Minibus Tour Ideas For The Hunter Valley

Minibus Tour Ideas For The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is one of the heavily visited parts of NSW in Australia. Part of the appeal stems from the fact that it’s a well-established wine producing region. However, in addition to the wineries, there are many other physical attractions that people of all tastes will like. Most of the attractions are best visited via minibus tours, which most people find to be particularly convenient. Some of these include:

Enjoy scenic views on Mount Pleasant or Pokolbin Mountain

If you are the kind of person who usually becomes nostalgic over scenic views, visiting the Hunter Valley will definitely be a highlight of your visit to the region. The best way to enjoy the sights is by going up Mount Pleasant, where you can enjoy views of the entire valley unobstructed. The other vantage point you can take advantage of is the Pokolbin Mountain.

If you are more adventurous, you could opt to go up the State Forest Road to end up at Pokolbin Mountain. However you choose to get there, any high altitude position around the valley will be something to behold. Remember to carry your camera to take photos of the scenes; you will definitely want to remember them for a long time to come.

Hunter Valley Concerts by MinibusMacy Gray

It is common to find different types of concerts being held at the Hunter Valley.  The variety offered is staggering; you can take part in everything from concerts  from legendary rock bands to classical opera. These are activities that are usually  best enjoyed by groups, which is why it’s considered to be an ideal mini bus tour  idea. If you wanted to, you could combine the concert experience with some wine tasting as well. The fact that you will be driven to and from the venue means that you won’t have to worry about designated drivers.

If you are keen on visiting the Hunter Valley for a concert, remember to find out more about the schedules for such concerts beforehand. Owing to the popularity of the events, you will definitely need to book and plan the trip in advance.

Hot air ballooning

Another activity that you should definitely include in your mini bus tour trip would be hot air ballooning. This is the alternative way of seeing the entire valley from a relatively high altitude, but without having to go up a mountain. To enhance the experience, you should consider timing the trip in such a manner that you will be ascending at either sunrise or sunset. The views during such times are particularly spectacular, and will definitely be unforgettable. There are several teams that offer the hot air balloon services, and you will need to contact one of them for bookings.

 Golfing Golf Sydney

If you and your friends are interested in a way to spend time with sports  activities, you can opt to do it over a game of golf. The Hunter Valley region  happens to be home to some of the most spectacular golf courses in the country,  and the fact that the weather is usually great throughout means that you don’t  even need to time your visit during a specific time of the year. Some of the high  quality championship golf courses that you can visit include the Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club, the Vintage Golf Club and the Hunter Valley Golf and Country Club.

The Hunter Valley Gardens

During your minibus tour of Hunter Valley, there may come a time when you and your team simply want to unwind. The best place for you to do this is at the Hunter Valley Gardens. These offer you an opportunity to experience some serenity and to come up close and personal with nature. The gardens are very well laid out, with more than six thousand trees. They also offer excellent views of the Hunter Valley, perfect for photo opportunities.

 Spa experiences shutterstock_167285852

The other way to unwind would be to go on a spa date. The Chateau Elan  Spa at the Vintage is a particularly impressive facility, offering 17 massage  rooms which are more than ideal for any tour entourage. Some of the  services offered include body massage, beauty treatments and body  balancing. The spa is particularly popular among people who are visiting  the region as part of a honeymoon or other wedding preparations, but any  group of tourists can take advantage of the same.

The Australian Woodwork Gallery

On the surface, woodwork seems like a dreary subject. However, once you get to learn more about it, you will actually find that it’s a very interesting form of art, and that there is a lot to learn from it. The Woodwork Gallery in Hunter Valley gives you and your travelling crew an opportunity to indulge in this. It is the ideal destination for people who visit the Hunter Valley region and who at some point will be interested in unwinding.

As you can see, there is a lot for you to see and do when you come to Hunter Valley. One of the major advantages of organising a minibus tour is the fact that not only is it cost effective, you also get the opportunity to bond with your friends or family members throughout the trip. It’s also very convenient, since you all get to use the same means of transport and will have more than enough space for both your luggage and any trinkets you might buy along the way.

The only issue you have to keep in mind when planning the trip is ensuring that you organise it well in advance. Some of the issues you need to sort out include hiring the coach well before you need it, particularly if you are going for the tour during a busy time such as the summer. This will help you beat the increased demand for such means of transport during the tourist seasons. It’s also wise to assess your needs carefully before finally deciding on what type of mini bus to hire. This will help you avoid renting a bus that will either be less than ideal or far too expensive for your needs.