Travel Luxuriously with Mini Bus Hire in Sydney Airport

Most probably all of us love travelling and we make a number of plans just to make use of it. But if we get to know that we have to reach our destination after a long flight then it seems to be very exhausting to us. The various formalities at the airport from difficult customs to tiring baggage procedures can cause collapse at the start of your trip. The only possible solution to this problem is to hire a facility like a Mini Bus Hire Sydney Airport that can pick you up from the airport and take you to your destination so that you can take some rest and freshen up yourself.

Chances of getting frustrated and anxious are quite obvious when you are travelling within a country or internationally. Usually, a business trip is no different when it comes to travel with stress experience due to multiple aspects of travelling. But the good thing is that there are some vital ways to reduce this anxiety and that is to hire minibus transport to travel to and from the airport. Now we will go through some required details regarding airport transfer service and what advantages it can give us. So before going towards its benefits, we must go through that what exactly is this service?

Airport Transport Service

It may seem exciting to travel to a new city or a new country. But you may have an idea that it can be stressful as well when you cannot find a good airport transfer service. Airport transfer service means to provide a transportation facility from the airport towards your desired destination and then back to the airport post your trip completion. Anyone can now easily book this elegant service of mini bus hire in Sydney airport as per their requirements and budget. But it is always recommended to check the online review of any company before assigning this responsibility to them to have an idea about their services. Reaching to a certain destination can prove to be very exhausting and tiring for you after long flight hours. If you have to stand in a queue to wait for a taxi outside the airport after an exhausting flight then the trip will soon become a nightmare for you even before you start your enjoy its excitements. Particularly, if you are travelling a group then the confusion may get under your skin due to stress.

Mini Bus 

In this above awkward situation, it is always best to look for a minibus airport transfer in Sydney. This way of utilizing the minibus is quite safe, useful and easy for every tourist; especially when they are coming to the city as a group. It can be an extended family tour, a business group trip or plan for fun with friends. A minibus service can keep you in a good mood.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring this service in a city like Sydney. Following some chunks will give further details about this.

Stress Relief 

Nothing can be more stressful then waiting for a taxi outside the airport when you are already feeling tired because of the long hour flights or on the other have if you have to reach the airport then you have to get the taxi on time and this is quite difficult to find a taxi on the spot. This situation can possibly snatch all your feelings of pleasure and excitement about your trip. On the other hand when you hire professional chauffeurs from the airport transfer service; you hired minibus will be waiting outside the airport or the hotel for your arrival at destination. This is possibly the best advantage of hiring this comfortable service. As you understand this fact that landing at the airport and hiring a taxi to reach out to your destination in a completely unknown country can be very precarious for many reasons like the lack of knowledge about the local place, being highly charged by the locals and using the unknown vehicle etc. You can get yourself out of all this stress by utilizing the facility of airport transport. They give you a professional, who will be there at your service. You then don’t have to get worried about the journey.

A safe and comfortable ride

You might be thinking that navigating on the unknown roads can be a cause of the problem and give you worries when you don’t get the cab on time. But these minibuses are driven by certified, trained and experienced chauffeurs. They all are very professional and highly qualified. They know how to handle all sorts of pressure regarding the time and convenience of their passengers. With their courteous services, you can avail of this service that is highly professional and solve all the hurdles that can be solved at a great level. Consequently, you feel safe with them. Besides all this, these minibuses have all the advanced facilities that you may need during the journey. Whether you book this airport transport service to reach your destination from the airport or to reach the airport on time, this private service can give you luxury chauffeur driven minibuses who adds a comfortable travel experience to your trip and make your ride pleasant.

Save your time

You might don’t want to waste your time outside the airport waiting for the can and can utilize that time in doing some exciting stuff when you are on a trip. Furthermore, that waiting can be very distressing for any tourist too. Utilizing public transport while going to the airport to take a flight can be quite taxing. You may not able to make it. Therefore, it is always better to hire a minibus or taxi for your airport transfer in Sydney and avoid traffic in the country.

If you are planning to have a trip and need a private service then get in touch to see how Executive Coach Charter can make you’re travelling that much better. Their service seems to be the perfect option to either reach the airport or to your desired place from the airport. Taking a trip inside a luxury, the comfortable vehicle is the ideal way to kick off the stress and have someone waiting outside to pick up when you land will feel like a complete lifesaver.


How Mini Bus Sydney Makes Your Destination Easy and Smooth – Tips

If you are preparing to go for a tour with your friends or family then you must be aware of the fact that this can be more expensive than what you have expected. One of the effectual ways to minimize the expense is to go for a Mini Bus in Sydney. There are many advantages of hiring a minibus while you are moving. This is the best option to opt if you are travelling in large groups either with your friends or family. This is also economical because travelling in different vehicles can be costly rather than the minibus option because many of the agencies give promotions and offers which will help you to save money and time.

Make your trip more pleasurable and entertaining

Hiring a minibus will give you an opportunity to get closer with your loved ones and chit chat on various topics while you are travelling. This will give you a golden opportunity to enjoy the games and many other tasks by interacting with each other. This is how this bus can help you out in making your trip more memorable and enjoyable. One of the best advantages of hiring a minibus is that you will get assistance from their services. If in case you are travelling to a place the very first time so you don’t have to worry about the pick and drop facility. They will take you to your desired place on time.

Diversity in its use

Minibus comes in a wide variety of types to choose from them and is majorly categorised into business service as well as private service. A lot of people may wonder that if hiring a minibus is a good option or not, there is no doubt that it’s a great option as it can conform not just large group of people but also their luggage as compared to what a car can accommodate.

The minibus is not restricted to only used for a trip but it is also ideal for class picnics, business trips, social events, wedding, etc. Don’t ever forget to hire this vehicle only from a registered agency which also has a good reputation in the market and make sure to check that the motorist of the vehicle has a valid authorised license or not. It can accommodate 6 to 10 people at once. This way of travelling can prove to be the most enjoyable and stress-free trip because you don’t have to worry about even driving depending on road condition.

Cost-effective mode of travelling

Everyone accepts the fact that travelling is a very exciting but expensive experience. You need to save up money as much as possible and still somehow manage to see all the views and tourist attractions in the area that you can. So if you want to travel with your friends and family, you may want to save a lot of your money and consider a minibus service for this benefit. A reputed and credible minibus hire service helps you to save all this and meet your requirements. With smart planning before you go on your vacation, you can find a minibus service at the location you are travelling to that will see to your arrangements for travel. The time which you spent with them on the road in a bus brings you all closer together and this is your greatest benefit.

Access the best match company

Luckily you can find in Sydney Minibus Hire companies that offer vehicles to hire and you can select the minibus if you feel like it can serve your need effectively. To make sure that all the passengers remain comfortable all along the journey, there are some important factors in which you are required to look at before you choose the most suitable for your needs.

Relevant size of the bus

Most of the minibuses have the range of 8-seater to 18-seaters. You must go for the one that is too large in its size or for the one that is too small for the people to transport. Make sure that you know the exact number of people including children so that you can choose a bus that matches the number of seats in it.

Motorist services option

There is another great option of hiring a minibus, you can have a trained and professional driver from the relevant company and on the other hand, you can drive yourself, but this should be considered carefully by analyzing the area you want to visit and your driving skills. There are pros and a con of everything so same is the case with minibus service, hiring a drive gives you an advantage as well as disadvantage. And if you want to drive yourself then make sure that the company from where you get the bus allowed you for this or not.

Limitations related to the bus

Every company differs from the other one and you have to make sure that you don’t have to break any of the set rules. For example, there are companies that have geographic limitations meaning you can’t go beyond given areas or miles. There are some limitations about every company so you need to find out before hiring if you are selecting anyone so that you can get the best according to the requirements you have for the bus.

Bus features

Two most important things you need to consider about a bus is its available space for storage and its air conditioning system. These two facilities can help you to meet the comfort levels and convenience during travel. To check the physical condition of the bus is also very important to check so that you don’t end up held responsible for damages that did not happen when the bus was under your charge. Inspect the bus you elect before hiring and if possible have a test drive only if you are going to travel the vehicle by yourself.

Executive Coach Charter provides you with a bus experienced, courteous and professional drivers who will help you to move and reach your destination hassle-free. They used this key as a mean to ensure that their passengers may feel safe throughout their journey.

Events in Sydney

Sep – Oct Events

Sydney is a vibrant, happening place that has many events and activities going on every day of the week. Nearly every big artist, sportstar, festival that is touring Australia all come to Sydney.

In this blog we look at some of the best events coming to Sydney during September and October this year.

If you want to attend any of these events then contact Sydney Executive Coach Hire and they will arrange the perfect transportation for you and your group.

Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

17 September – 03 December

The amazing story of Carole King, whose music became the soundtrack of a whole generation. Her first hit was recorded when she was just seventeen, and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” is still being played on the airwaves all over the world.

“Beautiful” is the inspiring story of her life, and focuses on the relationship with her husband and co-writer, Gerry Goffin. And the couples friendly rivalry with fellow singer-songwriting duo Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Esther Hannaford plays Carole King with Josh Piterman starring as Gerry Goffin.

Sydney Fringe Festival

01 September – 30 September

The Fringe Festival is the biggest independant arts festival in New South Wales. This year there will be over three hundred performances all over Sydney, with local artists displaying their own brand of performance and independant art.

The venues are normally hidden away and dotted around unique venues about town, and the performances are fresh, exciting and new.

St Ives Medieval Faire

22 September – 24 September

Great fun, going back to the time of chivalry and knights in shining armour. A hurly burly event that throws you into what medieval life was all about.

As guests of the King and Queen of St Ives, you will experience feasting, medieval entertainment, jousting, and every other manner of medieval fun and games for the whole family.

Two days of great and highly unusual fun that your kids are bound to love, there will be so much to do and see that you are bound to go back in 2018.

Sydney Wine Festival

14 October – 15th October

If you love wine, good food and plenty of family entertainment then you cannot afford to miss out on the Sydney Wine Festival. Held at the highly esteemed Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Racecourse there will be 60 wineries in attendance all gathered from around NSW.

Wineries such as James Estate, Tulloch, Peterson’s, Pepper Tree, Bunnamagoo, Savannah, Vinden, and a host of others will all be in attendance with their precious produce.

Over 350 different types of wine will be there to sample and perhaps even buy one or two, also there are fifteen great food stalls to fill your stomach on your wine exploration. And of course there will be live music to keep you entertained as you drink and eat your way through the day.

If you are thinking of attending any of these events and perhaps you are in a family group or with your colleagues, then Sydney Executive Coach Charter are the ideal group transportation company that specialise in bus hire and coach charter in the Sydney area.
Contact them today to arrange your transportation for your day’s entertainment.

Events in Sydney

Nov – Dec Events

Events In Sydney Nov – Dec 2017

As you would expect Sydney has a banging November and December events calendar as the bustling city heads into Christmas and the New Year.

In this blog we look at some of the best entertainment to be found in this iconic city during this period.

Ballet Under The Stars

Sydney International Regatta Centre – 5th November

This is a superb free outdoor event for ballet lovers and the whole family, but you do need to pre-book tickets for entrance.

The Australian Ballet will perform Swan Lake, one of the greatest ballets that there is. Seldom do you get a chance to witness world class ballet dancers perform for free right in front of your eyes. The setting could not be more apt, as it is the beautiful Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.

So pack a picnic, bring a rug, and sit back and enjoy a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

The Australian Open Golf Tournament

Royal Sydney Golf Club – 17th – 20th November

The most prestigious golf tournament in Australia returns to Sydney at the Australian Golf Club, The Emirates Australian Open Golf Championship comes to town for 101st year.

The expected list of golfers coming to play is impressive, not only will the top Australian players be there but the cream of international players also. Up for grabs is the Stonehaven Cup the most coveted gold prize in Australia.

The ARIA Awards

The Star Sydney – 23rd November

If you are into your music then you cannot afford to miss out on the most significant music awards in Australia, The ARIA Awards. 2017 celebrates the event’s 30th year and Australia’s biggest music stars will all be gathering at The Star to perform.

To coincide with the big night there will be a week-long program of gigs and music related events leading up to the awards night. The event is sure to feature star-studded performances from past and present music stars who will be joined by international guests to guarantee it will be a glittering night of music.

Extreme Sailing Series

Sydney Harbour – 11th-13th December

There is no description for this event other than spectacular! The stunning Sydney Harbour and the iconic buildings form the backdrop for the Extreme Sailing Series.

This event will form the final leg of the famous “Stadium Racing Global Circuit” where the champions of the series will be crowned. The events can be best seen at Macguarie’s Point and see the 40 catamarans under sail between Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Opera House.

These great events show the diversity of the entertainment coming to Sydney during November and December. If you are considering attending any, then leave the car at home and take the family be coach charter or bus hire.

Sydney Executive Coach Hire are the specialists in group transportation for Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Contact them now to arrange your Sydney Bus Hire or Coach Charter.

Events In New South Wales – May – June 2017

If you are aiming to be in New South Wales during May and June 2017 then here in this blog we highlight the best events and things to do and see in the territory.

Going on a group tour to these events? Let Sydney Executive Coach Charter cater for all your bus hire and coach charter needs, we are the experts of group transportation in the New South Wales territory.

Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival

May 1st – June 30th

The Hunter Valley Wine and Food festival is back and is bigger and better than ever. This celebration of food and drink of the regions finest produce comes along with themed events throughout the two month period.

The festival provides the perfect opportunity to meet the top winemakers and chefs in New South Wales in a relaxed but celebratory setting. You can try your hand at cooking classes and matching your finished plate with the appropriate wine.

Or if you prefer the more relaxed way of life, simply find a cellar door, a fine chair and sit back sipping a glass of premier Hunter Valley wine and perhaps nibbling from a cheese platter.

Batlow Ciderfest

20th May

If you like street parties then head down to Batlow on the 20th of May to celebrate the harvest of the area’s finest cider apples. Two stages host the best of local talent playing all day and well into the night.

There are over 80 stalls selling the best cider related products, from samples of the best local ciders, gourmet food, all manner of local tasty produce and the best of homemade treats.

The Ciderfest takes place in the main street and the atmosphere is electric, many buskers and street performers add to the party atmosphere, and of course the cider is flowing.

Ultra-Trail Australia – Katoomba

18th May – 21st May

Formerly The North Face 100, the Ultra-Trail Australia is a five day running festival incorporating a 100, 50, and 22 kilometre trail run through the world heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park. The start and finish is at Scenic World, Katoomba.

There is also a kids race, and a stair climb from the base of the iconic Furber steps to the finish. Ultra Trail also incorporates an event expo, athlete forums, a film festival and more.

NCHA Futurity – Tamworth

30th May – June 11th

The NCHA Tamarang Futurity is an annual performance event for three year old horses, with a staggering AUD 700,000 to be won.

On display is the best Cutting Horse action in Australia with competitors from all over Australia and overseas. The whole event takes place in the superb Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre.

As well as the Cutting Events, there is the Stockman’s Challenge, Aussie Horseman Demonstration, Bull Riding, Rodeo, Professional Farriers all serenaded by the region’s finest country music bands.

These events are just the tip of the iceberg of what is occurring in New South Wales during May and June 2017. If you are arranging transportation for your group to any event then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter to reserve your booking.

Events In Sydney – Feb – April 2017

Sydney is kicking off 2017 with a plethora of exciting events and happenings. There is something for everybody coming up in the following few months. Young or old, music or sport watch the events listings not to miss out on anything.

In this blog we highlight some of the more exciting upcoming events.


Disney’s Aladdin

Haymarket – 3rd Feb – 26th March

A real extravaganza, from the producers of The Lion King and Mary Poppins, the enchanting story of Aladdin comes to thrilling theatrical life in this brilliant funny and musical comedy.

The New York times reviewed this production as “Fabulous” and “Extravagant”.



Newcastle – 11th Feb – 26th Feb

The largest surfing festival in Australia comes once again to Newcastle in February. Stockton beach, Redhead beach, Merewether beach and One Mile beach all play host to the more than popular event.

The events taking place include: Surfest Orica Team Challenge, Lake Mac Festival, the Toyota Pro and the Series IV Final.


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Darlinghurst – 4th March

Sydney Mardi Gras is the world’s most joyous and spectacular celebration of LGBTQI pride. Over 20,000 visitors cram the streets to see this colourful spectacular.

During Mardi Gras there is a bumper program of comedy, exhibitions, music, theatre, parties and community events. Over 80 events in all including: Mardi Gras Pool Party, Queer Art After Hours, Mardi Gras Parade, the Mardi Gras Party and Laneway.


Sail Port Stephens

Nelson Bay – 3rd April – 9th April

The annual yachting regatta once again takes place in the beautiful waters of Port Stephens Marine Park. The event offers superb sailing, a buzzing social and entertainment scene plus various fun activities for the whole family both on and off the water.

This event is rapidly becoming one of the most popular regattas in Australia and will soon get international recognition as a yacht race.



Byron Bay – 13th April – 17th April

The mother of all blues festivals takes place once more in Byron Bay. Bluesfest is the premier event of its kind in Australia and looks to be bigger and better than ever.

A staggering seven stages will hold over 200 performances from the best blues, roots, folk and soul artists from around the world.

Artists attending include: Courtney Barnett, Zac Brown Band, Jimmy Buffet, Santana, Patti Smith, Mary J Blige, The Doobie Brothers, Bonnie Rait and a host of others.

If you are considering attending any of these events with a group of friends then the best way to do it is by mini bus charter. Executive Coach Hire are the experts at group transportation so contact us today to arrange your charter.

Sporting Events In Sydney Feb – April 2017

The turn of the year always heralds a new season for sport in the nation’s sporting capital Sydney.

In this blog we look at what is occurring from February to April 2017, so get your diaries out and pencil in your favourites to go and see.

Of course, getting to any of these events is made easier with low-cost mini bus or coach charter from Executive Coach Charter.


HSBC Sydney 7’s

Moore Park – 3rd – 5th February

To be played at the 45,000 seater Allianz Stadium the increasingly more popular sport of Rugby 7’s take place in early February. The world’s top ranked Men and Women’s Rugby Sevens nations in the world come together for an action packed weekend of sport and fun.

Competing are the mighty Aussies, the flying Fijians, the vastly improving and speedy Americans and the deadly Kiwis. A weekend definitely not to be missed.


Sydney Chinese New Year Festival – Dragon Boat Races

Darling Harbour – Chinese New Year

A regular event on the mighty Darling Harbour at Chinese New Year is the annual Dragon Boat racing.

This colourful, noisy spectacle has been a Chinese cultural institution for more than 2,000 years, and now it is actually an international sport. The 12 metre dragon-headed vessels race to the thumping beat of a drum, and spectators flock to see the spectacle at Cockle Bay wharf.


Manley – TBC February

The dates are yet to be confirmed, but in February Australia’s largest annual Volleyfest event is held at Manley Beach.

Spectators will see visiting countries compete in a series of Volleyball tournaments across a three week period. There will be four world class events, attracting over 8,000 spectators per day.


Sydney Carnival

Parramatta 11th March – 15th April

A festival of horse racing during March and April 2017 comes to Parramatta, and the Sydney Carnival encompasses two hallmark events, the Longines Golden Slipper Carnival at Rosehill Gardens and The Championships at Royal Randwick, continuing the tradition of world-class thoroughbred racing combined with the finest fashion, hospitality and entertainment that is only found in Sydney.

There is over AUD 33 million at stake in prize money, including the Longines Golden Slipper, the world’s richest race for two-year olds and The Star Doncaster Mile, the world’s richest mile handicap.


Sydney International Rowing Regatta

Penrith – 27th March – 2nd April

Held at the impressive Penrith Sydney 2000 Olympic rowing venue, Australia’s largest rowing event features a week-long regatta with the world’s best rowers in over 100 events.

The event will include the Australian Open Rowing Championships and the King’s and Queen’s Cups Interstate Regatta.

These events and even more are taking place in and around the Sydney area during February, March and April 2017.

If you are planning a group tour to anyone of them then contact Sydney Executive Coach Charter and they will be happy to provide the correct vehicle for your forthcoming day out.

Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In March 2015

Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In March 2015

If you are planning to travel to Sydney, it is a good idea to start making plans early enough. There are many things to do in this vibrant city. Planning your itinerary will help to ensure that you make the most of your time here. Whether you live in the country or you are visiting from abroad, there are many things that will make your stay perfect. March is a month jam packed with different events happening all over town. The cool weather also makes the ideal atmosphere for visiting different Sydney attractions. Following are some of the events that you can enjoy as you celebrate the beginning of autumn.

End of Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year ends on Sunday, 1 March 2015 and you can join the celebrations at Darling Harbour. The New Year celebrations take centre stage at the Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour. The two-week festival is characterised by traditional Chinese food, art and beautiful performances and you can catch the tail end of the workshops and tours if you get there on Sunday.

St Ives Food and Wine Festival

On 1st March, take part in the Food & Wine Festival that is organised to raise Funds for Children’s Charities. Organised by the St Ives Rotary Club, the festival aims to raise funds in support of charitable organisations such as “Room to Read”. This is an organisation that helps to promote literature and gender equality and it does this by providing education resources for children in Africa and Asia. The festival provides a fun day out with different food and wine stalls, lifestyle boutiques and entertainment.

145 Classic: Ride for Youth

Another event that you can catch on the first day of March is the 145 Classic: Ride for Youth 2015.This one day ride attracts the best cyclists and it begins at Sydney’s CBD and goes to the Southern Highlands. The ride is organised to raise money for the rehab program Triple Care Farm. The program aims to assist young people in need. You can either take part or sponsor a rider as your way to support this worthy cause or you can just go to watch the action and cheer on the riders.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket lovers cannot be anywhere else during the month of March. The World Cup runs from 1st to 29th March 2015. Get down and show your support for the Australian team as they battle it out with the best and biggest teams in the world. Five matches are scheduled to be played at the iconic SCG and this is a great opportunity to get the entire family to go out and celebrate the much-loved sport. The games are bound to be a hit as the crowds get out to enjoy Australia’s favourite past time.

Home Brew Master


Beer lovers are in for a real treat this March! The second annual Home Brew Master takes place on 7th and 8th march 2015.This is a popular competition that brings together the community to celebrate good company and great beer. All roads lead to the Vic Hotel in Marrickville where you will enjoy the Home Brewed beer that is on show. You will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite beverage and the winner will have their beer commercially produced and available on tap for everyone to enjoy!

Cake, Bake and Sweets Show Sydney

From 12th to 15th March 2015, sweet lovers can make their way to the Sydney Showground. Here, Australia’s biggest cake baking and decorating event is on show. You can enjoy everything from celebrity demonstrations to baking competitions and master classes. The event is filled with some great advice, and you can grab some samples and supplies while you are at it. The family event is a great chance to celebrate the exciting art of baking and you can learn a few things at the show!

Taste of Sydney

Participate in the world’s greatest restaurant festival from 12th to 15th March 2015. Make your way to the Centennial Park for the Taste of Sydney. A wide range of Sydney’s best restaurants will be featuring special menus and you can enjoy tasting dishes that include a signature or ‘icon’ dish showcasing each restaurants philosophy. Enjoy Wine Theatre, Cocktail master classes and several new and exciting food attractions that will be on display.

Blue Mountains Music Festival

Music lovers cannot afford to miss the 20th annual Blue Mountains Music Festival. Slated for 13th to 15th March 2015, the festival promises a line-up of amazing local and international artists. Some of the names to look out for include Buffy Sainte-Marie, John Butler, Frank Yamma and David Birdie. The festival is packed with different performers to cater for all music tastes. You have to head on down and join other music lovers at the Blue Mountains!

St Patrick’s Day party

With parties happening all over the city on St Patrick’s Day, you can join the 17th March celebrations at P.J O’Briens. The iconic hotspot promises the biggest party in Sydney with all things Irish! Organise your group of friends and head on down to the location where you can down a couple of Guinness. This promises to be a great night as you enjoy the “greenest” day of the year!

Earth Hour

On 28th March 2015, do your part for the environment by participating in the Earth Hour. The event that was launched in 2007 in Sydney has grown bigger each year and it has now become a global phenomenon that has an important message. This grassroots movement asks everyone to turn off the lights for one hour as a way to shed light on issues of climate change. Take part by simply turning off the power where you are and become part of the world changing movement.
Getting the best transport hire in Sydney will help to ensure that you get where you need to be. By hiring a coach or minibus, you can be sure that your group will always travel together conveniently. While you are at it, remember that the Sydney Film Festival at Casula Powerhouse is still on!


Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In June 2015

Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In June 2015

Are you visiting Sydney in June this year? It is never too early to start planning your trip now. Knowing the events scheduled for different days will help you to plan effectively. Whether you live in another Australian city or you are visiting for the first time, it helps to get information that will help you to organise your stay in Sydney. The first thing you need to determine is whom you are visiting with. If you have kids, you can find several family friendly activities to keep the entire family occupied. Similarly, if you are visiting with a group of friends, there will certainly be events based on your mutual interests to catch. Following are some events planned for June 2015:

Hunter Valley Food and Wine Month

food and wine monthMost people enjoy some good food and wine and no one needs to be convinced that visiting Hunter Valley during the month of June is a great idea. The Hunter Valley Food and Wine Month is basically a celebration of the unique food and wine of the region. Hunter Valley is located a few hours north of Sydney, and it is famous for its shiraz and semillon. During the month of June, the region celebrates the outstanding produce using themed activities that include cooking classes, intimate dinners, blending master classes, cheese tastings and fireside port.

Sydney Film Festival

For the best short films, features and documentaries from across Australia and other parts of the world, visit the Sydney Film Festival between 3rd and 14th June. The Festival celebrates the best of cinematography with twelve days of films from all over the globe. You can expect a dynamic and eclectic program to keep you hooked. The selection of short films, feature films, animation and documentaries, are shown at different venues across the city. A highlight of the festival is the Official Competition choosing “courageous, audacious and cutting-edge” cinema.

Good Food and Wine Show

To sample the best wines from different regions of Australia, make your way to the Good Food and Wine Show from June 5th to 8th. Entice your taste buds with the best wine from the finest producers. With your glass in hand, you can sample what the country has to offer and you can even mingle and get advice from expert sommeliers. The experts offer advice on wine, while the top chefs in attendance prepare gourmet treats in the daily cooking demos.

Perisher Peak Festival

Celebrate the Perisher Peak Festival, which opens on the weekend of 5th to 8th June. Make your way to Perisher Valley to usher in the snow season. For four days, the Festival will feature different concerts over several venues. The unique Perisher snowfields environment is bound to keep you entertained as you enjoy every single moment. Get yourself a weekend festival pass and you can enjoy accommodation packages that offer great value. The festival that begins on Friday continues through the weekend winding up on Monday afternoon with an amazing Finale concert.

Pearl Beach Classical Music Festival

If you love music, make your way to Pearl Beach from 6th to 7th June. You can celebrate the romance in the air and get carried away on the magical musical journey. From its inception, the festival has had the goal of harmonising great music with the region’s cultural life. Pearl Beach is a unique environment that is conducive for the festival with the excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere. Past events have played host to many established performers as well as up and coming young artists.

Hair Expo 2015 Experience

Whether you are in the hair industry, or you simply want to find out how to take care of your hair, you need to visit the Hair Expo 2015 Experience between 6th to 8th June. This is where you will learn about the best brands and products, while taking in the show-stopping live performances. The location is the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island.

Coonamble Rodeo and Campdraft

The 60th Coonamble Rodeo and Campdraft 2015 event goes down on the June Long Weekend from 4th to 6th. This is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest combined rodeo and campdraft event and it is held in Coonamble, which is six hours North West of Sydney. The event has been running for more than 60 years now and it attracts around 1000 cowboys and cowgirls. More than 4000 spectators transform the Coonamble Showground into an exciting and full-blown wild riding extravaganza.

Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival

shutterstock_196124825The long June weekend has a lot to offer and you can make a stop at the Shoalhaven Coast Winter Wine Festival. Here you can enjoy wine and cheese from participating cellar doors. Over the three days, from 6th to 8th June, visitors to the Shoalhaven location will be treated to a full program that features fine wine and great food. Eleven doors hosting various events from dinners, wine tastings, Unicorn cheese tastings and winery talks to vineyard tours, market stalls and themed lunches.

Cake Bake and Sweets Show

If you are a sweet tooth, you will love the Cake Bake and Sweets Show from 12th to 14th June. This is the ultimate food lover’s experience. Three days of baking and cake decorating are bound to excite your taste buds. The location for the show is Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

A Fine Possession: Jewelry and Identity

Whether you love the finer things in life or you are looking to get jewelry ideas for a special someone, a jewelry exhibition is what you need. The exhibition that started in September last year continues through June and beyond. The Powerhouse Museum stages the ambitious ‘A Fine Possession jewelry exhibition’ with more than 700 pieces spanning place, culture and time. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about jewelry designed and worn in Australia and around the world.
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Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In April 2015

Top 10 Sydney Events Happening In April 2015

If you are planning to be in Sydney in April this year, you are in luck as you get to enjoy numerous events. This is one of the busiest months this year and the wide array of exciting events are bound to attract people of all ages. Whether you are travelling alone, with family or with a large group, you can be sure to have a splendid time and you will find yourself spending hours outdoors. Following are some of the exciting events that you can look forward to enjoying.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

sydney-easterOne of the most anticipated events this year is the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Running from 26th March to 8th April 2015, the show is aimed at the entire family with activities to attract kids and adults alike.

People attending the show will enjoy exciting activities that include spectacular carnival rides, thousands of animals, the best of Australian produce and endless free entertainment. Spending one day at the show will not do you justice and you should make a point to plan for several days at the show.

Politics & Sacrifice: NSW Parliament and the Anzacs

April is a month that every history lover will enjoy being in Sydney. From 1st to 30th April 2015, visitors and residents can enjoy a trip to the past. You can learn about the long forgotten history and listen to debates and remarkable stories on conscription from the First World War. There is a lovely exhibition aimed at remembering the past. The historic collection of objects, photographs, artefacts and artworks from the parliament will appeal to anyone who loves history.

The Championships 2015

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to dress up, The Championships 2015 is the place for you. 11th April will see the biggest autumn races hosted this year. Apart from enjoying the races and cheering your favourites as they approach the finish line, you will be captivated by the surroundings. The Australian Turf Club hosts the event at Royal Randwick with the breathtaking backdrop of the harbor.

Dress up and join other race lovers at the spectacular event!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Serious fashion lovers need to be in Sydney in April. The international fashion extravaganza takes place from 12th to 16th April at Carriageworks. No self-respecting fashionista out there can afford to miss this event that is the only one of its kind in Australia. Feast your eyes on some of the best runway creations as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week celebrates its 20th anniversary. Find out what local and international designers have to offer for the coming season.

Sail Port Stephens

Port StephensA trip to Sydney is not complete without spending as much time as possible in the water. If you enjoy sailing, you can join the family friendly yachting regatta. The annual Sail Port Stephens event is not just family-friendly; it is also fun and affordable. It goes down at d’Albora Marina, Nelson Bay from 13th to 19th April and it is a time for every sailing fan to enjoy being on the water. The weather is expected to be perfect for yachting too!

The Sydney Stamp Expo

The best way to commemorate the ANZAC Centenary is through the Sydney Stamp Expo. From 16th to 19th April 2015, you can remember the diggers as you view the exhibition. The Philatelic Exhibition showcases a wide range of Australian and International banknotes, coins and stamps that feature different personalities. Apart from entertaining the kids during the holidays and learning about people who helped to shape Australia, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ANZAC spirit.

2015 AnnanROMA

Plan the perfect day with family or friends at the beautiful Australian Botanic Garden. On 19th April 2015, you can enjoy the day out sampling fresh produce and exquisite wine. The annual AnnanROMA event offers people the opportunity to sample the best that nature has to offer. With the promise of beautiful weather, plan to head down to the garden for a spectacular day out.

Colour Me Rad

On 19th April, join in the fun at the Colour Me Rad 5k Sydney event. Feel like a kid again as you take part in the colourful event and as you embrace the vibrant Sydney life. The event kicks off with you in a brilliant white shirt and as you complete the run, you end up with a shirt painted in coats of different vibrant colours. The fun and spectacular event is filled with colour cannons, mortars and bombs and it is a great opportunity to enjoy some laughs and simply let loose!

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks

If you have been wondering how to entertain your kids during the school holidays, the LEGO exhibition offers the perfect solution. The event that ends on 19th April 2015 is perfect not just for the kids but for you as well! The world premiere LEGO® skyscrapers exhibition will captivate you and you will be amazed by the talents even as you unleash the builder in you by creating your own towers of tomorrow!

ANZAC Day Challenge

Be part of the ANZAC Centenary celebrations by joining the 100km marathon on 25th to 26th April 2015.

This year, the event hopes to raise funds in support of the injured defence force soldiers. Commemorate the occasion honouring the diggers and remembering the sacrifice they made for Australia. You can become part of the amazing ANZAC Spirit by taking part in the marathon!

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