How Mini Bus Sydney Makes Your Destination Easy and Smooth – Tips

If you are preparing to go for a tour with your friends or family then you must be aware of the fact that this can be more expensive than what you have expected. One of the effectual ways to minimize the expense is to go for a Mini Bus in Sydney. There are many advantages of hiring a minibus while you are moving. This is the best option to opt if you are travelling in large groups either with your friends or family. This is also economical because travelling in different vehicles can be costly rather than the minibus option because many of the agencies give promotions and offers which will help you to save money and time.

Make your trip more pleasurable and entertaining

Hiring a minibus will give you an opportunity to get closer with your loved ones and chit chat on various topics while you are travelling. This will give you a golden opportunity to enjoy the games and many other tasks by interacting with each other. This is how this bus can help you out in making your trip more memorable and enjoyable. One of the best advantages of hiring a minibus is that you will get assistance from their services. If in case you are travelling to a place the very first time so you don’t have to worry about the pick and drop facility. They will take you to your desired place on time.

Diversity in its use

Minibus comes in a wide variety of types to choose from them and is majorly categorised into business service as well as private service. A lot of people may wonder that if hiring a minibus is a good option or not, there is no doubt that it’s a great option as it can conform not just large group of people but also their luggage as compared to what a car can accommodate.

The minibus is not restricted to only used for a trip but it is also ideal for class picnics, business trips, social events, wedding, etc. Don’t ever forget to hire this vehicle only from a registered agency which also has a good reputation in the market and make sure to check that the motorist of the vehicle has a valid authorised license or not. It can accommodate 6 to 10 people at once. This way of travelling can prove to be the most enjoyable and stress-free trip because you don’t have to worry about even driving depending on road condition.

Cost-effective mode of travelling

Everyone accepts the fact that travelling is a very exciting but expensive experience. You need to save up money as much as possible and still somehow manage to see all the views and tourist attractions in the area that you can. So if you want to travel with your friends and family, you may want to save a lot of your money and consider a minibus service for this benefit. A reputed and credible minibus hire service helps you to save all this and meet your requirements. With smart planning before you go on your vacation, you can find a minibus service at the location you are travelling to that will see to your arrangements for travel. The time which you spent with them on the road in a bus brings you all closer together and this is your greatest benefit.

Access the best match company

Luckily you can find in Sydney Minibus Hire companies that offer vehicles to hire and you can select the minibus if you feel like it can serve your need effectively. To make sure that all the passengers remain comfortable all along the journey, there are some important factors in which you are required to look at before you choose the most suitable for your needs.

Relevant size of the bus

Most of the minibuses have the range of 8-seater to 18-seaters. You must go for the one that is too large in its size or for the one that is too small for the people to transport. Make sure that you know the exact number of people including children so that you can choose a bus that matches the number of seats in it.

Motorist services option

There is another great option of hiring a minibus, you can have a trained and professional driver from the relevant company and on the other hand, you can drive yourself, but this should be considered carefully by analyzing the area you want to visit and your driving skills. There are pros and a con of everything so same is the case with minibus service, hiring a drive gives you an advantage as well as disadvantage. And if you want to drive yourself then make sure that the company from where you get the bus allowed you for this or not.

Limitations related to the bus

Every company differs from the other one and you have to make sure that you don’t have to break any of the set rules. For example, there are companies that have geographic limitations meaning you can’t go beyond given areas or miles. There are some limitations about every company so you need to find out before hiring if you are selecting anyone so that you can get the best according to the requirements you have for the bus.

Bus features

Two most important things you need to consider about a bus is its available space for storage and its air conditioning system. These two facilities can help you to meet the comfort levels and convenience during travel. To check the physical condition of the bus is also very important to check so that you don’t end up held responsible for damages that did not happen when the bus was under your charge. Inspect the bus you elect before hiring and if possible have a test drive only if you are going to travel the vehicle by yourself.

Executive Coach Charter provides you with a bus experienced, courteous and professional drivers who will help you to move and reach your destination hassle-free. They used this key as a mean to ensure that their passengers may feel safe throughout their journey.

Sydney National Parks

National Parks In And Around Sydney

Sydney offers the perfect city breaks with it’s plethora of events and entertainment making it popular with tourists all year round.

However, why not venture out of the city once in awhile as there is amazing array of National Parks just waiting to be discovered only a few kilometers away.

Marramarra, Sydney Harbour, Ku-ring gai Chase, Kamay Botany Bay, Coastal Walk Royal, Bobbin Head, Royal National Park, Reids Flat, Pool Flat and Dharawal are just some of the exciting National Parks in the immediate vicinity around Sydney.

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Events at Sydney Opera House

Top Events at Sydney Opera House – July & August 2016

Attending any event at the Sydney Opera house is a special occasion but there are some events that are truly spectacular.

This iconic venue is not only is one of the most desirable locations, but also produces some of the finest music and performances in the world today.

Here are some of the top events coming up at the Opera House during July and August.

Whether you live in Sydney, or are just visiting, our affordable mini bus hire services can make it really easy for you and a group of friends to attend any of these great performances.

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Golf in Sydney

Golf Trips in Sydney for Small Bus Charter

Sydney and the rest of the New South Wales vicinity offers some of the best golf in the whole of Australia and is ideally serviced by small mini-coach charter from the centre of the CBD of Sydney.

Here are some of the courses that are only a couple of hours away from the city and easily accessible on a day trip.

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Sydney Events

Sydney Events Oct – Dec 2016

There really is little point stressing the fact of the best time to visit Sydney to take part in events, celebrations and any other festivals that may be taking place.

Sydney is a city where you can visit at any time of the day, month or year and there will be something spectacular going on.

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Sydney Events

Events in Sydney July – Sept 2016

If you are looking at visiting Sydney during July – Sept 2016 then there are plenty of events and things happening in and around the city.

Sydney has a bright and buzzing entertainment scene all year round and no matter when you visit the city there will be something to suit for everybody.

Below is highlighted some of the best events not to be missed during the July-Sept period.

Bondi Feast

11 July -25th July

A great festival of live entertainment for local homegrown theatre, music, comedy, visual arts and food all over a fortnight period.

There will be fifty performances and over one hundred artists on stage.

The event takes over the Bondi Pavilion building and the Bondi Feast showcases performances from Sydney’s finest writers, comedians, storytellers and theatre makers. Featuring Zoe Coombs, Marr, Retrosweat 80’s Aerobics, Sabrina D’Angelo, Little Fictions and the PACT Rapid Response Team.

To warm up your winter there are numerous delicious food vendors and hot cider purveyors in attendance.

PBR Australian National Finals

23rd July

A one off event and perhaps one day in a lifetime. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) prepare to deliver a huge night of rough and tumble sport in the dirt.

It’s a spectacular like nothing else – there are twenty two riders all chomping at the bit to try to overcome the power of 52 awesome and extreme beasts namely; the bucking bulls. The battle is head to head for power, glory and to see who’s skill can out match the bulls.

Possibly the longest eight seconds of the rider’s life.

The Sun-Herald City2Surf

9th August

Possibly Sydney’s most favourite sporting event, the Sun-Herald City2Surf event is presented by Westpac and is the largest run in the world with over 80,000 participants attending each year. To give you an idea it is more competitors than London and New York put together.

The run has been taking place since 1971 and Sydneysiders are joined by participants from all over the world. The 14 kilometre race is from Hyde Park in the CBD to the finish at spectacular Bondi Beach.

Public transport is the best way of getting to the start line and also to return home but add extra time for your journey as things are bound to be a little busy.



Festival of the Winds

11th September

A terrific day out at Bondi Beach as Australia’s largest kite flying festival is back on again. The sky will be full of kites of all sizes and shapes flown by professional, local and international kite flyers. Whilst on the ground below there will be dancing and music to accompany the kite’s.

Festival of the Winds also brings numerous attractions such as face painting, kite making stalls, an animal farm, bouncy castles and everything else that is needed for a family fun day out.

Whatever you decide to do on your next visit to Sydney then these are just some of the ideas to keep you entertained and busy. Just visit the city and explore for yourself the many attractions open to you.

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Events in Sydney April-June 2016

Events in Sydney April-June 2016

Sydney’s event calendar seems to get more and more adventurous as every year passes.

The city is a hive of activity all year around and every sort of event possible is stages 24/7 five days a week and 52 weeks a year.

Some of the more interesting happenings are listed below.


The Championships

Royal Randwick
2nd Apr & 9th Apr

Australians love their horse racing and the Championships is an important calendar event.

The two day event features ten Championship races over the first two Saturdays in April. There is nearly $20 million in prize money at stake in a dazzling array for classic races for all ages and categories.

The Championships is part of the broader BMW Sydney Carnival.


Cracker Night

Elmore Theatre
20th April

If you enjoy a rib-tickling night of comedy then look no further than Cracker Night at the Elmore Theatre. Quite simply it is Sydney’s biggest festival of comedy featuring Australian legends, international stars and many new acts.

This night launches the Sydney festival of comedy and what a way to do it.


Fashion Weekend

Moore Park
14th – 17th May

The 14th of May signifies the rolling into town of the fashion bandwagon. Sydney is the fashion hub of Australia and the town has a buzz to it during fashion weekend.

The Cannon Runway will feature over 100 different designs and looks from some of Australia’s top fashion designers.

Fashion is not the only commodity on show as fans of beauty products and shopping can also heavily indulge in the fun and festivities. Find out all about the new trends in makeup, hair and nails at the huge Beauty Hub.


Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Olympic Park
26th – 29th May

This is the largest event of it’s kind in Australia, enjoy four days of fun and excitement exploring all things in natural therapies and general healthy living.

Over 200 exhibitors will be displaying their wares and holistic approaches to the industry. Attend free inspirational seminars, psychic readings, meditation sessions and stage performances.

Also enjoy sampling and learning home to cook healthy food at the Soul Kitchen.


Vivid Light Festival Photography Tour

1st June – 8th June

Witness the city as you have never seen it before, Vivid Sydney is back bigger and better. There will be more than 60 projections this festival along with light sculptures and innovative installations.

There are even tours you can take to show you just exactly how to take photographs of all that Vivid has to offer.

The whole ethos of the festival is based on photography and how to get the best from all the events that are happening around the city.


Sydney Film Festival

8th June – 19th June

This is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the Sydney Film Festival is now in it’s 63rd year.

Films from all around the world are showcased including; features, documentaries, animation and a whole lot more.

The festival acts as an annual forum for cultural thought and discussion all about the art. Highlights of the festival include twelve films that compete for the AUD60,000 cash prize.

If you are considering any of these events for a group or party event then just contact Executive Coach Charter to arrange all your transport requirements.

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The Best Melbourne Nightlife

The Best Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne is Victoria’s capital and is located right on the coast. It is famous for it’s old world style with tree lined boulevards and grand stately buildings. Restaurants, bars and plazas are dotted all over the city with lively events happening all along the Yarra River.

Some of the best bars and clubs you can possibly find in town are listed below.


Yah Yah’s

Smith Street

One of Fitzroy’s most successful underground bars. It has a less than exclusive entrance poking out from a dingy side street.

However, once past the chipboard portal things take a turn for the better. This is the sort of place that everybody drinks beer and fancy cocktails are not on the agenda.

The atmosphere is quite beatnik and arty, people are friendly and welcoming. There is even a small dance floor and stage and don’t be surprised to see the likes of a Smith’s tribute band playing.


The Sporting Globe

Alexander Road

Part of the Moonee Ponds empire and their latest edition in Melbourne. It is a mix of a traditional Aussie pub and American Sports bar.

The food is substantial and typical with the menu containing items such as burgers, wraps, wings and steaks.

But if it is sport you are after then the Globe is definitely the place for you. There are over 40 screens and TAB facilities, the pub also gets highly involved with the community and sponsors many local teams and clubs.


The Joint

Elizabeth Street

A rough and ready haven favoured by backpackers and tourists alike. The Joint is famous amongst the younger crowd and packs a mighty punch most nights.

Situated on Elizabeth Street below a backpackers hotel it is a casual hangout with plenty of pool tables, video games, juke box and relaxing areas just to pass time and enjoy a bottle of cool beer.

The location is ideal right next to Flinders Street Station so getting there is easy and prices are low.


Paris Jazz Club

Goldie Place

If Jazz is your thing then a visit to Paris Jazz Club is a must as it is probably Melbourne’s premier live Jazz venues.

The atmosphere harks back to 1930’s Paris and there is a resident smooth live jazz band laying down some serious beats.

It is easy to forget that you are actually in Melbourne as intimate little rooms are lavishly decorated with candle light flickering as illumination.

The walls are adorned with pictures of previous performers and the art deco mirror just above the bar is a focal point.

Paris Jazz Club is actually a series of rooms; Paris Cat Bar, Paris Cat Basement and the Paris Gallery.

The menu is not extensive but people are here for the music and to sip on exotic drinks; cocktails, martini’’s, champagne and vintage whiskeys.

If you wish to sample some of this lively nightlife and wish for transportation then Executive Coach Charter can arrange suitable transport for your group outing.

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The Best Wineries Around Melbourne

The Best Wineries Around Melbourne

Possibly one of the most famous wine producing regions in Australia is the Yarra Valley in Victoria.

Victoria is a beautiful state and the Yarra Valley is central to that with the Dandenong Range of hills silhouetting the scenery with their majesty.

Some of the grapes grown and wines produced are amongst the best in the New World Wines in the world. Below are a selection of some of the best wineries to visit if you are touring in the area.


TarraWarra Estate

TarraWarra Estate produces exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as well as some single block heritage varietals and estate blends.

The Estate boasts a unique terroir and the site is made up of individual blocks and planted with selected clones. The first vines were planted in 1983 with the intention of producing high quality wines.

The estate has native bushland together with waterways and free roaming cattle. It offers an excellent Cellar Door and a remarkable restaurant.


Foxeys Hangout Winery

The cool climate in the beautiful hills of the Mornington Peninsula are excellent for producing some qualities wines. The three flagship varieties are; Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The winery also produces an award winning Shiraz and a vintage port.

The Cellar Door and kitchen is located at picturesque Red Hill next to the farm. You can dine overlooking the open kitchen whilst sipping wines carefully selected to accompany your food.

There is also a unique facility to allow you to help make your own sparkling wine.


Montalto Vineyard

The estate comprises 6 vineyards across the Mornington Peninsula. The range of the vineyards allows the production of complex and interesting wines.
Montalto Estate has a five star rating from Halliday’s Wine Companion and has numerous trophies and gold medals for their past vintages.

The restaurant is also highly rated with French inspired food but comprising of seasonable produce. There are floor to ceiling windows that take advantage of the breathtaking views overlooking vines, olive groves, lakes, wetlands and a glimpse of the ocean.


All Saints Estate

This is an imposing estate as soon as you pass through the elegant gates and drive down the avenue of tall elms and see the stunning gardens in front of the old castle.

The estate produces a large range of award winning wines together with a selection of fortified wines.

All tastings are tailor made to your particular wine interests but also to help you understand all the wines produced. Overlooking the vineyards the Terrace Restaurant gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous wines accompanied by top class cuisine.

There is also a specialist gift shop offering some of Victoria’s gourmet produce from; chutneys, sauces, olive oils, chocolates, spices and top cheeses from home and abroad.

If you are considering a tour around this special wine producing region then
Executive Coach Charter can offer you specialist service for all your needs.

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If you are crazy about golf and all you can think about is; holes in one, birdies and chipping out of bunkers to inches from the pin then Queensland is the place for you.

Queensland has a plethora of world-class golf courses and hosts some of the best tournaments located in some of the most unique locations. There are three world-class courses on the Gold Coast, one being the home to the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters and the Australian PGA Championship.  

The courses can take you to some of Australia’s best and varied countryside. The Whitsundays on Dent Island is the only island-based championship golf course in Australia. If you would like to visit a more tropical region to sample the reefs and rainforests then North Queensland’s courses of Port Douglas, Cairns and Palm Cove are ideal. And the Sunshine Coast can offer Pelican Waters a course designed by Greg Norman.





One of South East Queensland’s most picturesque and difficult courses. Riverlakes is one of the newest Championship Standard being completed in 1999.

It is surrounded by the Logan River and has the magnificent California Creek flowing through it feeding a series of large ponds that are dotted all over the course. With a combination of Bermuda Grass Greens; fairways and rough comprising Wintergreen Bermuda Grass the course maintains the highest standards.



The Brisbane Golf Club is one of the longest established golf institutions in Australia. Established in 1896  the founding members set out to build an exceptional course together with the traditions and culture that make an unparalleled club.   

The clubhouse is heritage-listed and overlooks an 18 hole championship course. Ranked amongst the top 100 courses in Australia, the Brisbane Golf Club is the only

golf course in Australia to have a champion’s green putting surface installed on over 700 golf courses in the USA.  



Excellently located only a twenty minute drive from the CBD of Brisbane. It is set in Queensland’s rainforest showcasing hundreds of different types of trees and scores of bird species make this course one of the most picturesque in the region.

Keperra is more than a fantastic natural space, it is also a very special golf course that provides 27 holes that are arranged in different combinations to provide three very distinct courses to test every level of ability.

Natural fairways with Bermuda or Tifdwarf greens have been made out of the local vegetation and water obstacles in the rainforest. So that each course require good length, accuracy and a steady hand on the greens.  




The club was established in 1940 Indooroopilly has been enjoying golf for nearly 75 years. It is one of the closest courses to the centre of Brisbane being just 10km away.

The location is picturesque being right on a bend of the Brisbane River the complex is quite unique.

Indooroopilly incorporates 36 championship holes of golf. There is a separate driving range and practise putting green next to the clubhouse. Allowing golfers to loosen up and practise before tee off time.

The club also hosts a number of social events such as weddings, banquets and is a meeting venue. Visiting golfers can enjoy the courses every day apart from Saturday which is reserved for members. However, the West Course is strictly for members only.