sydney (1)

Chor muangHolidaymakers in Sydney like to try different types of food. There are many restaurants here that specialise in Thai food so why not book a Sydney mini bus to see just what’s available? Enjoy amazing tasty Thai dishes such as:-

  • Miang khum – betel leaves with prawns as well as a coconut and peanut sauce
  • Chor muang which is steamed dumplings that are made from caramelised peanuts and sweet radish
  • Salad ped ob – roast duck with celery and a sweet and sour soy sesame dressing
  • Gaeng keaw wan gai – a truly fantastic green curry with chicken, Thai eggplant, basil and chili

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Arranging For Airport Transfers At The Sydney Airport

Arranging For Airport Transfers At The Sydney Airport


For regular travellers such as business travellers, arranging for airport transfers is a vital part of their travel arrangement. However, it pays to do business with a service provider like Sydney Executive Coach Charter who fully understands that the visitor’s time is more important than theirs. The hassle of arranging for airport transfers, for example, at Sydney Airport shouldn’t disrupt the importance of a executive’s business or the comfort of his or her travels. This is why travellers should only opt to do business with the best of the airport transfer service providers in the city. Read more