Why You Should Go Golfing At The Bonnie Doon Golf Club

Why You Should Go Golfing At The Bonnie Doon Golf Club


Any golf enthusiast looking for a great place to play the sport while in Sydney should consider going to the Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Tagged as the third oldest golf club in the city (it was founded in 1897), this is a promising facility for all golf lovers out there. Promising as it is, here are more specific reasons why you should go golfing at this country-renowned teeing course.

The Bonnie Doon Golf ClubBreathtaking landscape

Playing golf is not just about trying your best to be good at the sport. It also means being able to embrace the beauty of nature. Every golf course is unique in its landscape and Bonnie Doon Golf Club is not a stranger to that. Its welcoming atmosphere would take you to a whole new level whilst you enjoy this sports activity.


Gives better meaning to the word “privacy”

Every golfer would want a safe, accommodating golf club to play in. Since Bonnie Doon Golf Club is a Private Golf Club, expect that you get to experience everything associated with the word “privacy”. The management is so strict when it comes to implementing rules as to exclusivity thus you are 100% sure that you are in a safe playing haven.

Offers a wide array of choices

Apart from the mesmerising views and courteous staff, you will also love Bonnie Doon Golf Club when it comes to the wide array of choices it has for golf enthusiasts. The club values not just your privacy but knows that golfers have varying level of skills when it comes to playing golf. With this in mind, the club has conceptualised the likes of Pennant Golf, Women’s Golf and Elite Player Development. It also has the so-called Junior Golf Academy that offers teaching lessons to young golfers and conducts golf clinics that aim to teach golf to cadets whilst ensuring that they have as much fun as possible.

A well-maintained facility

Despite over a century of existence, Bonnie Doon Golf Club continues to offer its patrons a well-maintained facility that every client will love going back to. The golf course has a well-crafted layout making sure that every aspect of playing the sport in the area will result to an organised, secured way with all visitors continuing to patronise the private golf club.

The Bonnie Doon Golf ClubTeaches responsibility to golfers

If there is one thing that makes the Bonnie Doon Golf Club one of the most sought-after golf courses in Sydney then that would be the fact that it teaches golfers to be responsible enough when using the facility. Together with the utility personnel, a player is given a set of rules when using bunkers, repairing ball marks and even handling flagsticks as well as repairing divots. These responsibilities give the player that sense of learning how to take care of the facility.

The Bonnie Doon Golf Club is with no doubt one of the most popular golf clubs in Sydney, Australia. It is open to all golf experts and inexperienced cadets. If you are interested to take a look at all other things that this club will offer, it would be best to rent a minibus that can ferry you and your golfing equipment to this beautiful haven for golfers to find out for yourself!