Popular Sydney Suburbs - Surrey Hills

Focus on Sydney Suburbs – Surry Hills

Here at Sydney Executive Coach Charter, we have taken many visitors to see not only the most iconic sites of Sydney but also the suburbs and other parts that many people ignore.

Our highly popular mini bus charter service of Sydney is ideal for small groups who want to get around to some of the more inaccessible areas of this great city. In this blog, we focus on Surry Hills a most desirable area for people to live and enjoy themselves.

Surry Hills

In the early 20th Century the reputation of Surry Hills was, to say the least unsavory. It was an area full of gin joints, and brothels and life on the streets was hard.

Today things are quite different and Surry Hills is now recognized as the foodie capital of Sydney. The number of cafes and restaurants in the Sydney 2010 postcode is quite staggering, and also there are many other things to do in this great suburb.

Surry Hills is absolutely crammed full of pubs and bars and some of the very best are, Dead Ringer, Wild Rover, Coros, and many establishments down Crown Street.

Paramount Coffee Project

PCP or otherwise known as Paramount Coffee Project was actually named in the 2017 Good Food Guide as Cafe of the Year. As well as the freshly brewed specialty coffee on offer the food menu is also exciting leaning on the Asian side of things.

Other cafes worth taking a look at are, Reuben Hills, Single O, and Shift Eatery.

Chin Chin

Surry Hills is one of the best places to eat in the whole of Sydney, and if you like Asian food then one of the best eateries is Chin Chin. This great southeast Asian restaurant opened its doors in October 2017 and is a brother of the highly successful namesake in Melbourne.

You can find Chin Chin in the old Griffiths Tea Room building on Commonwealth Street, as well as other great eateries such as Longrain, 4Fourteen, and Nomad.

Ice Cream

Hardly surprising in one of the most gastronomic areas in Sydney there is an establishment that serves sublime ice cream. But Gelato Messina is might not what you would think of when it comes to luxury gelato.

There are actually a dozen outlets of this store in Sydney and further outlets in Queensland and Melbourne. But the whole reputation for excellent ice cream came from this humble hole-in-the-wall outlet in Surry Hills.

The queues around the block hint at just how good this ice cream actually is, and you have over forty flavours to choose from. So when in Surry Hills join the queue and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

If you and your group fancy a trip to Surrey Hills to enjoy any of the places we have highlighted, then contact us today and we will arrange the transportation for you.