Things to do outdoors in Sydney

Things to do outdoors in Sydney


Sydney has some spectacular things to do outdoors.  From gorgeous sunsets to fabulous water sports there is something for everyone.  Are you looking to relax with your partner to catch a romantic sunset?  Are you an aspiring photographer and looking for that perfect sunset shot, we have the suggestions you need.  Heading to Sydney this summer and want to get wet, we have detailed all the ways possible to get wet in the sun this year.  Get outside and relax or challenge yourself physically like you have never before.  


The Sydney Tower EyeSunsets in the East

Calling all romantics and photographers, Sydney is known for it’s sunrises over the ocean but do not discount the amazingness of a sunset over the Parramatta river and the color pink the sky will turn under the right conditions.


Climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge at twilight to catch one of the most unique sunset views in Sydney.  Your guide can take your picture, no cameras are allowed on the climb for safety reasons.


The Larkin St Lookout will give you a sunset view complete with the gorgeous skyline of Sydney.  The effect is magnified by all the glass reflecting the hot pink light that happens when the sun decides to call it quits for the day.


The Sydney Tower Eye is another fabulous setting for the sunset, on a clear day you can see all the way to the majestic Blue Mountains.  If getting up before dawn to catch the perfect sunrise over the water sounds less than ideal do not despair, these are just some of the places you can see a magnificent sunset in the land of East facing shores.


kayakBest ways to get wet!

Sydney is host to a myriad of water sports and activities.  Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (Hawaii style) parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and of course surfing.


Kayaking can take your through fresh water rivers or into the open ocean.  Some of the things you can check out by paddling are the islands in Sydney Harbour, the ruined castle of Calabash, or Colo River in the Blue Mountains.  See a fantastic list of the 10 best places to kayak and choose your adventure.


One of Hawaii’s favorite activities has made it’s way to the shores of Sydney.  Test your balance on a huge surfboard with a paddle, a delightful cross between surfing and kayaking this fun sport is great for balance, working your core, and enjoying the surf and sun.  A great place to learn this activity is on the calm waters of Balmora.


Get high on Sydney Harbour the natural way.  No skill, no experience, no ability, no problem!  Parasailing is one of those activities nearly everyone can do.  With unique views of Sydney Harbour this activity is a fabulous way to get wet.


Sydney is a great place to snorkel or scuba dive, you can see tropical fish, underwater sea plants, and the best part you can go from the pool to the sea in just a few days even if you have no prior experience.


Have you ever wanted to learn to surf?  Sydney’s beaches are fantastic for beginners and even if you have never surfed before learn to stand up and stay up with Manly’s surfing school.


With so many ways to get wet this summer in Sydney you may have a hard time picking your pleasure.  Relax above the harbour or challenge yourself physically to the max, Sydney has some kind of water activity perfect for you.