Visiting The Museum Of Sydney Near First Fleet Park

Visiting The Museum Of Sydney Near First Fleet Park


Visiting the Museum of Sydney can be a refreshing activity, regardless whether you go there on a honeymoon, a school trip or as a family vacation. It is good to get out of your familiar zone and explore other cultures and destinations. It gives you a chance to break the monotony of life and experience things that you might know little about before.

If you like to experience rich history and culture, The Museum of Sydney is one of the winners. It is a popular attraction site that sits over the remains of the First Government House of Australia. It is located on Cnr Philip and Bridge Streets, Sydney, NSW 2000. Here, you can experience a monumental celebration of Australian events and the people who have worked hard to shape the character and soul of the city.

The Museum Of SydneyHow to get there

The museum does not have parking, and there is limited space parking on the street so it is not advised to drive your own rental vehicle here. If you are travelling by public means, you can take a ferry, bus, or train to reach there. You can also hire a minibus from Sydney Executive Coach Charter if you are travelling as a group, as we can offer you a comfortable and safe ride to the Museum of Sydney as well as other attraction sites.

Visiting hours and days

The museum is open from 10AM to 5pm every day with exemptions of Good Friday and Christmas day. The restaurant, ‘The Governor’s Table Bar and Dining’ is open from Monday to Saturday until late hours. On Sundays, you can dine from 7: 30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Tours and bookings

The museum often receives guests from all over the world. There is a fee for members, one for local residents, and one for foreigners. Once you get there, you have two options. Either you can pick up a visitor guide brochure and take a self-guided tour, or you can join the half hour focus tours that take place between 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM every day.

For group booking, there is a range of tour options of between 10 or more people. You can get a 15in museum tour and museum highlight for one hour. The museum also takes school tours where they run an education programe for primary and secondary schools.

The-Museum-Of-SydneyWhat to do while you are there

The museum is a rich venue for exploring the early years, as well as the settlement of Australia. You get to learn the rich culture and history of the Aboriginal people and the colonialists. You can experience scale models of the infamous First fleet and many secrets of the city that date thousands of years back. If you have children less than 12 years, you can get them the MoS guide for children at the information desk.

You can listen and experience first-hand, using simulated trees and the sculptures in the museum, to have an imagination of the first moments in the history of Australia. If you are interested in history, this museum will certainly keep you occupied for at least half a day!