Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne – What to See and Do

Melbourne is a busy city rich in art, history and culture with a ton of things to do in and around the city. There are galleries, museums, and shopping in the CBD. Many restaurants, attractions and golf courses. Right in the city are beaches that are protected by Phillip Bay, and to either side of the bay are some of the most surfable beaches in the entire world.

Just two hours outside of Melbourne by coach or bus you will find the mountains of Victoria which have ski resorts, hiking trails, and many other outdoor activities suitable for both hot and cold snowy weather. From the coast to the hills are are hundreds of acres of wine country where many different varietals of grapes have been growing for better than 100 years. Depending on the weather, humidity, elevation, etc you will be able to find, reds, whites, dry wines, sweet wines, and even sparkling wines.

Then there is the Great Ocean Road. A road built by returning soldiers nearly a century ago to honor the fallen soldiers of World War I. There is never a shortage of things to see and do in and around Melbourne. The easiest way for your and your group to take full advantage is by using group transportation via minibus or executive coach.


Melbourne CBD

Downtown Melbourne has many activities for all ages. For over a century families have been enjoying Luna Park. The park overlooks Phillip Bay and has an awesome roller coaster, bumper cars, carnival games, food, and plenty of other thrill rides.

There are dozens of art exhibits going on at any given time in Melbourne. Art has been an important part of the city’s history from the beginning. For the latest exhibitions check the calendar online.



Australia is famous for its beaches. With over 80% of the population living within 100km of the coast water activities and beaches are always popular. Melbourne surrounds Port Phillip Bay which is a protected bay that is shallow. The Bay is navigable in most places despite how shallow it is 8-24 meters, and is great for diving and calm days on the beach sunbathing and taking the kids out. The beaches protected by the bay are plentiful and safe for the whole family.

The beaches immediately to either side of the bay are world famous surfing destinations. These beaches during surf season will see waves up to 40 feet tall. These beaches are not typically safe for beginners. Never go to the beach to swim or surf alone. Grabbing a minibus for your groups transport to surf spots is a great way to go. The surfboards can be put on top of the mini coach and Executive Coaches will deliver your group and your boards to the beach with the best surf on any given day.



If surfing isn’t your thing, or you just want a break from the beach then the mountains are only a quick two hour coach ride away. During the summer months the mountains give a cool restorative respite to escape the heat and humidity of the city. During the winter months there are ski resorts and lodges to visit and plenty of snow activities to have fun with.

There are some great golf courses in the mountains, as well as some wonderful day spas. A trip to Victoria can be perfect for Hens and Bucks celebrations, weddings, team building events, seminars, or just a weekend away.



With well over 150 wineries within a two hours drive of Melbourne there will be something for every kind of wine lover. There are boutique family owned wineries that bottle and sell locally only, and there are large wineries that bottle and export wine to all corners of the globe. The various regions around Melbourne produce many different varietals of wine. The flavour of the grapes is influenced by humidity, elevation, soil content, age of the vine, rainfall, and so many other variants.

The five major wine regions around melbourne are Mornington Peninsula & Geelong, Yarra Valley & Dandenongs Ranges, Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges, Goldfields, and Victoria’s High Country. Each region has it’s own distinct wines, where some grow and ripen on the vine for much longer making for fabulous dessert wines, while others are exposed to drier weather giving them a crisper flavour.


The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the largest war memorial in the world. It was built by returning soldiers from 1919 to 1932 and was built to commemorate the soldiers that fell during World War I. The Great Ocean Road stretches 243 km from Victoria to Torquay and Allansford. The road itself is considered a tourist attraction, and it is also filled with things to see along the way. At the beginning of the road in Anglesea is the Anglesea Lurf and Lifesaving Club. This is a superb place to get breakfast before embarking on a journey to see what else is along the Great Ocean Road.

There are many other attractions along the road, including scenic lookout points. One can see the famous 12 Apostles, or the Otways when the road goes inland and up into the tropical rainforest. There are wineries to check out, and many different hiking trails and places for pictures.

From the Melbourne CBD to the mountains or Victoria to the Great Ocean Road there are many things to see and do in and around Melbourne. If you will be visiting Melbourne for more than the day there are accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets from luxury hotels, to backpacker hostels, or guesthouses, and historic Bed & Breakfasts. Whatever you need to do in Melbourne Executive Coach Charters will be happy to handle all of your groups transport requirements and even make suggestions on where to stay, where to dine, and what things there are of interest to see.