School Trips / Tours

School Trips / Tours

The Best School Camping Trips In And Around Sydney

The school holidays have almost arrived in New South Wales, and many parents are considering what to do with their kids during the elongated break. Many schools operate Camping Trips that are both educational and fun for the children.

Executive Coach Charter are the experts when it comes to transporting school parties in and around Sydney. If your school is planning a holiday camping trip contact Executive Coach Charter and the friendly staff will be happy to advise of all the options available.

Camp Wombaroo

Camp Wombaroo has an excellent location bordered by the Jellore State Forest. The camp has some really good programs that all ages can join in on. The challenges are well put together to test both the brain and the body, food at the camp is very nutritious and students are encouraged to help in preparation.

If your party is religious then Camp Wombaroo has its own bush chapel, ideal for spiritual guidance courses.


This YMCA camp has been in existence for nearly eighty years, and has been helping to formulate children’s education in all that time. The whole point of school camps is to have a great deal of fun whilst learning.

The YMCA operate two camps, Camp Yarramundi in Hawkesbury Valley and the Sydney Olympic Lodge in Homebush. Both camps offer outstanding educational programs and have great services.

Not only do these camps offer great facilities and amenities, the school camp offers life-changing skills and will instill memories of camaraderie, teamwork, and overall life skills.

Teen Ranch

Teen Ranch offers great facilities that are well supervised and safe, it is run by a dedicated Christian body that have many years experience of school camping activities.

Teen Ranch has the capacity for 200 campers, and is only one hour by coach charter from the CBD of Sydney. It offers, Horse Riding, Giant Swing, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, High Ropes, Archery, Bush Skills, Crate Climb, as well as pool games and orienteering.

Attunga Christian Camp

Attunga is set on a spectacular 300 acres of stunning highlands in NSW. The camp has been in operation for over thirty years offering camp programs for schools, churches, scout groups and aid foundations.

Attunga Camp has some wonderful activities including, raft building, trail rides, flying fox, archery, a sunrise trek to Mount Penang, a sunset trek to The Ridge at sunset.

For sports enthusiasts there is basketball, ga-ga ball, volleyball, carpetball, and many other group challenges.

As well as all these terrific activities, the camp offers more spiritual events as well to offer more religious teachings. Attunga Camp is a non profit organisation and believe that every person has eternal worth, made in the image of god.

These four camps offer exciting activities with excellent care for the children, all the activities are well supervised and parents can be comforted that their charges are getting the best possible attention.