5 Museums In Sydney That Tourists Love

5 Museums In Sydney That Tourists Love


The majority of tourists in Sydney, Australia love visiting the beautiful museums around the city. These are the best places to uncover Sydney’s rich history, artistic past and culture. For individuals who want to learn more on pioneering colonial history, the best museums to visit are the Old Government House and Elizabeth Farm. Learn about the city’s railway heritage at The Rocks Discovery Museum or Trainworks in Thilrmere. Here are the top 5 museums that are widely visited by tourists in Sydney:

Australian MuseumAustralian Museum

This is the country’s first museum to feature an extensive collection of cultural and natural science artefacts. The museum was established in the 1827s and has an international reputation for indigenous research, natural history programmes and community exhibitions. It is well visited throughout the year by both the residents and visitors from all over the world.

Powerhouse Museum

This is one of the largest and most diverse museums in Australia. It is located in Ultimo and has more than two hundred and fifty interactive exhibits, bringing it to life with holographic images, science experiments, visual-reality space and touch screen computers.

Museum of Sydney

This is a modern museum that is located on the historic site going by the name the first Government House. This house was built in 1788 by Governor Phillip. The museum takes the visitors on an exclusive journey that explores Sydney from the Dreamtime to the present day.

Australian National Maritime MuseumAustralian National Maritime Museum

Located at Darling Harbour, the Australian National Maritime Museum is a distinctive outdoor and indoor attraction. It provides enough days entertainment for all visitors, kids included. The museum hosts a number of ever-changing programmes of temporary exhibitions. Visitors here are offered the chance to see a fleet of historic crafts.

Aboriginal Heritage Museum

Aboriginal heritage is an important part of cultural landscape of Sydney.  And the best place to start your Aboriginal educational journey is no other than the Northbridge located Aboriginal Heritage Museum. It houses a wide array of different Aboriginal artefacts. These include weapons, tools and interactive lifelike models.

There are other many museums a tourist might opt to visit while in Sydney. These include sport museums such as SCG Museum and Rugby League Museum which are both located in Moore Park. These museums highlight the best of cricket and rugby from years gone by. Make a point of also visiting a number of old but important buildings to get a taste of early colonial architecture and life. If you want a guided tour to any of the mentioned must visit tourist spots or museums, it is recommended that you book ahead of time.

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