A List Of Accommodation Recommendations In Sydney

A List Of Accommodation Recommendations In Sydney


Tourists who come to Sydney shouldn’t be worried that they won’t find accommodation here as there are plenty of hotels and places to stay for people with all types of budgets and preferences. Basically, whether you are looking for a romantic hotel, a business hotel or a cheap and clean hotel, you will always find the right accommodation. For example, here are a few hotels in Sydney that might be suitable for various Sydney tourists.

ADGE Apartment HotelADGE Apartment Hotel

This is actually one of the most popular and appreciated hotel in Sydney and it is perfect for families, couples, businessmen and so on. Tourists who stayed in this hotel before say that the staff is very friendly and polite, the beds are comfortable and clean, the hotel rooms are modern and spacious and that they will gladly come back. Bottom line, if you want to start your Sydney vacation on the right foot, this is the hotel to book.


On Darlinghurst Road you can also find this beautiful hotel which offers a lot of services and features for its clients. The greatest advantage of this hotel is the simple fact that the rates are affordable and within every budget’s reach. Couples can spend a great time here, but Medusa is also excellent for families or businessmen as well. Tourists shouldn’t hesitate to check out the multitude of coffee shops, bars and restaurants nearby and if they have a certain problem, they should confidently rely on the knowledgeable and polite staff of this hotel.

3-Park-Hyatt-SydneyPark Hyatt Sydney

On the other hand, if tourists are looking for a hotel which features a pool then the Park Hyatt Sydney is one of the best choices in this case. This amazing hotel also allows tourists to enjoy spectacular views of the Opera House, the food is simply divine, the location is great and the room service is excellent. Although this hotel is a little bit more expensive than the others, every penny is well spent and the overall experience of the visitors will be memorable.

darlingThe Darling

This hotel is particular suitably for business travellers and it offers top-notch services and features such as quality lighting controls in the rooms, excellent bathroom amenities, lots of dining options, quality heating and air conditioning units and much more.

Sydney visitors who come here for the first time are advised to rely on airport transfer services in order to get to these hotels quickly, comfortably and safely.