Visiting First Fleet Park Near The Rocks

Visiting First Fleet Park Near The Rocks


Tourists who love natural surroundings and historical sites shouldn’t miss out the First Fleet Park near The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. This park is an excellent place to relax and get rid of stress and usually it is not very crowded. Especially if you are visiting with your family members, here is what you can do in the First Fleet Park near the Rocks.

benceWatch the world go by

The First Fleet Park is very spacious and it features a plethora of benches and spots where tourists from all over the world can sit down and enjoy the views. Sometimes, nothing can be more relaxing than watching people go by and letting the mind run free. Also, visitors can admire stunning views of the harbour as well as other attractions and points of interest from the First Fleet Park.

Capture stunning photos

Those who love photography and travel around the world in order to capture exquisite moments on camera will definitely get busy in the First Fleet Park. Whether they snap pictures of the multicoloured flower beds, the beautiful Sydney skyline or even of their friends and family members, they will gather precious memories that can be enjoyed in any moment later on.

Take care of seagulls

The First Fleet Park is usually visited by a lot of seagulls and other similar birds and they are very attractive and interesting to watch. However, tourists should be careful as these birds can get really hungry and they might even steal the food from your hand.

Sunbathe for as long as you like

Some visitors simply choose to relax and take advantage of the rays of the sun. The First Fleet Park provides a great opportunity to those who just want to sunbathe for a while and admire the mesmerizing natural surroundings.

picnicHave a picnic

After long walks in the First Fleet Park, tourists might get a little bit hungry and they shouldn’t hesitate to have a picnic in this famous park. There are multiple places here where visitors can stretch a blanket and open their picnic baskets in the company of their loved ones. Also, what can be more beautiful than eating outdoors, in the middle of the nature, while breathing fresh air and enjoying spectacular natural landscapes?

Regardless whether you are visiting in a small or large group, you are advised to take advantage of bus hire or car services from local companies in order to get to the First Fleet Park quickly and comfortably.