Best Brisbane Winery Tours

3 of the Best Brisbane Winery Tours

One of the main reasons for tourists to visit this part of the world is to sample one of Australia’s best and biggest selling products. Namely that is wine and everything that is associated with the industry, either by organised coach tour or independently.  

Getting to and from these fantastic estates is made easier by affordable coach and bus hire from Executive Coach Charter. Let our experienced drivers take the strain – allowing your group to enjoy more of their day out!


Ocean View Estates


Located to the north of Brisbane on Mount Mee road, Ocean View Estates are to be found nestled off Highway 58. Ocean View Estates is very much a boutique class winery and has the neat attraction of cellar door sales for it’s products. Open from 11am daily this vineyard is a must for the wine enthusiast or simply somewhere to chill out and relax.  

It is an ideal location for your coach charter to find and stop to explore. The scenic D’Aquilar mountains are less 20km in the distance and provide a stunning backdrop to the scenery.

The estate also offers accommodation should you require a longer stay and all cottages come with their own spa also there is a superb a-la-carte restaurant on site.


O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards


wineO’Reilly’s vineyard is set in the idyllic Lamington National Park in the Canungra Valley just south of Brisbane. It is another example of the upcoming trend of boutique wineries on the Gold Coast and O’Reilly’s is a historic Queenslander homestead.

Apart from the obligatory tastings the vineyard has a fine dining reputation and is open for functions such as weddings and picnics.

O’Reilly’s wine list is extensive and they also produce sparkling reds and whites and have two fortified products to pick from. A mouthwatering Muscat and the very popular Pete’s Port.  

Witches Falls Winery

South of Brisbane can be found the Witches Falls Winery. This small intense winery is situated on Tamborine mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland. A beautiful excursion from your coach charter tour will take you to this idyllic place.

Witches Falls offer three ranges of wines: Granite Belt, Wild Ferment and Prophecy and these represent different styles and  practices in viticulture and wine making. The tastings offer a wide variety of choice even for the more discerning wine lover.

Take a road a little less traveled than some of the big wineries and enjoy the quaintness and personality of a place that takes pride in it’s wine-making.

The cellar doors are open from 10am – 4pm weekdays and 10am – 5pm at weekends.


The Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery



Again situated on the Gold Coast just south of Brisbane is the Cedar Creek Estate. Nestled in the very heart of the Mount Tamborine region, Cedar Creek Estate is just pining to be visited and traveling down the tree lined driveway a sense of expectation grabs hold of you.

Cedar Creek does not let you down in any way and the estate has so much to offer other than the cellar door. There is a fine restaurant to break your day and enjoy a delicious lunch dining on local cuisine.

Apart from the Cellar Door offering 90 different Queensland wines there is also the very popular Heritage Bar to sit and relax or even hire for private tastings. Cedar Creek produces sixteen wines of their own including some amazing fortified wines.

On the estate Cedar Creek has it’s own Glow Worm cave to explore amongst the many attractions that this fine winery offers.

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Meet the animals in Brisbane

Australia has many unique indigenous animal species that only appear down unda. Some of them include marine species, fish, dolphin, and coral, while others dwell on land, and other take to the trees or the air. A few more examples are the dingo, Tasmanian Devil, kangaroo, and koala bear and any number of birds. There are a number of parks and sanctuaries where you can view animals up close in enclosures, and also sanctuaries where you can see the animals in their natural habitat.

We have outlined a number of different venues to experience the animals of Brisbane. Executive Coach Charter can provide transportation for school groups, as well as for tour groups via mini bus hire with driver, or luxury mini coach with private driver. Let us know how many in your group and we will arrange for pick up and drop off to your location.


Seaworld Gold Coast


North of Brisbane is the Sunshine Coast and there you will find a phenomenal marine park by the name of Seaworld Gold Coast. At Seaworld you can experience many different marine animals. See cute penguins flying in the water with their flippers and playing with one another and using the ice as natural slides. Watch the polar bears slip and slide in their enclosure. Experience dolphins interacting with their trainers. The intelligence they display is astounding. Be amazed by the feeding frenzy when the sharks get fed, and witness the peaceful rays gliding along the bottom with their giant wingspans. Keep an eye on the pelicans at the Seabird rehab centre where these birds are cared for after injury or sickness.

For those with a more adventurous spirit you can become part of the action. Take a special Animal Adventure. Meet the dolphins activities for children as well as the whole family. See what the trainers see with the polar bears by going behind the scenes. Bundle up and play with the penguins by taking an Antarctic adventure. Get kissed by a seal, snorkel in a tropical reef, encounter a shark, or the ultimate, be a Trainer for the day. So many ways to interact and learn about the animals you will be simply amazed.

General admission tickets are $79 and there are group bookings and school bookings available as well.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


There are over 95 different native Australian species at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. AOL has a list of the “Top 10 Zoos in the World” and Lone Pine is on that list. When you get to cuddle a koala or feed a kangaroo you will definitely know why they made the cut. The sanctuary is a short 20 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD. There are a number of daily shows featuring different types of animals. The schedule runs all day and has many choices. Types of shows include cuddling with koalas, holding a snake, a platypus presentation that will blow your mind, a showcase of birds of prey, lorikeet feeding as well as kangaroo feeding. there is even a sheep dog show to take a look at Australian heritage.

Tickets for the sanctuary are $35.00 for adults, $22.00 for children, and $24.00 for students, seniors, and pensioners. There are also family discounts available. Cuddling a koala is not included that is an additional $18.00 including photo and the food for the roo is only $2.00.


Australia Zoo


The Australia Zoo now boasts over 1200 animals. Many of the animals that call the zoo home are native to Australia, however the zoo has been expanded to also include animals in their African Savannah, an exhibit with animals from SouthEast Asia, and Bindi Island. The main focus of the Australia Zoo is to educate everyone on the animals, their habitats, and conservation. The animals at the zoo are considered the ambassadors to their wild cousins and there are over 100 different species to see and learn about. There are animals for all interests, including reptiles, birds, and mammals. Travel up the road a little further to Sea World for the marine animals. Kids up to the age of 15 can sign up to become a zookeeper for a day, and there are many other educational experiences to be had at the zoo.

Tickets are available for single day and multiple day passes and start from $35.00 for children and $59.00 for adults for single day entry.


Horseback Riding in Brisbane

Horseback Riding in Brisbane

We have suggested many places for you to see the wild animals of Australia, however there are also domesticated animals that you may want to enjoy. Just an hour and 20 minutes outside of Brisbane you can experience a real farm and all the animals that go along with it. At Cedar Glen Farmstay there is horseback riding available for all ages and skill levels. Beginners are welcome. Besides horses there are a number of other farm animals to interact with. There is of course cattle on this 100 year old cattle farm, as well as pigs, sheep, turkeys, ducks, chickens, and peacocks.

Other than riding horses in gorgeous countryside there are a number of other activities to enjoy on the farm such as four wheeling, boomerang throwing, cracking a whip, fishing, and brewing authentic billy tea.

Whether you are looking to see animals of the sea, ride a horse in the wilderness, or cuddle a koala bear there are a number of ways to experience the animals near Brisbane. These four places are all within an hour and a half drive to Brisbane’s CBD and each offer their own unique experience. There is something to learn at each place and there are animals for all interests. Some wild, some endangered, some swim, some fly, and some climb trees. Whatever you favourite animal find it near Brisbane.

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Brisbane Airport Your Comprehensive Guide

The Brisbane airport is the third largest airport in Australia. Smaller only than the airports in Sydney and Melbourne. It is the only passenger airport for Queenslanders. Over 30 International carriers operate flights in and out of the Brisbane airport and 46 domestic carriers to make up one of the busiest air routes for the Asia-Pacific Region. The Brisbane Airport is a mere 13 KM from the city centre and it handles 17.5 million passengers annually.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be travelling to Australia and will be visiting Brisbane by air then you will find the following information very useful. Everything you should know about Brisbane International Airport.


Information on the Terminal


Brisbane International is the only international terminal serving Queensland. There are no curfews enforced in Brisbane as there  are in Sydney. Millions of passengers are welcomed around the clock to the Brisbane airport. As such Executive Coach Hire has no restrictions on pick up or drop off time. We don’t care what time of day it is or what day of the year we will pick you up on time every time.

Due to increased demand for international flights all three terminals have been modified and upgraded to cater to the Airbus A380. The airport has enjoyed renovations to make inter terminal travel easier and more efficient. The three terminals, International, Domestic, and Cargo can now be reached by the inter-terminal train. These trains leave every terminal every 15 minutes around the clock. This makes it a lot harder to miss a flight.


Shopping and Upgrades to the Brisbane Airport


Shopping_UpgradesFor international travellers there are a number of Duty Free shops on the third level, while domestic shoppers will want to stick to level 2. There are a number of brands covering goods such as luggage, fine jewelry, surf gear, outdoor wear, sunglasses and eye wear, several gift shops, and several book & magazine shops. Brands you will find include Guess, Billabong, Rip Curl, Sunglass Hut, Victoria Secret and many more.

If shopping is not your thing simply log onto the Optus Wireless Connect network to surf the web, or get prepared for your next business meeting. The airport lounge has sofas for watching TV and desks for conducting work. The free Wi-Fi is limited to an hour only.




There is only one hotel located in the Airport Village and it offers on-site accommodations as well as shuttle service among the terminals. The Novotel Brisbane Airport Hotel requires reservations as it is by itself.


Overnight Laws


If you are arriving late and leaving early there is no curfew in effect at the Brisbane airport. This makes things a lot more convenient than the same situation in the Sydney Airport. It certainly means a lot less time running back and forth with extra airport transfers to avoid breaking curfew.

If you find that you want a room and Novotel is full Executive Coach Charter will pick you up in a mini bus and your private driver can take you to another accommodation a short distance away. Remember the airport is only 13 KM from the city centre so there are always options. Being a locally owned and operated company we have an advantage over some of the other guys as we have our finger directly on the pulse of Brisbane.


Dining, Drinking and Coffee at the Brisbane Airport

Dining, Drinking and Coffee at the Brisbane Airport

There are 35 different restaurants, cafes and bars at the Brisbane Airport. There is something open 24/7 somewhere. There are some American staples like KFC, Subway and McDonald’s, a great juice bar, kebabs, pie, a steakhouse, asian inspired cuisine, a few different places for burgers, Krispy Kreme, a couple sushi places, and even a Mexican inspired place. There is no shortage of places to grab a snack, a meal, a dessert, or a cocktail. If you will be spending an ample amount of time in the Brisbane Airport you will not starve.


Kids at the Brisbane Airport


The Brisbane International Airport has baby changing facilities on all floors of all terminals, they are equipped with microwaves and if you run out of baby supplies just visit News Travels. There are a number of eating options for snacks for kids of all ages, and the wi fi should keep the older kids busy. If you will be arriving late the nearest hotel is Novotel.


What to do with an animal at the Brisbane airport


If you are travelling with an animal, whether a Guide Dog, pet, or assistance animal you will be delighted to learn that Brisbane is the first airport to have installed a bathroom facility dedicated for animals to use. The animal “bathrooms” officially opened in April 2014. There are two locations, airside Level 3 Departures at International and Level 2 opposite Gate 25 Central Area at Domestic. Now passengers no longer have to leave the building when their animals have a call to nature.This is especially convenient for international passengers who will not have to deal with customs and their animal.

The animal bathroom installation is a small part of making the airport completely accessible for persons with disabilities and Brisbane International is at the forefront of the movement.


Transportation to Brisbane


You already know that Brisbane’s CBD is only 13 KM away from the airport. There are a number of transportation options to get you from the airport to the city and vice versa. There are options to suit all time schedules and budgets.


If you don’t mind the risk of waiting in line, and possibly paying too much the taxi can be the most hassle free way to leave the airport. Get your bags and get in a line, tell the driver where to go and that is it. This is the best option if you haven’t made prior transportation arrangements, and you don’t want to wait for the bus.

Train or Bus

There are public transport options in the form of both buses and trains and if you want to use time to pay for your transport instead of money this is the way to go. These options are very inexpensive but take a lot of time. If you have a lot of luggage they can be quite cumbersome, if you are travelling lightly though and have an excess of time you will see more at the leisurely pace of public transport.

Airport Transfer Service

For the astute business traveller, or the family that knows they want zero hassles, and zero delays, and for the traveller who demands the most for their money airport transfer service is available. Airport transfer service for groups of 2 – 200 can be arranged. There are options such as private car, limo, mini bus, mini coach, budget bus, and luxury coach.

If you are one who requires every detail attended to then we encourage you to contact Executive Coach Charters to arrange top notch airport transfer service tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Fill out our online quote form to start your airport transfer reservation or ask a question.

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Brisbane is a bustling metropolitan area that draws people and companies from all over Australia and further afield for national and international conventions and seminars. There are a number of facilities for hosting conferences, seminars, and full blown trade exhibitions. Today we will look in depth at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Executive Coach Charter has a number of clients in and around Brisbane requesting services such as airport transfers, hotel transfers, seminar transport, and trade show transportation options. The BCEC is for large groups. The building can be divided and used for many different purposes and can accommodate groups as small as 300 or as large as 8000. Executive Coach Charter is equipped to handle transportation needs for any number of guests. Either through mini bus shuttle transfer, or transport via executive coach. We will tailor a transportation package to suit the needs of your group and event.


Sustainable Venue


The BCEC is proud to announce their nomination for a major award from Lord Mayor’s Business Awards this upcoming 30 October 2015. The nomination is for the Energex Award for Sustainability in Business. With more and more Australians getting involved in the global sustainability movement lowering our carbon footprint across the board is becoming more paramount than ever. Executive Coach Charter is doing their part by providing one of the most environmentally transportation options for transporting groups. Getting more cars off the roads while moving more people. Executive Coach Charter is a progressive coach company in a progressive city.


Award Winning Venue


In addition to the awards the BCEC has been nominated for this year it already holds an impressive list of accolades. The venue already has the EarthCheck Gold accreditation. The other big dog award comes from the AIPC for overall excellence across customer service, quality of facilities, community relations, environmental responsibility and more. As if that were not enough the centre is already in possession of 150 major industry awards, over 60 catering awards, along with two MEA 2014 awards, the Best Meeting Venue Over 500 people, and Event of the Year.

With such a long list it is no wonder this conference facility is so busy. Booking early is encouraged.


State of the Art Facilities


There is another award the Centre is up for this year, from the international Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) 2015 for Best Mobile Marketing Campaign which will be announced this October in London. This would not be possible without the state of the art audio and visual equipment the centre has available at its disposal. The production team that runs the audio and visual centre is experienced in the industry and it shows. If you want to capture your event this is the place to do it.


BCEC and the Local Economy


December 2015 will see the peak of conference season in Brisbane and there will be over 60 conferences, 30,000 delegates, who will need 94,000 room nights from local hotels. For accommodation options in Brisbane see some of our other articles from our blog. All attendees will also need transportation, they will eat, they will shop, and they will inject a lot of money into the Brisbane economy.


The Art Collection


Have you ever attended a conference where you get an hour for lunch and you just need to get away from everyone else? One of my favourite parts of the BCEC is the ability to escape the conference you are attending and refresh by visiting the art they have on display. It makes the afternoon part of the conference so much easier to bare.


Boutique Events at BCEC


Typically the BCEC is for larger events but there is one boutique event room. The Sky Room & Terrace is a charming venue overlooking the ferris wheel and can sit 160 guests for a formal sit down dinner or can play host for up to 300 guests in a cocktail setting. The Sky Room is ideal for smaller scale corporate events or for weddings, anniversary parties or other social celebrations. There are dedicated event planners for the boutique events because there are different things to consider when the events are on a smaller scale, and the dedicated planners understand the devil is in the details.


Other Events at the BCEC

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre BCEC

The BCEC is not all work and weddings. There is plenty of other fun to be had as well. In late October Soulfest 2015 featuring Mary J Blige, and Lauryn Hill will be on. Then the Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo followed up by the Good Food and Wine Show, only to be followed by Low Carb Down Under, work it off, eat it up, then work it off again. Don’t forget the Hit 105 Brisbane Special Children’s Christmas Party 2015.

Who uses the BCEC

The BCEC attracts medical professionals, scientists, researchers, educators, and leaders in all these disciplines from across the world. Local delegates and international alike use the BCEC. It has earned a well deserved reputation for being a world class convention centre. For your next event at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre we would be happy to coordinate all your transportation needs.

Simply contact Executive Coach Charter and we can help you arrange transport, hotels, and even make dining and entertainment suggestions. Fill out our simple online quote form and a logistics representative will contact you to work out all the details of your custom transportation needs.


Golf in Brisbane

Golf in Brisbane

Golfing in Brisbane has been popular for over 120 years. The rugged coastlines and mountains of Australia make for some of the greatest natural courses in the world. Many have views of the ocean, or overlook valleys where grapes are growing in abundance to feed the Australian wine industry. Some of the older courses have some fabulously charming clubhouses that work wonderful for weddings, corporate events, or other social functions. There is a good mix of public, private, and semi private courses and the weather is golf friendly year round.

If you are in a hurry but just feel the need to get out there, you may want to check out some of the killer 9 hole courses in Brisbane. On the opposite end of things if you have a full day to dedicate to the sport perhaps you would rather get out of the city and into one of the courses surrounded by natural Australian bush. Whether you are taking a foursome out for a fun game of social golf, or would like to organise a corporate event with enough people to warrant a shotgun start at every hole. Whether you have a small group or a larger one Executive Coach Charter will get you there in style, tell us how many in your group and we will arrange minibus transfer to the golf course from hotels, airports, or the conference facility you may be using.

Brisbane Golf Club

Brisbane Golf Club

The Brisbane Golf Club has been on the cutting edge from the get go. They opened over 120 years ago and are among the oldest golf clubs in Brisbane. Today they feature putting greens with Champion Green a surface featured in over 700 golf courses throughout the USA. The clubhouse is Heritage protected and provides a lovely venue for special events, weddings, corporate events, meetings, or other social gatherings.

To play at The Brisbane Golf Club a membership from a reciprocal course is accepted, and there is some space for international, and intranational visitors wishing to play this world renowned course.

The green fees at the Brisbane GC range from $50 for member guests up to $150 and $200 for national and  international visitors respectively. Cart is not included but is readily available, as are clubs and balls. Juniors are welcome to play and feels are less.


Sandgate Golf Club


In between the CBD and the airport lies Brisbane’s oldest natural 9 hole course. Absolutely perfect for the working trip to Brisbane as they accept everyone on the course. Bookings are essential and the only restriction is Saturday before 3 pm. Saturdays are the weekly competition and is only open to members and their guests. Social clubs are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The daily course conditions are updated online and you can get a very clear course description, and a full history of Sandgate.

Green fees are $10 – $25 and vary depending on day and time, juniors are welcome on the course and motorized carts are available for only $35 each.

Sandgate Golf Club is a simple and to the point 9 hole golf course that is organised and a pleasure to play. If you are pressed for time and still want a decent game Sandgate is the ideal solution. Get a minibus from Executive Coach Charter for a long lunch and get your round of golf in.

Oxley Golf Club


Oxley Golf Club is our pick for most welcoming course as they offer social golf 7 days a week. There are time restrictions most days but early morning tee times are available every day but Saturday. Corporate Golf Days at Oxley are nearly effortless on the golfer’s part.  Coordinate everything ahead of time from personalised score cards, full catering in the function room before and after the round, use of the function room for other activities free of charge, a golf coordinator assigned to your group, and everything else you would expect from a top notch corporate golf day at a solid course.

Corporate golf packages range from $54-$69 per head with a minimum head count of 12 to qualify for the package. The larger the group the less per head and groups of 80+ are welcome. Ala carte services and extras are available such as pro clinics, putting competitions, custom signage on the course etc.

9 holes can be booked upon request. All in all Oxley is a fantastic championship course ideal for the social golfer or for the ultimate corporate golf day.

Carbrook Golf Club

Carbrook Golf Club

If you want a golf course that screams “That’s Australia” then Carbrook is an absolute must. With sharks in the water hazards this golf course lives up the the Australian reputation that everything in Australia is more dangerous than the rest of the world. This course has a sense of humor for sure. It is owned and operated by the members and although a new fairly new club it has a very interesting history. It literally went from a “well mowed cow paddock” to winning the Queensland Metropolitan Golf Club of the Year Award the year after the course you play today was finished, 2006. An interesting added benefit that came from the flooding in the 90s when the course was under construction initially fish and sharks ended up in the lakes that formed and now members and their families can enjoy fishing days to get a break from golfing. Social golfers are catered to and encouraged to come and play the golf course built by golfers for golfers.

From one of the oldest courses in Brisbane to one of the most modern day examples of a homegrown course Brisbane has a lot to offer both the social golfer and the corporate golfer. Many of the courses are able to be golfed every day of the year rain or shine as their fairways have been raised to avoid flooding.

Book a Golf Day by Minibus in Brisbane


To schedule transportation options for your group of 2 or more by minibus simply use our online booking form or call Executive Coach Charter the phone number is at the top left hand side of this page.


Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne – What to See and Do

Melbourne is a busy city rich in art, history and culture with a ton of things to do in and around the city. There are galleries, museums, and shopping in the CBD. Many restaurants, attractions and golf courses. Right in the city are beaches that are protected by Phillip Bay, and to either side of the bay are some of the most surfable beaches in the entire world.

Just two hours outside of Melbourne by coach or bus you will find the mountains of Victoria which have ski resorts, hiking trails, and many other outdoor activities suitable for both hot and cold snowy weather. From the coast to the hills are are hundreds of acres of wine country where many different varietals of grapes have been growing for better than 100 years. Depending on the weather, humidity, elevation, etc you will be able to find, reds, whites, dry wines, sweet wines, and even sparkling wines.

Then there is the Great Ocean Road. A road built by returning soldiers nearly a century ago to honor the fallen soldiers of World War I. There is never a shortage of things to see and do in and around Melbourne. The easiest way for your and your group to take full advantage is by using group transportation via minibus or executive coach.


Melbourne CBD

Downtown Melbourne has many activities for all ages. For over a century families have been enjoying Luna Park. The park overlooks Phillip Bay and has an awesome roller coaster, bumper cars, carnival games, food, and plenty of other thrill rides.

There are dozens of art exhibits going on at any given time in Melbourne. Art has been an important part of the city’s history from the beginning. For the latest exhibitions check the calendar online.



Australia is famous for its beaches. With over 80% of the population living within 100km of the coast water activities and beaches are always popular. Melbourne surrounds Port Phillip Bay which is a protected bay that is shallow. The Bay is navigable in most places despite how shallow it is 8-24 meters, and is great for diving and calm days on the beach sunbathing and taking the kids out. The beaches protected by the bay are plentiful and safe for the whole family.

The beaches immediately to either side of the bay are world famous surfing destinations. These beaches during surf season will see waves up to 40 feet tall. These beaches are not typically safe for beginners. Never go to the beach to swim or surf alone. Grabbing a minibus for your groups transport to surf spots is a great way to go. The surfboards can be put on top of the mini coach and Executive Coaches will deliver your group and your boards to the beach with the best surf on any given day.



If surfing isn’t your thing, or you just want a break from the beach then the mountains are only a quick two hour coach ride away. During the summer months the mountains give a cool restorative respite to escape the heat and humidity of the city. During the winter months there are ski resorts and lodges to visit and plenty of snow activities to have fun with.

There are some great golf courses in the mountains, as well as some wonderful day spas. A trip to Victoria can be perfect for Hens and Bucks celebrations, weddings, team building events, seminars, or just a weekend away.



With well over 150 wineries within a two hours drive of Melbourne there will be something for every kind of wine lover. There are boutique family owned wineries that bottle and sell locally only, and there are large wineries that bottle and export wine to all corners of the globe. The various regions around Melbourne produce many different varietals of wine. The flavour of the grapes is influenced by humidity, elevation, soil content, age of the vine, rainfall, and so many other variants.

The five major wine regions around melbourne are Mornington Peninsula & Geelong, Yarra Valley & Dandenongs Ranges, Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges, Goldfields, and Victoria’s High Country. Each region has it’s own distinct wines, where some grow and ripen on the vine for much longer making for fabulous dessert wines, while others are exposed to drier weather giving them a crisper flavour.


The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the largest war memorial in the world. It was built by returning soldiers from 1919 to 1932 and was built to commemorate the soldiers that fell during World War I. The Great Ocean Road stretches 243 km from Victoria to Torquay and Allansford. The road itself is considered a tourist attraction, and it is also filled with things to see along the way. At the beginning of the road in Anglesea is the Anglesea Lurf and Lifesaving Club. This is a superb place to get breakfast before embarking on a journey to see what else is along the Great Ocean Road.

There are many other attractions along the road, including scenic lookout points. One can see the famous 12 Apostles, or the Otways when the road goes inland and up into the tropical rainforest. There are wineries to check out, and many different hiking trails and places for pictures.

From the Melbourne CBD to the mountains or Victoria to the Great Ocean Road there are many things to see and do in and around Melbourne. If you will be visiting Melbourne for more than the day there are accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets from luxury hotels, to backpacker hostels, or guesthouses, and historic Bed & Breakfasts. Whatever you need to do in Melbourne Executive Coach Charters will be happy to handle all of your groups transport requirements and even make suggestions on where to stay, where to dine, and what things there are of interest to see.

surfing in australia

Travel Australia – Explore Newcastle

Newcastle, the second largest city in New South Wales (NSW) is 162 km NNE of Sydney and is home to Australia’s first export, coal. Newcastle has a rough history as being a punishment place for convicts that committed heinous crimes. Today it is a thriving metropolis and is home to just over half a million residents. An active city on the coast and surrounded by wine country, Newcastle is rich in history and there are many unique things to see and do when you visit here.


Remembered you can always fill one of our bus hire online quotes and get exploring Newcastle today! Let’s see some of the coolest activities you can do while travelling this city…

Glen Rock Conservation Area

Only ten minutes from Newcastle’s CBD the Glen Rock Conservation area protects the last little bit of coastal rainforest in the region. There are gorgeous waterfalls, a sparkling lagoon adorable animals to watch, like gliders, and bandicoots. Learn about native aboriginals that inhabited the area for thousands of years prior to European settlement.

Surf Newcastle

Australia is known worldwide as having some of the best waves to surf in the world. Surfing Newcastle or newy is no exception. Newy offers waves for all skill levels, be sure and watch the swell it can get gnarly huge especially near Shark Alley. Summer time is chill and great for beginners and winter time brings to pros out to play.

Fort Scratchley – Historic site

Overlooking Nobby Beach and lighthouse you will find Fort Scratchley. Enjoy sweeping views of this beautiful seascape and learn about Australia’s first coal mine. Seams of coal were discovered in 1800 and mining commenced immediately by convicts in the area.

Bogey Hole

The first swimming pool built in the ocean in Australia in 1819 by convicts is now called Bogey Hole. Bogey Hole is popular with locals and tourists as a swimming hole perfect for enjoying the coastline of Newcastle. Bogey Hole is heritage protected and has been its current size since 1884.

Convict Lumber Yard

From 1989 to 1992 the Convict Lumber Yard became the site of a major archaeological dig. Artifacts were turned up from hundreds to thousands of years old. Before convicts were sentenced to work the lumber yard Aboriginals had used it for centuries. Right in the heart of the city the Convict Lumber Yard is a must see activity for anyone that enjoys history.

Hang Gliding

Take to the skies with your very own set of wings and see Newcastle from the air. Explore the coast or travel inland. Beginners are welcome to take tandem flights and courses are available to learn how to hang glide on your own. Experience free flight just as the birds do.

Tree Top Adventure Park

For adventurers as young as three years old take to the tree tops, traverse rope bridges, fly with the foxes, swing from a trapeze, and get your Tarzan on. Tree Top Adventure Park is an exciting challenge for all ages.

Newcastle is full of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Fly through the air, swing from the trees, and surf some of the greatest waves Australia has to offer. Explore ancient forts, and swimming pools carved out of the ocean built by convicts. Newcastle is an exciting city rich in history and

yarra valey wine tour

9 awesome Things To Do In Melbourne: The yarra Valley and The Botanic Gardens

What To Do In Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne is located close to the centre of the city on Yarra River’s south bank. It covers the area of almost 38 hectares and is home to some 10,000 species of plants. There are exotic plants as well as native plants of Australia in this world famous botanical garden. You cannot only enjoy seeing rare species of plants, there are many other activities which you can do.

Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm during the week days and from 9.30am to 5.00pm during the weekend.

View different collections of plants

In the garden you will find that various types of plants are grown separately in order to help you study them as groups. Cacti Garden, Camellia Collection, Fern Gully, Oak Lawn, New Zealand

Collection and Southern China Collection are some of them. You can visit all these collections of plants and learn about them.

Visit traditional gardens that carry non native plants Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Fern Gully and Bulbs are places to enjoy studying exotic plants. These are only available in botanical gardens. Therefore, it is important to visit them in case you love plant life.

Walk through various lawns

This botanical garden has various lawns that are grown with tough types of grass. They are well maintained and attractive. You have the option to walk through them. At the same time, you can gather information on the types of grass grown on them. Once you visit the place, you will surely enjoy your trip.

Jog on the Tan Track

There is a jogging track, also called the Tan, located along the perimeter of the garden. Its length is 3.84 km and is paved with stone. People who visit this place always prefer to take part in jogging on this track. The environment is highly peaceful and you will certainly enjoy. A few race competitions are also held every year where people from all over the world participate. Currently, the record stands at 10 minutes and 12 seconds at the moment.

Getting to and around RBG

You can easily reach Royal Botanical Gardens on foot, as it is only 15 minutes walk away from railway station of Flinders Street. There is also the possibility to take a tram from there. However, the best way to visit the place is to hire your own bus or the coach, especially if you are visiting with a group.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to RBG Melbourne, just fill in our online quote 

Yarra Valley, exploring the areas outside Melbourne

Yarra Valley is the area surrounding Yarra River. It is around 90 km away from central Melbourne. Wine brewing is one of the most important industries there. The cool climate prevailing in the area makes it most suitable for brewing several types of quality wines. There are lots of interesting activities for you to indulge in when you are in Yarra valley.

Take a ride in Puffing Billy railway

This steam train that started in 1900s is still running in the valley and is operated by volunteers. Though it served to ferry passengers and goods during the early days, it has become a popular tourist attraction at present. You can book a ride for your group in case you arrive there with a group of visitors.

Visit Healesville Sanctuary

In case you love wild life, this is the ideal place to enjoy Australian wild life. You can walk through the bush and encounter kangaroos, kolas, emus, platypus and many other species of animals and birds native to Australia. This sanctuary is well known all over the world for preservation of some of the endangered species of animals. Australian Wildlife Center located inside it treats sick wild animals.

Pay a visit to Tarrawarra Museum in Healesville

The Tarrawarra art museum is a privately funded but publicly owned art museum that preserves artefacts from 1950s up to date. It organizes and holds four exhibitions every year. During the summer, it is kept open from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. During the period from Boxing Day to Australia Day, the museum is open on all seven days of the week. Fee for adults is $5 and entrance is free for students.

Walk on the rail trail from Lilydale to Warburton

This abandoned rail road is now converted into a trail for bikers, hikers and horse riders. It is safe enough for families as the terrain is not difficult for children to walk. This is an ideal trail for those who are concerned about their fitness. Entrance to the trail is free but you need a permit for taking part in special events.

Have a fantastic time at Lilydale Lake

This place open all the time, offers many facilities to visitors. There is a playground where everybody can participate and have fun. BBQs, fishing jetties, walking tracks and wetlands are there to make your day.

Getting to and around Yarra Valley

There are public transport facilities to many of the cities and towns of Yarra Valley. However, travelling by hired coach or bus is the most convenient way to access this area, especially if you want to visit with your family or a group of friends.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Yarra Valley, please call or send us an email for more information.

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Things To Do In Brisbane All You Need to Know About Kangaroo Point and River Quay

Go To Do Kangaroo Point

When you are in the Brisbane area and are interested in trying out something new, you should consider visiting Kangaroo point. This is a facility that has a lot to offer, especially for people who are interested in outdoor activities within the city. It’s usually a great location for first dates or and serve you well when you simply need an adrenaline rush. A few of the numerous activities you can take part in at the Kangaroo Point include:


If you need more of an adrenaline rush, you can also try out abseiling off a cliff face. The equipment needed to do this can be rented, and you will also get the services of a guide who will walk you through all the safety issues you need to keep in mind.

The Story Bridge Climb

This is an activity that involves climbing a bridge to an elevation of 80 meters. This might not sound like much, but the bridge has been designed in such a manner that it provides an exhilarating experience. At the peak of the bridge, you will be able to see much of Brisbane with a beautifully panoramic view.

However, you have to keep in mind that there are many restrictions you need to adhere to before climbing, including not having taken any alcohol. You are also not allowed to carry any loose items up the bridge, including cameras.

Bike riding

For an activity that offers minimal risk but is still a lot of fun, you can also opt to ride a bike around the Kangaroo Point. This is usually a memorable experience for those who take part in it. The reason for this is that the biking pathways are lined by trees and very artistic sculptures, which gives you the opportunity to work out while enjoying the sights. If you are travelling with family, you can also convert this into a family event if the rest can ride bikes.

Indulge in some jazz

The Brisbane Jazz Club offers an excellent opportunity to unwind. The fact that it’s located by the Brisbane River means that when you visit it, you will have the benefit of listening to some smooth jazz while enjoying a very beautiful view. As you can imagine, this also makes it a very romantic spot for the couples.

There is a lot more you can do at the Kangaroo Point in addition to the above, including jogging, walking and kayaking. What you can be sure of is that whatever you choose to do, you will find it to be a very fulfilling experience.

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Visiting River Quay In Brisbane

One of the things about Brisbane is that it happens to have some of the finest dining experiences, and it would make a lot of sense for you to indulge in some of them the next time you visit. A very good example of this is the River Quay, which is a waterfront dining establishment that is unlike any other in the country. Making an effort to visit it will always pay off, and is well worth it.

What can you see and do at River Quay?

Visiting the River Quay gives you the opportunity to indulge in both quality service and excellent scenery. The restaurant is located over the river and gives you panoramic views over the water, something that you are unlikely to get in many other waterfront dining establishments in the country.

This coupled with the fact that the food is very good and that the service is excellent makes it worth the money you spend on it.

How easy is it to get there?

Getting to any of the restaurants is as easy as can be. The River Quay restaurants are close to the central business district, and for this reason are easily accessible using public and private means. You can even cycle to the restaurant with ease if you want to. If you hire a vehicle to get around the city when you get here, you will not have a hard time getting to the restaurants. Most drivers are very familiar with the establishment, so you only need to tell them where you are going.


For an assurance that you will get space at the restaurants, you should aim to reserve a table. Fortunately, this is very easy to do, since you only need to go to the company’s website to do this. This is a simple process and can be done from anywhere in the world.

What if you want to host events here?

The combination of very good ambience, high quality food and a stunning vista makes the River Quay restaurants one of the best places to host events such as weddings. Before doing this, however, it’s always a good idea to make your enquiries with the management. This is as easy as sending them an email giving them the details of when you will need to rent the place and how many people you will be hosting.

When all is said and done, the River Quay in Brisbane is one of the restaurant strips in the world that you should always make a point of visiting; it’s well worth your time! If you would like to find out more about our coach and minibus hire services, please call or send executive coach charter an email.


Want To Travel To The NSW Snowfields From Sydney?

If you are in Sydney and are interested in having an excellent time while on holiday, one of the places you can purpose to visit is the New South Wales (NSW) region. There are many tourist attractions that make it particularly appealing to people. One of the major types of attractions in the region is the snowfields. There is a lot for any tourist to see and do in this region, and planning a trip there is likely to be a highlight for your road trip from Sydney to NSW. The major activity in the region is skiing.

Do you need to be a pro in order to have fun in the Snowfields?

A common concern that most people have is the degree of skill they will need in order to take advantage of the snowfields. In most of the other parts of the world where skiing is offered as a holiday activity, it’s normally a prerequisite to have some experience in the activity beforehand. This limits quite a number of people, particularly if they are just interested in having a bit of fun before going back home.

This is not an issue that you have to worry about when you visit the snowfields in NSW from Sydney. You will find that the vast majority of them will have sections that are suited to a particular skill level. If you are a beginner, you can head over to the more gentle slopes, where you can learn how to ski with ease.

It will also make it easier for you to interact with people who are only slightly more skilled than you, so that you can then learn from them. This does not mean that people who are seasoned at skiing will not have that much fun. There are many sections that are particularly challenging, and suitable for them as well. What this means is that irrespective of what your experience has been with skiing, you can be sure that you will find a facility where you can have fun when you go to NSW.

The issue of equipment

You will need special equipment to go skiing. There are various ways of getting hold of such equipment. For one, you could buy it in Sydney, and then travel with it to NSW. One of the benefits of doing this is that you will have access to a larger variety of stores, and you can even order custom made equipment if you are interested in it. The only disadvantage with buying your skiing equipment in Sydney is that it might be a bit inconvenient, seeing as you might need to travel with greater loads.

This can easily be solved by renting a coach to get you to and from the snowfields. This is not as expensive as you would imagine, and gives you access to a lot of space and comfort. This is one of the most cost effective ways to travel to and from the snowfields.

What are some of your snowfield destinations?

Some of the more popular destination options in the region include:

  • Thdredbo: This is a snowfield that is located around five hours’ drive from Sydney. It is a relatively large snowfield, occupying an area of more than 480 hectares. Some of the defining features of the facility include very wide slopes and trails. It is also home to one of the longest runs in the country.
  • Perisher Blue: This is also located around five hours away from Sydney by road. It has around 50 ski lifts in place, and occupies an area of more than 1250 hectares. This makes it one of the most expansive ski facilities of its kind. The runs are a bit shorter compared to what you would get in other ski facilities in the country, but still offer quite a bit of fun. The Perisher Blue snowfield is generally a beautiful place to be in and you will be glad that you go the opportunity to ski there.
  • Charlotte Pass: You can also choose to visit the Charlotte Pass in NSW for skiing. It is located around six and a half hour away from Sydney. The area has excellent accommodation facilities including small old school lodges. It is predominantly populated by gentle slopes, though there are some tougher sections as well. There is a section to suit people with all types of skill levels.
  • The Selwyn Snowfields: Most of the other snowfields in the NSW region have a mix of both simple and complex ski slopes. The Selwyn Snowfields are different, since they are primarily geared towards the novice skier. The region generally has gentle terrain and is also populated by high quality staff members who can easily show you the ropes. If you plan on having fun at the snowfields for more than a day, you will need to organize for accommodation at Adaminaby, which is located around 35 minutes away from the snowfields.

The issue of logistics

As you can see, there is a lot of sense in thinking of going to have fun at the ski slopes in NSW. If you are planning on doing this, you will definitely need to think about the logistics of getting from and to Sydney.

A common means of transport that most people prefer when visiting the regions for leisure is by hiring coach buses or minibuses. Some of the advantages of this include the fact that you have access to loads of space, as well as increased levels of comfort. In addition to that, visiting the ski slopes using a hired coach will reduce the need for you to navigate unfamiliar territories on your own. You only need to tell the driver about your itinerary, and then let them figure out a way to get you there on time. This leaves you to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

The other thing you have to consider is picking the right coach hire firm. It’s important that you hire coaches from companies that have a lot of experience in ferrying customers to and from the Snowfields, so that they can advise you appropriately and also make sure that you have no hiccups for your transport.