Shop at the Paddington Markets in Sydney

Shop at the Paddington Markets in Sydney


Sydney’s shopping markets are definitely a group of attractions that this city can boast about. For a good illustration of this, Paddington markets are loved by tourists and you will get a taste of what the definition of shopping is all about in Australia. With over 150 stalls in this place, a day will not be enough to traverse the entire area. However, that should not discourage you from exploring this side of town. Much more, it should be the reason for you to get fascinated with shopping here!

Paddington marketsThe origin of the Paddington markets

Paddington markets were opened to the public one Saturday morning in 1973. From then, it welcomed people from all over the country and even the world, rain or shine. The markets seem to flood the streets of Paddington Uniting Church along Oxford Street with a variety of shops offering the most original creations from fashion designers, jewellers, handcrafters, artists and shoemakers alike.

The promise of creativity

This is one of the promises that will lead you to travelling through the shops found in Paddington. Since the concept of the market was created in view of encouraging local fashion designers and all other artists in the locale, there is that particular thing that will attract you to visit the shop. Get glimpses of the most-beautifully crafted jewelleries ranging from handmade paper maché bracelets to elegant, fashionable accessories and have a touch of the masterfully-detailed handbags from different names in this side of the country. You may also look for locally-made scents that include soaps and perfumes on the list.

Paddington markets serve a unique purpose

These markets were created, as mentioned, to encourage local fashion designers and small entrepreneurs to display their own products to the public. Apart from that purpose used as the foundation of this business, though, the proceeds of every purchase you make also goes to a worthy cause, that is, for Sydney’s homeless and disadvantaged. Only a few markets in the world will ever think of this society-oriented effort.

Paddington marketsA different type of relaxation

Traversing the stalls around Paddington markets can be very intimidating, much more tiring. The place offers a way to get rid of these awkward feelings though. Simply walk around, look for a stall that offers locally-made food or bring your sandwich around. From there, you may stop by and sit under a tree to have your lunch and relax those tired feet and toes. There are certain things that will surely bring comfort to your senses whilst resting like the bonsai plants and other flowers which you may purchase after satisfying your stomach to your heart’s content.

Getting to Paddington markets

With all great things you have read about the place, you will surely want to include this in your itinerary in your next Sydney trip. Some of you may also love the idea of hiring a taxi but it will be inconvenient to book many taxis if you have a large group. One great way to go to Paddington markets from Sydney City is through hiring private minibuses. This form of transportation will bring you to the place and all other must-visit tourist spots and sights around the area in comfort and style.