Looking For Sydney Venues To Hold Your Corporate Events?

Looking For Sydney Venues To Hold Your Corporate Events?

One of the things that attract so many people to Sydney in this day and age is the fact that it has quite a lot to offer. For instance, in addition to the regular tourist attractions, it also is home to some of the best business facilities in the world. The conference centres are particularly impressive, since most of them are designed to specifically attract business people and make sure that all types of business amenities are available. This means that when you are thinking of organising a business meeting of any kind, you will have access to a wide range of corporate event facilities you can choose from. Some of these include:

The Aerial UTS Function Centre

The Aerial UTS function centre is located within the UTS building on 253 Jones Street, Ultimo. The facility, located on the seventh floor of the building, has a number of unique features that make it particularly appealing to most business people. For one, the facility is located right in the heart of the CBD. This makes it very accessible, and all your attendees will find it easy to commute to and from it from wherever they choose to stay in Sydney.

The fact that it’s right in the heart of the CBD also means that it’s easily accessible to all other amenities you might require during the meeting. For instance, if you are keen on using high end technology that may not be found in the centre, you could easily identify an IT firm in the city and have them deliver it to the centre with a lot of ease. Most of the notable hotels and public transport facilities are in range of the UTS Function Centre which further enhances its utility.

The Allphones Area

This is yet another conference facility that has grown to become one of the most respected in the city. One of the main claims to fame for the Allphones area is the fact that it has one of the best designs in the city, which is mainly due to the fact that it’s one of the youngest conference facilities available. Other notable features include its large indoor arena which can accommodate up to 21,000 people, making it ideal for events such as international conventions.

However, if you are holding a much smaller gathering, you need not pay for space you don’t need. You can have it divided into smaller areas, and then rent just what you need. The conference facility has parking facilities available, and is also close to the main hotel facilities in the city.

 The Aria Catering at Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House

If you think of Sydney, chances are that the first thing that will come to mind is  the Opera House since it’s the most iconic building in the area. To make your  event stand out even more, you can decide to host it here, at the Aria Catering  facility. The most attractive thing about this is that you will have access to a  number of conference facilities with different designs, not just one large hall.

This means that you can easily customise the experience to suit the type of meeting you want to have. In addition to that, most of the halls have excellent city views, and are illuminated by natural light. You can be sure that the experience in this facility will make your meeting turn out fantastic.

 The Art Gallery of New South Wales Australian-Museum

Another important landmark that can be used for meetings and conventions is  the Art Gallery. This is principally thought of as a museum and gallery, but it  actually has a lot more to offer. This includes a number of halls that can be  rented for meetings and conventions. The facility is very close to the CBD, as well  as other amenities including hotels and lodgings. It offer excellent city views,  and you will also have the choice of hosting the meeting in the open as well. Parking is certainly not a problem here.

The Australian Centre for Photography

This is a facility that is located in the Paddington area, which is noted for its vibrant nightlife. The conference facilities provided are ideal for all sorts of meetings including art-based ones, so you should certainly keep it in mind when you are organising one. Some of the major benefits associated with hosting an event here include the fact that it receives a lot of natural daylight, and it’s also very close to the CBD. In addition to that, it has more than enough space to host most types of corporate events.

The Australian Technology Park

One of the distinctive features of the Technology Park is the fact that it’s very unique and extremely versatile. The Conference and Event Centre will accommodate crowds in the thousands, and there is enough space for you to showcase items such as devices even in the presence of such a multitude. It has been designed in such a manner that a lot of daylight streams into the facility, making the lighting excellent. You also have the option of choosing to host the event in the open if you want to.

The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

The Casula Arts Centre is located on the banks of the Georges River. It seats slightly more than 300 people, and is ideal for meetings that are likely to include some sort of performance. You may need to book the venue in advance particularly if you are keen on using it during times when demand for it is high, such as during the summer months.
In summary, you are really spoilt for choice if you decide to host a corporate event in Sydney, especially given the variety you will be exposed to. If you decide to choose any of the above venues, you should also consider renting a mini bus or coach bus for your logistics. This makes it easier to ferry people to and from any of the destinations above, which will reduce delays attributable to some of the attendees not being familiar with the city’s infrastructure.

All of the conference facilities above have ample parking, so hiring a couple of buses for logistics will not present any parking problems.