Educational Tours – Sydney Wildlife

Educational Tours – Sydney Wildlife


Australia is home to many unique and exciting animal species, from tree kangaroos, wallabies, giant salt water crocodiles, koala bears, and tasmanian devils find them all at one of Sydney’s Wildlife or Sea Life parks.  Spend a whole day at one park or visit several depending on your students objectives.  Each park has educational consultants that follow NSW curriculum and can help your school plan the perfect learning day out.  


WildlifeFeatherdale Wildlife Park


Interactive wild classroom at Featherdale Wildlife Park.  Students will learn about four animals in any number of categories tailored for each class.  All classes follow NSW curriculum standards and will cover subjects ranging from Living Things, Wet & Dry Environments, Australian Animals, and many more.  Once class is over students will get the opportunity to pat each animal.  Bringing the classroom to life will stay with your students for life.


Sea Life Sydney Aquarium


Visit Dugong Island at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and you will get to see two of only five dugong’s in captivity in the world, and the only two in Australia.  These “sea cows” are related to elephants and sailors used to mistake them for mermaids!  Learn about many sea animals and conservation efforts through educational programs.  New Sea & Discover classes available that align with NSW curriculum.  Custom programs for stages 1 – 5.


Wildlife Sydney Zoo


There is no better place to see all of Australia’s unique habitats than at the Wildlife Sydney Zoo.  Introduce students to Rex, one of the worlds largest saltwater crocodiles.  Check out Devil’s Den home to the tasmanian devil, and walk alongside wallabees, and hop along with kangaroos in the Kangaroo Walk-About.  For learners stage 1 – 5 there is a brand new Wild Discovery program which offers a hands on approach to learning.


Sea LifeManly Sea Life Sanctuary


Learn about conservation and see it live at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.  The mission at Manly Sea Life is simple, breed, rescue and protect animals.  Experienced education officers are available for teaching specific topics to groups of students.  Study topics have been developed by teachers, and are aligned to the NSW K-10 Syllabus.


Taronga Zoo


Visit extinct wildlife at the 3D dinosaur exhibit inside the Taronga Zoo.  Experience the roar of a T-Rex and the massive size of the giant plant eaters.  Learn how dinosaurs move and what they ate for dinner in this exciting adventure (on display through 1 February 2015).  Taronga houses over 4,000 animals, with over 350 species.  Wombats, tasmanian devils, tree kangaroos, penguins, tortoises, koala bears, tiny frogs, and enormous elephants, come and find your favorite animal.


Whether learning about dinosaurs, mermaids, or giant salt water crocodiles Sydney’s wildlife parks are an educational wonderland for the senses.  Learn with all five senses in these interactive learning environments.