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What You Can Do With A Corporate Minibus Hire In Sydney

What You Can Do With A Corporate Minibus Hire In Sydney


Sydney is famous for its stunning scenery, beautiful valleys and mountains, unmatched beaches and national parks, but most importantly for being a business hub. More and more businesses are coming up and because they also want to gain a competitive advantage on the market, these businesses are now considering hiring the services of other companies. One of such services is the corporate minibus hire which comes with many benefits. This article offers insights on what your company can do with a corporate minibus hire service:

 For corporate airport transfersAirport-Transfers

Because companies are always on the run to create more business and increase  their sales or even meet their goals, they will always send their executives to  meetings, trade fairs and even special events across the globe. In this case, they  will travel the world to such venues and chances are high that they will use the  services of the airport facilities both locally and internationally. A corporate minibus hire service comes in handy in ferrying staffs to and from the airport for many reasons.

The first reason is because they constantly monitor flight departure and arrival times so that they are prepared to deal with changes if any, especially in landing times. And if the flight is delayed, you don’t have to pay for any parking fees or chauffeur’s extra time. Also, the airport transfer service is always competitively priced, so you get the value for your money. The drivers are trained to meet and greet your staffs on their arrival, and will be holding your board with your company name on it. And because the drivers are professional, even construction or traffic won’t be a problem.

Attend trade shows

A corporate minibus hire service comes in handy especially when ferrying staffs to trade shows and fairs. A good thing about these shows is that they help in marketing a company and creating brand awareness. These shows are a great way to advertise to target markets, and are generally targeted at a specific industry and people who are interested in the same industry. Some of the shows can even take three days depending on the situation at hand, and it would be very expensive if a company would fuel its own vehicles to transport people to and from the venue. That is why minibus hire service comes in handy. A good thing about these services is that they are cheaper and the chauffeurs know the tricks to maneuver traffic or even use the shortest route to the venue.

Attend corporate seminars

Businesses cannot do without seminars, conferences or even meetings. Sometimes, these seminars have to be held in locations far from the business’ premises and they will call for transportation needs. This is where a minibus hire service comes in. If you decide to ferry your employees for seminars using other means, chances are high that you will spend lots of money on transportation and even waste a lot of time.

You need to minimise on your company’s expenditure especially on transportation by considering a minibus hire service. Hire the transportation company and leave everything to them; you will have time to concentrate on yet other important things. Time is money! That is why the drivers for corporate minibus hire companies are trained to check on time especially when it comes to picking and dropping members of staff. And quality service is very important when it comes to such companies.

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For corporate race days

There is this old adage ‘all work without play makes Jack a dull boy’ which still holds even today and companies don’t take it lightly. That is why they arrange for corporate race days so as to shift the minds of their employees from work to something different that can help them become even more productive. A good thing about these races is that the mood can be very competitive and engaging, so one has to be smart and tactical in order to win. It could be something such as marathon races, motorbike races or even corporate driving experiences. These events are really rewarding but they cannot be complete without hiring transportation services such as that of a minibus hire company to ferry the participants to and from the venue. Just make sure that you get gifts ready for the winners, runners up and second runners up.

To ferry staff for corporate events

Businesses across the globe work with a calendar. Unless there is something that has just cropped up, they will always stick to the calendar. So, there will always be an event at the same time of the year, including but not limited to conferences, seminars, executive retreats, end year parties, incentive events and award ceremonies. Board meetings, trade fairs, corporate parties, product or service launches and opening ceremonies also add to the list.

As you can see, the list is endless and it can be very expensive if the company cannot hire the services of a minibus company to ferry fourteen to seventy employees to venues far from the business premises. Some of the minibus companies also offer services such as free coffee, Wi-Fi, sound system and television to ensure that everyone on-board is comfortable. And you will hire these services for less.

Carry out site inspections 

Carrying out site inspection can be a hassle especially if your company offers services in a wide area that calls for constant monitoring. And it is even trickier if the sites are on different zones, so they cannot be inspected all at once. In this case, it will be very expensive using the company’s vehicles to ferry inspectors to the sites. And depending on the terrain in those regions, the company vehicles may wear out fast, making such an arrangement not worthwhile to consider.

It is imperative to hire a minibus from a local company to help in ferrying inspectors to such sites. If it is a construction site, then engineers have to be sent to check on how the contractors are handling the task and if they are meeting the minimum set standards. And they have to be there on time so that they can fix something until it is corrected (if there was a problem).