Conferences in Sydney During 2018

Conferences in Sydney During 2018

Sydney is one of the finest places in the world for hosting all types of conferences from business to leisure and everything in between. The bustling city can cope with almost any size of conference and has the perfect facilities to do so.

As well as purpose built conference facilities there are top hotels, five star restaurants, galleries, museums, designer brand shopping and of course the iconic Sydney skyline.

Just outside the city lays a wonderful hinterland full of exciting things to do and see from wine tours, golf courses, ski trips and plenty of top sporting events.

Here are some of the top conferences that are taking place in 2018 in Sydney.

Sydney Breakthrough

Jan 20th – Embassy Suites

The sydney Breakthrough has been described as A night of Breakthrough Music Business event with Matthew Rix. Matthew Rix was a former A & R director, and is now a music business strategist that helps budding musicians to make a positive breakthrough in their careers.

Sydney Breakthrough will be a hands on event with one of the premier business music guru’s in Australia.

Property Investment Strategy Masterclass

Feb 6th – Harrington Grove Country Club

This conference focuses on how to learn the structures of the super successful property businessmen and how to implement them into your own investment strategy.

Included in the conference will be:

  • How to find property hot spots
  • Learn about discount developer stock
  • How to find off market opportunities
  • How to increase your equity
  • Make comparisons of different property strategies
  • Investments without risks
  • To understand how SMSF’s work
  • How to use personal tax to build wealth

This is not a sales workshop, it is to provide information on how to succeed in property investment.

Sydney Design

Mar 8th – MUSE

Can design solve complex global issues? Design is normally associated with beauty and aesthetics so it can actually help and improve lives, but can it help global issues? At MUSE they are convinced that designers contribute to this and make the world a more beautiful place to live.

Global Food Forum

Mar 27th – The Westin

Supported by the Wall Street Journal and in partnership with Visy, this conference explains Australia’s place at the world’s table.

The conference will explore key issues that confront Australia including:

  • The rise in home delivery services
  • Looking past China and food opportunities in Southeast Asia
  • The science aspects of food and GMO versus organic arguement
  • The issues of animal welfare
  • The rise of e-commerce in food retail

This important conference will address these and many other fundamental food issues that affect Australia now and in the future.

2018 Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire

Apr 6th – UNSW

Another exciting partnership between the NSW Department of Education and the University of New South Wales. The Ignite the Spark, Fuel the Fire, Differentiating Assessment Conference concentrates on practical ways and ideas to differentiate assessment in the classroom as laid down by the syllabuses of the Australian curriculum.

A one day conference with positive strategies to empower teachers to cater for the differences in their students. It will include presentations and workshops by researchers and experts of primary and secondary schools together with advisors of the NSW Department of Education.

Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Workshop

Apr 14th – Blue Mountains Theatre

As our hectic life and pressurized lifestyles have increased the need for workshops such as suicide prevention is becoming more and more prevalent. This Wesley LifeForce Workshop informs of the latest research in the matter of suicide prevention.

The workshop helps train participants in many skills such as understanding risk and taking protective action, also how to manage with a suicidal crisis. The workshops are ideal for both members of the general public to organisations.

Wesley LifeForce workshops are all about suicide prevention, it will point out the signs of risk and the positive actions that can be used to prevent somebody from taking their own life. All the trainers are accredited in suicide intervention training and many are fully qualified counsellors.

Landscape Australia Conference

May 5th – Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

The Landscape Australia Conference, will feature lively discussions of the dynamic role of the landscape in the planning, design and management of cities and their green areas.

The 2016 Census in Australia revealed that for the first time ever since colonization, migrants from Asia have surpassed that of Europe. This has been called the Asian Century and the conference discusses the huge opportunities including design that have arisen.

Sharing local knowledge for a global future the conference will focus on six exciting design practices from Australia’s immediate region:

  • Thailand
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • China

Further the conference will explore the pitfalls and opportunities of practising internationally, and what Australian and other nations designers and practitioners can learn from one another, and how to overcome similar challenges and cultural differences.

The Diversity Collective Sydney

May 8th – The Primus Hotel

The main responsibility of the Diversity Collective is to facilitate conversation, and to enlighten attendees what makes other businesses work. Not all business leaders and CEO’s are the same, or from the same type of industries, and this conference will promote thinking outside the box.

The event is a one day corporate leadership conference which concentrates on improving diversity and solutions in your own business. At the conference there will be think tanks which will focus on overcoming major obstacles such as managing conflict and dealing with lack of enthusiasm within the work force.

The conference has a dual purpose, networking and education. So you can take away ideas from other delegates which you can immediately apply to your own business, and chat with like minded people to share ideas.

Beyond the Digital Revolution

May 9th – Dolotone House
Teaching English Language has seen enormous advances in the past five years especially in the way mobile devices have opened new doors how teachers connect with their pupils.

LMS (Learning Management Systems) are a means of how students can access information, and learn to overcome cultural barriers. The expectations of the world’s consumers have driven many organisations to to keep abreast of advances in technology.

Students can now download a plethora of apps for their mobile devices that help their studies in English Language. They support what is being taught in the classroom and teachers must embrace this change.

The conference focuses on new developments in digital advancement, and teaching English cannot stay immune from this revolution.

These diverse and informative conferences are being held in venues all over Sydney, to access the conference centres with your group you will need transportation that is familiar to conference events.

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