Access the Coach Hire in Sydney and Makes Your Travelling Easy

At the first glimpse, a coach hire may very look like a normal bus or even a school bus. But if you give it a closer look, this is a shaped coach that will leave you astonished and surprised at its fancy interiors and the classy touch. Moving in a coach is extravagance on wheels. A Coach Hires in Sydney is not just for rich people. They have a magnificent look with executive coach services as well as used for sports hire, musicians, artists and so on. Depending on the personal need, many owners customised their coach too.

Travelling itself is not an issue, but travelling as a part of the group makes it necessary in Sydney Coach Hire to consider seriously. This should be antedated by some research as referring the size of the coach, facilities offered, approximate budget and several days. The size of the coach you want to hire is based on the number of people in the group and a recommendation, in this case, is to hire the one with few extra seats. A group journey is defined by singing and merry-making along with the way of decision to hire a coach.

Best option to choose

There is no other better choice if you are travelling on a long trip with a group of friends and family. Bringing them all together, with no separate need to look for their transportation facility, hiring a coach can be fun, gambol and the best experience that you may cherish a lifetime. Besides all this, you can have time to chitchat with each other and have a good bond. As you all need to travel from one point to another, so it is easier to travel together rather than going on the same location on different vehicles. It also becomes easy to carry the luggage with no difficulty. Along with all this, you don’t have to bother about your suitcase and bags getting lost or misplaced etc. as all those stuff is travelling with you on a safe place and you don’t have to worry about it.

Amenities take to make your trip worthy

Not even a single thing in this world you can get without money so it’s a fact the costlier the service, the better the facilities. So go for the one which gives you the maximum benefits economically and you can choose your budget according to your budget. You can also hire a driver along with the coach which most of the people think that it’s a better option as you can relax and with your convenience, you get a professional driver who knows the shorter and safer route to utilize when needed. If you decide to travel in an expensive coach, then it must be from a reputed company who provides all the facilities with no extra money and makes your travelling worthy.

Facilitated features of a coach bus

Some of the features included in a luxury coach hire are as follows:

Everyone wishes to travel in a comfort zone if it’s not luxurious to remain relaxed in a long journey. In a luxury coach hire in Sydney, giving a comfortable environment to their customers is their priority. Such coaches also offer amenities like reading lights, sleeping quarters and even the reclining chairs. Entangling on a luxury coach in place of air travel is still cheaper and comfortable.

Everyone needs a bathroom on the way especially if you have kids with you and this thing always makes you worried but you can keep yourself away from such problems by hiring a luxury coach as it has all facilities you need. They have the luxury bathrooms with all lighting and modern fittings and make it one of the most needed features that all buses provide.

These coaches also have the amenities to entertain their guests like TV, plays station, DVDs, the thing that your kids love. So there is no way of getting bored while sitting there.

All these coaches are associated with the reputed companies, so this thing ensures that you are on a safe tour. They are equipped with a GPS, which helps them to easily monitor the place they are moving on.

While travelling on a normal journey, you have to wait for the next restaurant or hotel to eat or drink something but on the other hand, a luxury coach brings all such stuff with a fridge, drink machine and some even have a bar. Thus, there is no way to feel hungry until your next stop.

Move with ease

Once you get the board on the bus, you have the option of doing meeting if important, socializing if you want or switching off your mobile and relax in the kind of comfort that no car, reasonable airline, train and relax in a comfortable environment. Hiring a coach bus rather than other standard travel options are economical for those who organise the group events have the benefit of arranging for their passengers to be collected from one specific location by ensuring that everyone shows up at the right place on the right time.

As far as concerns about the deals or packages, most of the companies have different deals depending on the distance travel. Previously the rates are charges in this way but recently they entail a fixed amount to be paid without taking into account factors like the distance covered, places seen and the number of stops in between. In any of the cases, the coach gives plenty of opportunity to the members of the group to engage amongst themselves, which is the main point of any trip.

Do you now need further convincing to select a coach? Executive Coach Charter is also at high on the list of best group transport options with their every vehicle to carry many passengers on a single tank of petrol than the imperative number of private cars needed from a few numbers of passengers. Furthermore, Executive Coach Charter from a statistical point of view is safer than a personal car as all the chauffeurs need to stick to the strict rules as a requirement of their license.


Save Your Money by Cheap Party Bus Hire in Sydney

Hiring a Party Bus in Sydney Cheap has been upgraded as an emerging trend in magnificent transportation. Those buses are fretfully stylish and very affordable to use. They are not only ideal to use for the students or youngsters to prom but also very suitable for weddings and formal party transportation.

Now you must be looking for an astonishing luxurious vehicle to hire. Party buses are considered excellent for road transport for those people who are going out for a party. It always proves to be fun riding on a party bus to celebrate any occasion; it might be a bachelor’s party, a wedding or a birthday celebration.

Loaded with fun amenities

Top classes party buses provide the luxurious services in their bus, such as the leather seating which makes you comfortable if you plan to go for long, some give light or laser show, iPod hookup, surround sound stereo and bars with glassware, mints, chest, napkins etc. All these facilities work as extra toping to celebrate the party.

Get most of a rented party bus

If you are arranging a bachelor party, graduation event day, wedding party, anniversary party, renting a party bus is the best option to opt as it can greatly add excitement and fun to the event. These are all armed with the modern-day facilities that allow a passenger to party on the bus. A party bus offers its service at an affordable price and offers its great value as compared to other means of transportation. If you think to arrange a party bus then you must consider a few things that will ensure you that you get the best experience on it. Those few things are discussed below:

The primary advice to make sure that you don’t have to face any incommode when hiring a rented bus is to book ahead of the time of the actual event. This is because sometimes you get the party buses fully booked. Like you get all-party buses booked during the prom nights. To avoid such inconvenience, it is recommended that you book the ride in advance.

The best benefit of getting a party bus is that you get the vehicle decorated for the event. Those party bus companies can serve your request to decorate the bus according to your choice. But make sure to ask the service provider of the party bus that whether the decoration of the bus will jack up the price of the party bus. Because some companies will decorate the bus with no extra charges but some will charge extra for this.


You and your friends will get a lot of facilities to have fun at the party. A lavish party bus is fitted with many modern conveniences that ensure that everyone can have fun inside. You can create your own playlist that is appropriate for the party and ask the drivers to play them all. These buses offer the glasses, bottles of water and ice complimentary but don’t forget to bring your drinks with you.

Don’t forget to enquire about the facilities and price before hiring a party bus rental, this is important because some companies have old vehicles that do not have certain modern facilities with them. Make sure that the company has a modern style fleet that is equipped with the latest equipment. This all is important to make sure that you are getting worth for the money you spend.

Make sure that you have hired a reputable bus rental company. You can check this by ensuring that the company is registered with the local transport department of Government. Also, ensure that the motorists employed by the company are lessened and have their driving license or not.

Accommodate the groups and don’t bother anyone

Approximately a standard cheap party bus hire can accommodate 25 people at a time. Therefore it’s perfect for groups to fun all together rather than using different means. And as a result of this, you will get a chance to go in a particular style as no one will get separated from the whole group. Chauffeurs of party bus are aware of many popular places in the whole city and this thing will make your party full of fun. Those drivers will not keep bothering you by asking the directions while leaving for the party. You will have a convenient time then to get yourself to engage with your friends.

Let you have fun with no care

When you go on a private then, one of your friends have to get involved in driving rather than enjoying with you. And you have to be careful while drinking with your friends because you have to drive back home safely. You may not get a professional motorist who is very skilled in driving any type of area. And if you hire a party bus then you may not fall in the trap of all this stuff. Everyone always wants to go out for a party in a lavish bus while enjoying drinks and music on the way. Everyone gets impressed with such activity of fun. So that is the reason that you should pick up your friends and take them out for a party to have fun. That party ends up giving a unique style in club, casino and concert.

Chill in the bus and keep away from anxieties

You don’t have to wait to reach your destination to enjoy the party; you can start your party as soon as you enter the bus. Just hook up you iPod, chill with the most delight beverages over ice and get your pre-game during the ride.


This kind of party bus alleviates all your anxiety out for that night. You keep yourself away from the responsibilities like whose car will be used, who will drive it, where you are going to park it and where you can schedule your pre-game, your only responsibility will be to have fun at fullest.

Executive Coach Charter is a cheap Party Bus Hire in Sydney that provides party bus; they have a team of licensed and expert chauffeurs who make sure that all the guests are dropped off safely to the desired destination. Their modern fleets for party buses have state of the art for entertaining and other amenities that you can expect.


In Sydney Bus Hire Services Can Provide Your Trip an Amazing Pleasure and Memorable Fun

Everyone wants everything to fall at the right place whenever they want to plan a trip or an event on a large scale. If you are planning, then you may have to organize various aspects of the event. This arrangement can prove to be stressful and tiring. But if considered then the little things are going a long way in making all this difference. The transport for any event or a trip might not be the first thing that comes into your mind but it can make or break anything. You need a reliable Sydney Bus Hires to transport in order to move smoothly. Hiring a bus for this service can help you in many ways. This service will simplify the whole process.

Affordable and economical

If you are travelling with a large group of people then every individual will spend a lot of money if he or she will go to the same place at the same time but move all alone. But on the other hand, if you hire a bus service then the cost will be split in many ways as there are people on the bus so they all will divide the total price among them. Sharing the cost between the numbers of people makes this type of transport more reasonable and cost-effective than any taxi or a train. Only you need to find a company that gives you the most value for your money by doing some essential research before hiring. After this all you need to compare the services they all offer by differentiating all companies so you can choose the best one.

Sydney Bus Hire is very safe, comfortable and easy to make your day and night travelling in the city. Every service provider operates with prestige and offers excellent services to the executives who like to travel in a group by attending some seminars and meetings. You will find the service that is very satisfying while moving with a large number of members your friends, family or office colleagues. Services are customized to your necessities and provide the most reasonably priced rates.

Convenient travelling with experienced motorists

Travelling in a group is the most convenient and joyful. If you travel with a group then you don’t need to wait for the others to show up and to stress about them getting lost along the way. After hiring a bus, you only need to move towards the pickup point by bus and moved away. This service also offers a sufficient room for baggage so you don’t have to conserve and save on packing. Most important thing is that everyone can have a good time. Travelling on a long-distance route have disposed and slept in case you want to rest. If you are in search of comfort and a good time during your way, these buses are the best option that is helpful. After acquiring this service, your journey will be completely stressed free. You can easily reach your desire location fin a full relaxed way and have the best time. They offer you reliable and experienced drivers who can drive in a very skilful manner even in bad weather. Those chauffeurs are all licensed for operating on the roads of the city. It is very convenient to take advantage of this amazing activity by browsing the internet and contact an exquisite service provider online and confer about your requirements. The service providers will give the answers to your questions and present an affordable quote according to it.

Need to find a reputed company?

Follow these mentioned steps to reach the best

It is difficult to find a reliable transportation service so grab some easy tips for this. This difficulty is the reason why many people mostly choose these types of services through word of mouth or with trusted referrals of reputed companies. But luckily now, the Internet has made everything easier to choose out the best bus service available in your nearest place regardless of your needs. Follow these below tips to find the best service.

Tip#1: The first thing is to access your needs. The most crucial thing is to consider before hiring a bus or coaching service is to think about what are your requirements. It is important to note that many people are travelling with you. Be aligned with all your needs before going a single step further. There are many things to note like which things you want in your bus and what should be your pick up or drop-off to make an idea if you want any stops in between.

Tip#2: Find out the estimate of your budget. You can narrow down your options once you find out how much you have to spend on a hired bus service. If the trip is very long, you can then get a very moderate bus aligned for your transportation needs or can squander for something more magnificent and convenient.

Tip#3: Don’t forget to check reviews on their website. The best way to approach a good bus hired service is to see what others had today on the very first hand. This is much like something said verbally but you will have an opportunity to abruptly and efficaciously compare the all services online with just a few clicks and moments of your precious time.

Once you go through all these mentioned tips of research and then its assessment according to your needs, you are set to compare and choose the perfect option. If you still feel like you have many options, then it is a great idea to simply pick the one with the features that are most necessary to you.

Executive Coach Charter, amongst all other companies, is an expert in hiring a bus for trips, events or any other occasions. If you have been instructed to plan your next business tour, family reunion or friends gathering, then there are many reasons to invest your hard-earned money in bus service. Let the professionals handle your plan and all of its details. Save your time, this is an advantage of getting on board a luxury bus service in Sydney.

The Best Beaches in Sydney

The Best Sydney Beaches

Sydney is world famous for having some of the best and most iconic beaches in the world amongst the most famous is probably Bondi but there are some great hidden away gems just waiting to be explored.

Perhaps the greatest metropolis of fun and commerce to have such fantastic beaches and leisure opportunities open to locals and visitors alike.

Sydney abounds in white sandy beaches but if you are more for a tranquil lazy day then perhaps Bondi Beach should be avoided and look at Balmoral on the northern side or Redleaf on the eastern side.



Bondi Beach

Certainly Bondi is Australia’s best known beach and therefore also tends to be the most crowded. It still has its charms and is definitely worth a visit. The best swimming is probably in North Bondi and if you go mid-week then things are a little quieter.

If you fancy an early morning cuppa or breakfast then Brown Sugar is an excellent choice before taking lunch at Bondi Hardware. The Porch and Bucket List are also favourite watering holes of tourists and locals alike.

Tamarama Beach

This narrow strip of land between the headlands at Tamarama is a little spot of aloofness from all the other rather crowded beaches. This is rare for a city beach giving it’s close proximity to Bondi.

Very much a place for the more suave and glamorous and also the left-hand reef break will have you vying with some of the city’s best surfers and bodyboarders to catch a decent wave.


Freshwater is a hidden gem and is the first beach north of Manley boasting a great rockpool which will delight your kids and possibly entertain yourself too.

It is also officially the official birthplace of surfing in Australia. The tale goes that a Hawaiian swimmer started to show off with what he could do with a board back in the early twentieth century.

There is a great place to end your day and have a beer or something to eat, pop into Pilu restaurant part of the establishment of Freshy.

Shelly Beach

One of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in the whole Sydney area. Shelly Beach is a secluded cove not far away from Manley’s main street, simply walk south along the road and you will eventually come to it.

It is a perfect spot for a picnic with the family where the scenery of bush and tropical vegetation matches the exotic fish swimming freely in the water. The beach is timeless and you could almost imagine days of yore where designer bathing suits were donned to take a dip.

Surf at nearby Fairy Bower, one of Sydney’s best surf breaks or swim safely at the Cole Classic which is Australia’s largest ocean swim.

Whatever beach you choose to spend your day, choose the most appropriate beach to suit your needs. Sydney’s beaches have something to offer everybody and you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

If you find yourself looking to organise a group based event then think  Executive Coach Charter.


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Sydney Events

Events in Sydney July – Sept 2016

If you are looking at visiting Sydney during July – Sept 2016 then there are plenty of events and things happening in and around the city.

Sydney has a bright and buzzing entertainment scene all year round and no matter when you visit the city there will be something to suit for everybody.

Below is highlighted some of the best events not to be missed during the July-Sept period.

Bondi Feast

11 July -25th July

A great festival of live entertainment for local homegrown theatre, music, comedy, visual arts and food all over a fortnight period.

There will be fifty performances and over one hundred artists on stage.

The event takes over the Bondi Pavilion building and the Bondi Feast showcases performances from Sydney’s finest writers, comedians, storytellers and theatre makers. Featuring Zoe Coombs, Marr, Retrosweat 80’s Aerobics, Sabrina D’Angelo, Little Fictions and the PACT Rapid Response Team.

To warm up your winter there are numerous delicious food vendors and hot cider purveyors in attendance.

PBR Australian National Finals

23rd July

A one off event and perhaps one day in a lifetime. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) prepare to deliver a huge night of rough and tumble sport in the dirt.

It’s a spectacular like nothing else – there are twenty two riders all chomping at the bit to try to overcome the power of 52 awesome and extreme beasts namely; the bucking bulls. The battle is head to head for power, glory and to see who’s skill can out match the bulls.

Possibly the longest eight seconds of the rider’s life.

The Sun-Herald City2Surf

9th August

Possibly Sydney’s most favourite sporting event, the Sun-Herald City2Surf event is presented by Westpac and is the largest run in the world with over 80,000 participants attending each year. To give you an idea it is more competitors than London and New York put together.

The run has been taking place since 1971 and Sydneysiders are joined by participants from all over the world. The 14 kilometre race is from Hyde Park in the CBD to the finish at spectacular Bondi Beach.

Public transport is the best way of getting to the start line and also to return home but add extra time for your journey as things are bound to be a little busy.



Festival of the Winds

11th September

A terrific day out at Bondi Beach as Australia’s largest kite flying festival is back on again. The sky will be full of kites of all sizes and shapes flown by professional, local and international kite flyers. Whilst on the ground below there will be dancing and music to accompany the kite’s.

Festival of the Winds also brings numerous attractions such as face painting, kite making stalls, an animal farm, bouncy castles and everything else that is needed for a family fun day out.

Whatever you decide to do on your next visit to Sydney then these are just some of the ideas to keep you entertained and busy. Just visit the city and explore for yourself the many attractions open to you.

For great value corporate mini bus hire and coach hire, think Executive Coach Charter. Book online or contact our friendly team today!

Events in Sydney April-June 2016

Events in Sydney April-June 2016

Sydney’s event calendar seems to get more and more adventurous as every year passes.

The city is a hive of activity all year around and every sort of event possible is stages 24/7 five days a week and 52 weeks a year.

Some of the more interesting happenings are listed below.


The Championships

Royal Randwick
2nd Apr & 9th Apr

Australians love their horse racing and the Championships is an important calendar event.

The two day event features ten Championship races over the first two Saturdays in April. There is nearly $20 million in prize money at stake in a dazzling array for classic races for all ages and categories.

The Championships is part of the broader BMW Sydney Carnival.


Cracker Night

Elmore Theatre
20th April

If you enjoy a rib-tickling night of comedy then look no further than Cracker Night at the Elmore Theatre. Quite simply it is Sydney’s biggest festival of comedy featuring Australian legends, international stars and many new acts.

This night launches the Sydney festival of comedy and what a way to do it.


Fashion Weekend

Moore Park
14th – 17th May

The 14th of May signifies the rolling into town of the fashion bandwagon. Sydney is the fashion hub of Australia and the town has a buzz to it during fashion weekend.

The Cannon Runway will feature over 100 different designs and looks from some of Australia’s top fashion designers.

Fashion is not the only commodity on show as fans of beauty products and shopping can also heavily indulge in the fun and festivities. Find out all about the new trends in makeup, hair and nails at the huge Beauty Hub.


Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Olympic Park
26th – 29th May

This is the largest event of it’s kind in Australia, enjoy four days of fun and excitement exploring all things in natural therapies and general healthy living.

Over 200 exhibitors will be displaying their wares and holistic approaches to the industry. Attend free inspirational seminars, psychic readings, meditation sessions and stage performances.

Also enjoy sampling and learning home to cook healthy food at the Soul Kitchen.


Vivid Light Festival Photography Tour

1st June – 8th June

Witness the city as you have never seen it before, Vivid Sydney is back bigger and better. There will be more than 60 projections this festival along with light sculptures and innovative installations.

There are even tours you can take to show you just exactly how to take photographs of all that Vivid has to offer.

The whole ethos of the festival is based on photography and how to get the best from all the events that are happening around the city.


Sydney Film Festival

8th June – 19th June

This is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the Sydney Film Festival is now in it’s 63rd year.

Films from all around the world are showcased including; features, documentaries, animation and a whole lot more.

The festival acts as an annual forum for cultural thought and discussion all about the art. Highlights of the festival include twelve films that compete for the AUD60,000 cash prize.

If you are considering any of these events for a group or party event then just contact Executive Coach Charter to arrange all your transport requirements.

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Events in Sydney Jan – Mar 2016

Often the start of a new year turns out to be a bit of a damp squib after all the party celebrations of Christmas and celebrating the New Year.

However, Sydney is a buzzing city during the whole year and has many thrilling and exciting events coordinated for the first quarter of 2016.

Whether your preferences are more on the arty side or you enjoy sports and outdoor events then the opening months have something special in store for you.

Classical music, opera, sailing, baseball, horse racing and live music are all waiting for you when you visit the city.


Symphony & Opera in the Domain

Jan 16th & Jan 23rd

Royal Botanic Gardens


Two completely free events and of the highest quality and class; just bring a rug, a picnic hamper, find a free space on the grass and enjoy the show.

This year the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has a special show planned as it is the 40th anniversary. The repertoire is a collection of all the music they have played at the event since it’s inception.

A little later in the month presented by Opera Australia is one of the most anticipated events of the whole Australian operatic calendar.

An evening of fine opera and ballet is in store by some of the best soloists and top dancers on the Australian scene.



Jan 26th

Circular Quay


Sydney Harbour enjoys a spectacular maritime treat as it displays it’s naval heritage in a superb free event.

Witness Sydney’s iconic ferries battle it out in Circular Quay for a celebration of Australia Day.

The boats compete from Circular Quay to Shark Island and finish the race in a climax at Sydney Harbour Bridge.


World Baseball Qualifiers

Feb 11th – 14th

Rooty Hill


This international showcase was first held in 2006. It gathers together the world’s greatest baseball stars competing for their home nations.


Team Australia will clash with New Zealand  and South Africa will face the Philippines in the qualifiers. Australia are aiming to go on their fourth trip to the WBC and take the next step for attaining the global crown.


Chipping Norton Stakes Day

Feb 27th

Warwick Farm


A day at the races is always a good day out and the action at the Liverpool City Council Chipping Norton stakes should be unmissable.

Relax with the whole family with your picnic on the beautiful spacious, tree-lined Popular Lawn.

Not only is the racing top notch but there is plenty of other activities going on as well; including face painting, a bouncy castle, petting zoo and a clown show.


Camden Show

Mar 12th



Spend a top weekend where the country visits the city, only one hour away from the CBD.

The show is designed to educate, enthuse and excite everything that is good from the countryside.

Camden Show attracts visitors from far and wide and is one of the biggest events in New South Wales.


Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR)

March 14th – March 20th



Held at the prestigious Penrith Sydney 2000 Olympic rowing venue, this week long regatta is Australia’s largest rowing event. Some of the world’s best rowers compete in over 100 events.

Not only is the SIRR Australia’s largest rowing event but it is also the premier rowing event in the country. The top events are;

  • Australian Open Rowing Championships
  • Australian Open Schools Rowing Championships
  • King’s and Queen’s Cup Interstate Regatta

Getting to any of these great venues couldn’t be easier with low cost bus and coach charter from Executive Coach Charter.

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Overnight Trips from Melbourne by Private Luxury Coach or Mini Coach

Australia is a large country and there is a lot to see. Melbourne in southern Australia is a days drive to many great locations and today we are going to look at the city of Adelaide. Many people travel from Melbourne to Adelaide and one of the most economic ways to do so, as well as one of the most environmentally friendly is to travel in groups by bus or mini bus.

The drive takes about 8 hours and can be done overnight while you sleep saving you a night in a hotel, and taking care of your travel time all at the same time. This can be an especially great way for students and school groups to make educational excursions, or for families to travel to other cities on a budget. There are many things to see and do in Adelaide and we are going to look at three places, the National Aboriginal Centre, the South Australian Museum, and The National Wine Centre. A little bit of culture, a little bit of wine, and a dash of art will fill a day or two in Adelaide.

The South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum

Photo by Richard Lyons, courtesy South Australian Museum. &

The finest opal ever found was acquired by the to the South Australian Museum in 2013 and it is now going to be displayed to the public for the first time in September of 2015. The name of the stone is the Virgin Rainbow and is a full 6 cm across or 2.4 inches. It literally looks like there is fire inside the stone. The museum is going to display the stone to celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of Opals.

At one time southern Australia was covered by a sea and it created the perfect environment to produce the stones. A young man named Willie first discovered opals in 1914 when he was on a gold mining expedition with his father. He was told to go get some water for the camp. He was instructed to stay near the campground, but being a teenage boy he ignored the advice and went off on his own to find the water. When he returned to camp he not only had plenty of water but his fortune in stones as well. He discovered what is now known as the opal capital of the world.

See the million dollar opal on display at the South Australian Museum for the first time ever in September 2015 to celebrate the centenary of opal mining for the country. Very fitting as this opal was found in Coober Pedy the same town where they were first discovered and what is believed to have 90% of the world’s opal stock.


National Wine Centre

The National Wine Centre is any wine lover’s dream come true. The ‘Wined Bar’ & Cellar Door have the largest selection of wines to taste in one place in all of Australia. 120 distinct bottles are available for tasting from boutique vineyards, to larger scale products, reds, whites, sparkling, dessert, and rose, every type of wine you can imagine. Definitely something to suit every palate, even the pickiest of drinkers. Perfect for groups that include those that claim not to like wine and wine connoisseurs alike.

If you are going to be making a day of it, and why wouldn’t you then you will want to explore the tapas bar. The menu has been specifically paired with the wines on offer by the chef Patrick White. The location is not so bad either, it overlooks the botanic gardens of Adelaide. The National Wine Centre has all the best Cellar Doors all in one place, no where else will you enjoy such a vast variety of Australian wines.

Fun facts, up to 38,000 bottles of wine can be stored onsite at any given time, and there are always at least 12,000 bottles on hand for tastings, functions, and being served at the Tapas bar. This makes for a pretty awesome venue for just about any type of event whether corporate or social. A lovely place for weddings, team building events, product launches, birthday parties, social gatherings, or just for the fun of tasting wine with your nearest and dearest friends.

The National Centre for Indigenous Excellence is also in Adelaide. Founded in 2006 the centre has raised over $30,000,000 in social value. The centre has set up programs for after school, and holidays for students, as well as classes for adults. In addition there are arts & culture classes, and a magnificent sporting facility. Up to 110 people can lodge at the centre at one time, and the sports centre can be used for a number of different activities all while learning about Australia’s indigenous people.

There are many reasons to visit Adelaide, and these are some of the best places we can think of to visit while you are there. The Southern Australian Museum, the National Wine Centre and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence all provide educational opportunities for all ages, and provide unique venues for special events. Team building, educational excursions, or family outings, consider Adelaide for a day or a week, only an 8 hours drive from Melbourne, the most cost effective way for a group to travel there is by private minibus hire with driver.



Want To Travel To The NSW Snowfields From Sydney?

If you are in Sydney and are interested in having an excellent time while on holiday, one of the places you can purpose to visit is the New South Wales (NSW) region. There are many tourist attractions that make it particularly appealing to people. One of the major types of attractions in the region is the snowfields. There is a lot for any tourist to see and do in this region, and planning a trip there is likely to be a highlight for your road trip from Sydney to NSW. The major activity in the region is skiing.

Do you need to be a pro in order to have fun in the Snowfields?

A common concern that most people have is the degree of skill they will need in order to take advantage of the snowfields. In most of the other parts of the world where skiing is offered as a holiday activity, it’s normally a prerequisite to have some experience in the activity beforehand. This limits quite a number of people, particularly if they are just interested in having a bit of fun before going back home.

This is not an issue that you have to worry about when you visit the snowfields in NSW from Sydney. You will find that the vast majority of them will have sections that are suited to a particular skill level. If you are a beginner, you can head over to the more gentle slopes, where you can learn how to ski with ease.

It will also make it easier for you to interact with people who are only slightly more skilled than you, so that you can then learn from them. This does not mean that people who are seasoned at skiing will not have that much fun. There are many sections that are particularly challenging, and suitable for them as well. What this means is that irrespective of what your experience has been with skiing, you can be sure that you will find a facility where you can have fun when you go to NSW.

The issue of equipment

You will need special equipment to go skiing. There are various ways of getting hold of such equipment. For one, you could buy it in Sydney, and then travel with it to NSW. One of the benefits of doing this is that you will have access to a larger variety of stores, and you can even order custom made equipment if you are interested in it. The only disadvantage with buying your skiing equipment in Sydney is that it might be a bit inconvenient, seeing as you might need to travel with greater loads.

This can easily be solved by renting a coach to get you to and from the snowfields. This is not as expensive as you would imagine, and gives you access to a lot of space and comfort. This is one of the most cost effective ways to travel to and from the snowfields.

What are some of your snowfield destinations?

Some of the more popular destination options in the region include:

  • Thdredbo: This is a snowfield that is located around five hours’ drive from Sydney. It is a relatively large snowfield, occupying an area of more than 480 hectares. Some of the defining features of the facility include very wide slopes and trails. It is also home to one of the longest runs in the country.
  • Perisher Blue: This is also located around five hours away from Sydney by road. It has around 50 ski lifts in place, and occupies an area of more than 1250 hectares. This makes it one of the most expansive ski facilities of its kind. The runs are a bit shorter compared to what you would get in other ski facilities in the country, but still offer quite a bit of fun. The Perisher Blue snowfield is generally a beautiful place to be in and you will be glad that you go the opportunity to ski there.
  • Charlotte Pass: You can also choose to visit the Charlotte Pass in NSW for skiing. It is located around six and a half hour away from Sydney. The area has excellent accommodation facilities including small old school lodges. It is predominantly populated by gentle slopes, though there are some tougher sections as well. There is a section to suit people with all types of skill levels.
  • The Selwyn Snowfields: Most of the other snowfields in the NSW region have a mix of both simple and complex ski slopes. The Selwyn Snowfields are different, since they are primarily geared towards the novice skier. The region generally has gentle terrain and is also populated by high quality staff members who can easily show you the ropes. If you plan on having fun at the snowfields for more than a day, you will need to organize for accommodation at Adaminaby, which is located around 35 minutes away from the snowfields.

The issue of logistics

As you can see, there is a lot of sense in thinking of going to have fun at the ski slopes in NSW. If you are planning on doing this, you will definitely need to think about the logistics of getting from and to Sydney.

A common means of transport that most people prefer when visiting the regions for leisure is by hiring coach buses or minibuses. Some of the advantages of this include the fact that you have access to loads of space, as well as increased levels of comfort. In addition to that, visiting the ski slopes using a hired coach will reduce the need for you to navigate unfamiliar territories on your own. You only need to tell the driver about your itinerary, and then let them figure out a way to get you there on time. This leaves you to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

The other thing you have to consider is picking the right coach hire firm. It’s important that you hire coaches from companies that have a lot of experience in ferrying customers to and from the Snowfields, so that they can advise you appropriately and also make sure that you have no hiccups for your transport.