A Quick History of Sydney Airport

A Quick History of Sydney Airport


Sydney is one of the most visited places in the world these days and obviously, it needs a large and modern airport in order to accommodate the numerous tourists who come here every year. Before arriving in Sydney, tourists are advised to learn a little bit more about the fascinating history of the Sydney Airport, so that they have a better understanding of the wonderful city they visit.

 Sydney AirportSydney Airport was built in 1920

This airport is almost 100 years old and back in the days, it quickly became one of the most important aerodromes in New South Wales. Later on, the Sydney Airport underwent an expansion process and the very first runway was added, so that more planes could arrive and leave from this place. 20 years later, the Sydney Airport got the name “Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport” and it remained so until this very day. Kingsford Smith was a renowned Australian pilot back in the days.

In 1960, the Sydney Airport was expanded again

The overall capacity of the Sydney Airport increased considerably in 1960 when another runway was added. This runway was situated near the Botany Bay and it increased the international image and fame of the Sydney Airport as well. Later on in 1970, large commercial planes such as the Boeing 747 could easily land on the runways of the Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited bought the airport in 2002

This famous airport was sold by the Australian Government to the corporation mentioned above which is currently managing the Sydney Airport entirely. This is a good thing as this company intends to expand the Sydney Airport yet again in the upcoming years, by adding another terminal, parking garages, an office building and several other constructions. These additions will make Sydney Airport even more spacious and popular in Australia.

 Sydney AirportTourists will never get bored at the Sydney Airport!

This Australian airport is so large and comprehensive that it actually features more than 150 shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops for tourists to take advantage of. These amenities are situated in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Additionally, there are also a couple of Travelex outlets in the Sydney Airport as well as exchange centres. As a result, tourists who visit Sydney can always relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for their transport downtown.

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